King of Hearts

King of Hearts 11 June 2019 – Zee World Update

King of Hearts 11 June 2019

King of Hearts 11 June 2019 – Zee World Update

The episode starts as she says she has decided to tell Sid the truth. Raj says he’s happy about that and when she tells Sid the truth, all of them can live together in peace because Sid will be able to turn Krutika’s life for the better.

Krutika is leaving a club, but sees her car has developed a flat tyre. She tries to get a taxi, but none stops for her. She sees some hoodlums and tries to run away, but they chase after her and she falls down. They surround her and she begs for help.

A Man in a Motorcycle comes to her rescue. He fights the Men off, then offers her a ride without saying a word and without allowing her see his face.

Zee World Update: King of Hearts 11 June 2019

In the morning, Sid is waiting by DD’s door. She comes out and politely asks him what he’s doing there? He says he wanted to apologise to her for what happened. DD says she’s not upset and he could have just come to her.

She says she is fond of him as he makes her daughter happy, but she needs to see him making an effort to better himself and she wants to be able to trust him. She pats him on the cheek, and tells him to get some rest, as she can see he hasn’t slept the whole night.

Simran calls Sid and asks if he’s upset with her like his father is? Sid says he’s not upset, and asks her if his dad is troubling her and laughs. She says he does not say anything at all.

Simran then points out that he sounds happy. Sid says he’s really happy, and for the first time, he feels like he had 2 Mothers; DD explained something to him for the first time without shouting!

King of Hearts 11 June 2019

Simran invites Sid to the house later. He says he will come with Roshni. She begs him to come alone, as she wants him to meet someone. He says we will meet at a hotel, and not at Prashanth’s house. She says okay, and thinks hope Brother and Sister meet well.

The Police Inspector comes to DD’s Office to check the CCTV footage.

They check, and sees Kesar getting out of the Cabin, but also discovers that some parts are missing.

The Inspector says he believes the Culprit is someone close to DD, and they will hold Kesar for questioning till they have another lead. More Updates later…

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