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King of Hearts 12 November 2019 – Zee World

King of Hearts 12 November 2019 - Zee World

King of Hearts 12 November 2019 – Roshni is crying. She tells Sid that they should go to the hospital and see her Mother. They arrive at the hospital with Kesar, Resham and Sid’s Parents. They see DD through the window, hooked up to a machine. Roshni is in tears as Sid consoles her.

The Doctor comes out of DD’s room and tells them that DD fought her way out of death. Kesar begs the Doctor so save her because DD is his life. Sid begs the Doctor to do everything to save DD at whatever cost because he would pay, even if they need to get a specialist from abroad.

Resham goes to DD’s Office, dressed like DD and even wearing her hairstyle. The employees all treat her like she’s DD. She goes into DD’s Office and sits in her Chair. Kesar enters and asks what she’s doing with a fake necklace? Resham says she kept the real one for herself and someone needs to run the Office while DD is away. Kesar is surprised. He tells himself that he has a strong feeling that his Wife will get him into trouble.

King of Hearts 12 November 2019 – Zee World

Roshni is by DD’s bedside. Sid brings her a Cupcake with a candle and wishes her a happy anniversary. Roshni says she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Sid says he knows DD would probably have thrown them a party if she was well. Roshni takes a piece of the Cake and eats them. She feeds Sid another piece.

Sid tells DD to take a bite. DD has her eyes open but she’s not blinking or talking. Sid says she’s been like that for a Month. He says they have to celebrate the anniversary of the day he met DD. He starts talking about when he met her for the first time on the Plane and so many other memories of their time together when he was still pretending to be Siddharth Kukreja and DD hated him.

DD blinks. Sid continues talking to get more reactions from her. As he talks about how he troubled her, DD starts convulsing. Roshni begs Sid to stop but Sid starts taunting DD about being better than her and says if she thinks she is better than him, she should get up! He calls the Doctor in to see her. The Doctor checks her and says she’s having a seizure.

Roshni and Sid leave the room so the Doctor and Nurses can attend to her. Roshni goes in to see DD afterward. DD touches her head and Roshni calls cries in relief. DD sits up and tells Roshni she’s okay. Roshni starts kissing her hands as she cries. DD tells Roshni to stop because she’s getting suffocated. She asks for Kesar and says she has a meeting. Roshni looks at her funnily.

Sid enters the room and DD asks what the Middle-class Man is doing here! She tells him that there is nothing for him to steal in a hospital and she calls him Siddharth Kukreja. Sid and Roshni are stunned. DD tells Sid to leave the room! She throws a pillow at him. Sid leaves the room and the Doctor returns to check on DD.

The Doctor returns to the family outside the room and tells them that what Sid did was a miracle to get DD well again. Resham looks worried and Kesar says they made a mistake and DD will deal with them.

The Doctor later tells them that DD has lost some of her memory to a certain point and there is no cure for it. Sid says he said the things about Siddharth Kukreja to help juggle her memory but now she can’t remember anything from the past and she doesn’t even know he’s her Son-in-law. He is almost in tears as he says she now hates him.

Raj consoles him. Raj asks the Doctor what DD thinks happened to her? The Doctor says they told her that she had an accident because they couldn’t tell her exactly what happened. He says she can’t be allowed to go through any shock so they need to keep things as normal as possible for her and Sid needs to stay away from her.

At home, Resham is still worried about what DD will do to them. DD returns home and Resham welcomes her with the holy platter in fear. She starts singing and DD asks why she’s singing a horrible song like a Middle-class person? She asks Kesar why Resham is wearing her clothes and jewelry and even copied her hairstyle! Resham starts crying and apologising.

Sid is at home with his Parents. Simran complains that she can’t go back to living in a small apartment and wearing Poor clothes. Sid asks if she has forgotten they are doing it for DD so that she can allow Sid to be with Roshni.
DD checks her Company books and sees that Kesar and Resham made a mess of her business. She takes a stick and beats them with it.

Roshni enters the room and sends them out. Roshni is in her room looking at a photo of Sid on her locket and saying how much she misses him.

Sid sneaks in through the window. Roshni is happy to see him but she tells him he has to go before DD sees him. Sid says they need to help DD regain her memory slowly.

Resham tells Kesar that she doesn’t know what they will do. Kesar says if DD doesn’t regain her memory, they may have to return to their village instead of having to deal with the old and mean DD. Resham looks like she has an idea.
Roshni tells Sid that he has to go. She hugs him and her necklace gets hooked in his tie.

DD comes downstairs and calls Roshni. Roshni and Sid struggle to unhook the necklace. They unhook it just in time and Sid goes out through the window. DD enters the room and asks Roshni what she’s doing by the window? Roshni says she was just getting some fresh air. DD asks if she’s with Sid? Roshni says no. DD tells her to close the window. DD leaves the room and returns to her bedroom. She sees plenty of photos spread out on her bed, photos of Sid and Roshni getting married amongst others.

Resham is hiding and watching her. DD starts having blurry flashbacks. She calls for Roshni then faints. The Doctor comes to see her and gets upset that they didn’t heed his advice not to upset DD! He suggests they take her to another location. Kesar suggests they take her to her farmhouse out of town. Sid says it’s a good idea.

Roshni asks how they will convince DD to go? The Doctor says he would go and talk to DD. Roshni complains to Sid that the farmhouse is far away. Sid tells her not to worry as he would always find a way to see her. Roshni goes to meet DD in the room. DD asks where the photographs are? Roshni says they are photoshopped photos and Resham just likes to play a lot with a Computer.

The next day, DD, Roshni, Kesar, and Resham arrive at the farmhouse. DD asks for newspapers and leaves for her room. Roshni tells herself that the old DD is back and she doesn’t know how Sid would manage but she wishes him all the best as he tries to win DD over again. King of Hearts 12 November 2019 – Zee World

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