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King Of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni tries to wear a saree, but she’s unable to wear it. Sid sees that and asks why she wants to be wearing saree daily? She says it is Gujrati ritual. He asks if he has to wear dhoti Kurta (A classic traditional mens Indian clothing). She imagines him in dhoti kurta and falling. She asks him to always be like he is now.

He asks her to wear Chudidar (An Indian women tight fitting trousers, typically worn with a kameez or Kurta) as she always does. She gets ready in her Chudidar and he likes it.

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Resham buys flat form Khurana builders/Sid’s company. The Manager tells the buyers that Mr. Khurana will meet them in some time. Raj and Simran reach their office to meet the buyers and they’re about to enter when they see Resham there and tries to hide. Resham stops them and asks them to give her, her flat key. The Manager says she has just paid one installment and has to pay 1 lakh (100,000) every month for 15 years. Resham falls unconsciuos hearing that. Raj and Simran ask Prashant to take care of Resham and runs away 🏃 from there.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

Sid and Roshni gets ready to go out. Mona and Bablu says they are looking pretty! DD comes and asks them to be back by 5 pm, as Sid has to do household work. Mona asks how can he work as he is our Son-in-law? DD says he works for me and he’s my servant, so he has to clean the house!

Roshni gets angry and sad hearing her Mom’s words, but Sid handles the situation and cheers her up. He holds her hand and says they are together forever and it does not matter today, as for many hours, we are going to be together and walks out while looking at DD.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Simran prepares lunch and waits for him. Sid comes with grocery bag and starts his emotional talk, and says he wants to have her Mom’s cooked food. Simran then hugs Roshni, and sees the grocery bag 🛍 and asks what’s in it? Roshni says she has told DD that she will pay her rent and will not eat her food, so she bought some groceries. Simran sees only buiscuits and asks where are the rice, sugar, salt, and so on, and asks Sid if he did not tell Roshni what is needed in thr kitchen? Roshni gets sad that she does not know what is needed in tge kitchen.

Simran consoles her. Raj tells Sid it is just Roshni’s hobby and she’s not habituated to it and asks him to hire tiffin service. He says Roshni just needs his love and asks him to either tell Roshni and DD the truth, or else, handle it carefully. He then asks about his plans for honeymoon and says he will ask his Manager to arrange their honeymoon at Switzerland. Sid says he is acting as a middle class employee and does not have money, so he cannot think of spending so much.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

DD’s friends comes to meet her. They start talking about jewelry and their lavish life. Resham comes there and says if they are having kitty party? DD asks her to go to her room and rest! DD’s friends laugh 😄, seeing Resham insulted.

Sid and Roshni comes with grocery bags. One of DD’s friend asks Roshni when did she marry and who is the boy?

Another friend says her driver (Sid) is hearing their convo, and ask him to go out! Sid tries to leave, but Roshni stops him and says if they think he is a driver, then they should think that DD’s daughter married a driver by eloping!

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

DD says she is joking and says Sid is my live-in Son-in-law, and tells that Roshni married a lower middle class guy, so she could not invite the media or any of her friends. She tells Sid that he is 10 min late and asks him to prepare food and snacks for her friends! Her friends praise her for getting a live-in Son-in-law. DD says even they should get a live-in Son-in-law who can also be a servant for them.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Mona says Sid is our Son-in-law. DD asks her not to interfere and show Sid the kitchen groceries! She tells her friends that there is no difference between a dog and a live-in Son-in-law. Roshni is annoyed 😠 hearing her Mom’s insult and asks Sid not to listen to DD! DD comes there and says Sid has to be her servant as per their agreement! She says your Uncles also work for me during my parties, then why can’t Sid do the same!

Sid asks Roshni to relax and says your husband is not a servant and listens to his heart, and says he loves her and nobody can come in between them. Roshni says she will not go. Sid insists on her going. DD asks him to prepare food in 30 minutes! He says he will and asks Mona to take Roshni away from here.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

Roshni asks Mona how can DD do this to her and insult her husband, she doubts if she’s truly DD’s daughter or someone that was left outside DD’s house. Mona asks her not to talk like that and says she believes Sid will handle anything.

Simran gets her finger injured. Raj nurses her wound. Simran says she is worried about Sid and Roshni as they are under barbed hair DD. She says she wants Sid to be caring and loving like him. He says he is same as me.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World

DD’s chefs sees Sid preparing food and cutting his finger, and so on. The Head chef says he is 55 years old and has worked in so many houses, but he has never seen a Son-in-law being insulted like this! Sid says it is okay. The Chef says hope one day DD mend her ways and her heart starts beating again. Sid says she will soon change and asks the chef to rest while he works. The Servant comes and gives a big list of dishes to be prepared. Sid reads the list and starts preparing the dishes.

Roshni wants to go and help Sid, but Mona stops her and says she should do as Sid as instructed and says she should not let DD win.

King of Hearts 12 May 2019 Update

Sid prepares the listed dishes and presents them to DD and her friends. He uses his witty dialogues to impress her friends. DD’s friends likes his sense of humor and tells DD that she is lucky to have a live-in Son-in-law who is very lively! DD asks him to prepare the cards game. Her friends says DD always wins and one of her friends says she will give 25000 rs (357.49 US Dollar) price to whoever defeats DD! Sid accepts the challenge and says only he can defeat DD!

Resham hears their conversation and informs Roshni about it. Roshni is surprised to hear that and asks Sid why he accepted DD’s challenge? He says he will win it. Mona says DD has not lost any game yet? He says everything always has its first time and says he will get the money. Sid asks her to bless him instead. Mona asks him to play by heart. Sid says he will.

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