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King of Hearts 10 November 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 10 November 2019 Update starts when Roshni tells Resham to go home and forget about the incident. Yash enters the room and asks her what incident she’s referring to? She says she was referring to Sid’s accident. She tells him to escort DD and Resham out.

DD tells Roshni to let her know if there are any changes in Sid’s condition.When they leave the room, Sid gets up from the bed. Roshni commends him on a good job. He says he found out the neighbourhood where Aisha is being held.

Resham is home, complaining nobody believes her. Yash asks her what she is talking about? Resham says she thinks Sid… Roshni yells Resham’s name to stop her from talking. Resham keeps quiet. Roshni begs Yash to take her to a temple that’s on the outskirts of the City so she can go to pray for Sid. He says he wouldn’t be able to do so today. She starts crying and pleading with him. He gives in.

Aisha is tied to a Chair and shouting to be set free. The Man watching her is the same one who met with Yash at the hospital. He orders her to be quiet!

Yash and Roshni arrive at the temple. Roshni ties a thread around a pillar and Yash watches impatiently as she goes round and round.

Sid and Shabnam are in the neighbourhood where Aisha is being held. They are in disguise, dressed as gypsies selling Children’s toys. Sid sees two Men standing in front of a bungalow. The Man who met with Yash outside the hospital the day before is one of them. Sid and Shabnam go to him and beg him to buy a doll for his Child. He looks into their apartment as the door is open. He sees some of the Joker’s toys. The Man buys the doll and flirts with Shabnam. His partner calls him back inside.

King of Hearts 10 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Sid takes Shabnam to a safe distance and tells him that he suspects those are the thugs keeping Aisha. He brings out his Phone and says he installed a camera in the doll. They watch the video and they see the thug complaining that the real doll was in front of him but he let her go.

DD is in the hospital hallway praying to God to allow her settle things with Sid. A Nurse calls her to the Doctor’s Office.

Resham arrives at the hospital and tells herself that she needs to find out what is wrong with Sid because the holy Man told her he’s in trouble. Roshni calls Sid to tell him she can’t stall Yash any longer and she heard him talking on the Phone about catching a flight. Sid tells Shabnam he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Shabnam begs him to allow her to do something since the thug seems to like her.

Resham enters Sid’s hospital room. She takes off the covers and it’s Pinto lying there. She screams and runs out into the hallway. She tells DD that an Impostor is in Sid’s bed. DD doesn’t believe her. Resham insists she’s saying the truth. DD tells her to leave.

Shabnam returns to the thug’s house. She tells him that he paid too much money for her doll. She walks in and he’s captivated by her beauty and body. He asks if she wants water? She holds him and says it’s hot in the room so he should take her to a cooler part of the house. He says there is no cooler place. She says he’s leaving then. He pulls her back.

Yash drops Roshni at home. He drives off and she packs a fistful of sand in her hand. She stops a taxi and tells the driver to drive after Yash’s Car. They overtake him and she throws the sand on his windscreen. He stops the Car. Roshni tells herself that he won’t be able to get to Aisha on time now.

Shabnam is drinking some water at the thug’s place. He goes close to her but Sid pulls him back. He asks how the thug dares to get physical with his Wife! The thug tries to hit him. Sid starts running around the room. Shabnam runs off. The other thug joins his friend and Sid is able to run away from them.

Sid enters the room where Ayesha is tied up. Shabnam joins him. Aisha is happy to see him. He unties her but before they could leave, the thugs enter, brandishing their knives. Sid tells Shabnam to look after Aisha. He engages both Men in a fight and tells Shabnam to run off with Aisha. Sid also runs out and the thugs chase him. They follow him to an abandoned building. More Men join them but Sid takes all of them on. King of Hearts 10 November 2019 Update

Yash arrives and sees Sid fighting his Men. He vows to deal with him for deceiving him! He gets another shock when he sees Shabnam and Aisha running. He gets out of his Car to face them. Shabnam takes Aisha in another direction. He follows them.

Shabnam calls Roshni on the Phone. Roshni has also arrived the neighbourhood. Shabnam tells her that Sid is fighting off the thugs and she needs Roshni to come and pick them up.

Sam tells DD that she’s going to the hospital because Yash doesn’t have time for her; he’s with Roshni and both their Phones are switched off! DD tries to call their Phones but they are indeed switched off.

Roshni sees Aisha and Shabnam. She hugs Aisha in relief. Yash sees them and thinks Sid may not have told Roshni about him. He runs up to them and tells Roshni that he will take Aisha home while Roshni and Shabnam can come later. Roshni gives him a slap. He is shocked. She tells him to end the drama because she has found out what a disgusting human being he is and she knows he’s the Joker!

He says now that they know, he will take Aisha by force! He pushes Shabnam aside and she hits her head on a flower pot, passing out instantly. He points a knife at Roshni then takes Aisha with him. Roshni cries for him to leave Aisha but he ignores her. Sid accosts Yash on the way and hits him. Yash asks why Sid is hitting him? Sid tells him to drop the act!

Amid punches, Sid says he treated him like a brother! Yash doesn’t show any remorse. He tells Sid to hit him. Sid hits him and says it was for DD. He hits him again and says it was for Roshni. Shabnam regains consciousness. Yash pours some dust on Sid’s face and runs off. Roshni hugs Sid.

Shabnam stands there, watching them. Roshni asks her for a hug. Shabnam gladly gives her a hug.
Pinto arrives and gives Sid some tickets. Sid tells Shabnam that Yash has not been caught and the Video footage they have of him only has him dressed as the Joker so they won’t be able to prove he committed the crimes. He says Aisha can only be safe if she’s far away from them so he wants Shabnam to take her away from the country.

King of Hearts 10 November 2019 Update ends when Aisha says she doesn’t want to go. Sid tells her it’s only for a while. Shabnam thanks Sid for trusting her in spite of everything. Shabnam and Aisha leave. Roshni breaks down in tears. Sid consoles her even as he sheds tears too.

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