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King of Hearts 11 November 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 11 November 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 11 November 2019 – Kesar and Resham are at home, waiting for Sid and Roshni. Sid and Roshni enter the house. Resham exclaims. Roshni tells her not to be surprised as Sid has done everything because of Yash.

Kesar says Yash was at the house earlier and claimed he was in an accident so DD took him to the hospital. Sid is shocked. Roshni starts crying and sayingYash would hurt her Mother. Sam enters the house and asks Sid if he’s not supposed to be in a coma? Resham says she remembers a day she used Yash’s phone and she saw videos of different rooms in the house. She says he must have kidnapped DD.

DD is locked up in a cage at the Joker’s hideout. She asks if anyone is there? Yash comes to her and starts acting like the Joker. DD asks what he’s doing there and why he’s behaving funny? Yash says he’s not playing games because everyone used him and threw him away when they were done with him and DD discarded him when Sid arrived.
Sam tells Resham to be quiet, she knows she and Yash have their fights but she won’t believe them! She complains that everyone is just siding with Roshni as usual. She tells Roshni not to forget that Yash was always there for her.

King of Hearts 11 November 2019 Zee World Series

Roshni says she can explain because Yash started the game since they went to Goa and he has installed cameras all around the house. She says he even kidnapped Aisha and he blackmailed Sid into doing horrible things so that the family members will hate him. Sam says she doesn’t believe all Roshni just said so she will call Yash! His Phone is switched off. Roshni tells her Yash will not return and Sam needs to accept it. Sam asks why? Sid says he thinks all Yash wants is to ruin his relationship with DD. He vows not to let it happen!

Yash tells DD that he truly loved Roshni and DD wanted to get them married but when Sid came back on the scene, DD gravitated towards him and allowed Roshni get married to him. He says DD made him marry Sam and ruined his life! He asks why she made him marry an excuse of a Woman just because Sid suggested it!

Sam tells Sid to be quiet because she didn’t ask to be married to Yash so nobody should put the blame on her! Sid reminds her of how miserable her life was at the time they had to get Yash to marry her. He says it is her fault because she has always had an attitude problem and Yash has now turned into a criminal because of her! He says he wishes Yash told him about the problems so he could help.

Yash tells DD that he gave them all so many hints about the problems but they just wanted him to bear it! DD tells him that he wasn’t forced to marry Sam and he could have said no. She says she’s happy Roshni married Sid and not an evil person like him! She tells him to just wait till Sid comes to save her! Yash lights a match and throws it into the cage. DD tells him to stop! Yash lights another and throws it, asking her what she sees in Sid!

DD puts out the fire. Roshni, Sid and his Parents are at the Police Station to report the case. Roshni is in tears and Simran says she never imagined Yash to be a criminal. King of Hearts 11 November 2019 Zee World Series

DD is alone. She asks if anyone can come and take her to the bathroom? She wriggles her hands out of the rope they are tied with. She takes out a hairpin from her hair and picks the padlock of the cage. As soon as she steps out of it, she sees Yash watching her. He orders her to get back into the cage! DD goes back in and he points a gun at her with a warning that he would shoot her if she dares again!
Sam is crying at home. Roshni and Simran console her. Sid gets a call from Yash. Yash tells him to go and pick something up from the lobby. Sid rushes to the lobby and sees a Phone. Yash calls him on the Phone and tells him the Police will not be able to tap the Phone. He tells Sid to meet him at Sunset point and if he informs the Police, then he will never see DD again! Sid tells everyone. Roshni offers to go with him but Sid says he has to do it alone. He makes her a promise that he will come back with DD.
As Sid drives to the place, he thinks of the good times he had with DD and there are tears in his eyes. He gets to the place which is an open space and yells for DD!

He sees DD dangling high up in the air over a cliff, hanging from a rope tied to a bulldozer. DD tells him to take care of Roshni. Sid assures her that no harm will come to her. He sees Yash holding on to the other end of the rope. Yash lets go of his end of the rope and DD is dropping down the cliff.

Sid rushes forward to grab the rope and pulls DD back up. Yash laughs at him. Sid begs Yash to keep DD out of it. Yash tells him to beg! Sid begs him to let DD go. Yash laughs at him. Sid warns that if any harm comes to DD, he would kill him (Yash)! Yash throws some punches and kicks at Sid who is unable to retaliate because he’s hanging on to the rope. Yash accuses Sid of making his life a living hell! Yash lights a match and burns the rope with it till it breaks off in the middle. As

DD starts falling, Sid jumps and grabs the other end of the rope. Simran is looking for Roshni around the house but she can’t find her. Yash steps on Sid’s hand, hurting him, so that Sid leaves the rope. DD tells Sid that it’s okay for him to let go of the rope and he should just take care of Roshni. Sid says he won’t let anything happen to her. DD tells him to go.

Roshni arrives the scene and screams when she sees DD. DD tells her to go. Roshni tries to go to DD but Yash shoves her aside and she hits her head on the ground. Yash laughs and takes out a knife. He starts cutting the rope and Sid struggles to hold on to it. He begs Yash to stop.

Roshni stands up and tries to move. Yash cuts the rope and DD drops down the cliff. Roshni and Sid scream and run to the edge of the cliff. Roshni asks Sid what’s happening to her Mum? Sid is screaming and calling for DD. Roshni reminds Sid that he promised her nothing would happen to DD.

Yash gets into his Car and he’s about to drive off. Sid runs to him and beats him up. Yash laughs and taunts Sid as the Son-in-law who couldn’t save his Mother-in-law and tells Sid that he told him that he will snatch away his precious thing from him! He says his Mother-in-law couldn’t get her last rites too, and laughs. As Sid is about to throw a huge rock on his head, the Police arrive and stop him. Raj and Simran also arrive. Yash laughs like mad. Roshni cries till she faints. Sid holds her and cries. Simran cries with him.

King of Hearts 11 November 2019 At night, Roshni sees DD in her dream. DD calls for her but when Roshni tries to go to DD, she disappears. Roshni wakes up with a scream. Sid runs to her. Roshni says her Mum is still alive and calling her. Sid says DD is dead. Roshni says they have to go back and look for DD because she’s in a lot of pain.

The Police comes to the house. Sid’s Parents are also at DD’s house. They Police Inspector informs them that they saw a Woman like DD down the cliff and she was in really bad shape so they took her to the hospital.

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