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King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Update – Sid is sitting alone in the living room. Ranjeet walks past him and Sid invites him to sit so they can chat. Ranjeet is surprised. Sid says he’s not like Neil who has ignored Ranjeet and hired someone else to work on a project at Mauve.

He says he thinks Neil is not thinking straight especially since he got married and Ranjeet has made mistakes but a good older brother forgives the mistakes of his younger brother so Neil doesn’t deserve to be his older brother. Ranjeet likes what he’s hearing. Sid invites him out for a drink.

At the Office, a Client who was supposed to have a meeting with Neil complains to Roshni that he will call off the deal since Neil didn’t keep to their appointment. Roshni tries to plead with him but a drunk Neil barges in and asks why his credit cards are not working? Roshni says she stopped them for his sake. He pushes her aside and takes money out of her purse.

Sid and Ranjeet are in a club. Sid buys Ranjeet drinks and pretends to drink himself. When Ranjeet gets tipsy, Sid tells him a story about a guy whose brother is stabbing him in the back. He says Neil is trying to stab Rajeet in the back. Ranjeet looks enraged. Sid tells him that he’s the only one who can stop the business from going down.

King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Update

Ranjeet thinks about everything and says Neil is not even his Cousin. Sid asks who he is? Ranjeet says he’s mental. Sid gives him more to drink then asks what he means? Ranjeet drinks and says Neil is crazy and unstable and this has happened before. Sid gives him the entire bottle and asks for more information. Ranjeet drinks and says Neil’s first girlfriend Riya, did the same to him and he lost it, and now, Roshni is doing the same thing to him. Sid asks why they didn’t take him to a Doctor? Ranjeet says he was taken to London and the Doctor diagnosed him as having Bipolar disorder.

Roshni is in the room with her suitcase packed. Neil rushes in and begs her to forgive him. He sees the suitcase and begs her not to leave him as he can’t live without her. He pleads on his knees. She pulls him up. She says she won’t leave but she has some conditions. He says he would do anything!

Ranjeet tells Sid that Neil is unstable and when he’s gone, he (Ranjeet) will handle the business. Sid tells him to go and dance. Ranjeet goes to the dance floor and Sid calls his Doctor friend to tell him about Neil’s condition. The Doctor says the case is now complicated.

King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Roshni tells Neil never to touch alcohol again. He says he will never do it again! She tells him not to hit her ever again. He promises. She tells him that they won’t get intimate, like husband and wife. He hesitates but agrees.

Next morning at breakfast, Sid gets a Phone call from a Client of Mauve who complains that they sent a cheque with a wrong signature. Sid says Neil hasn’t been going to the Office so he will take care of the issue?
After the call, Sid berates Roshni for issuing a cheque with a wrong signature. Neil says it’s not a big deal. Sid says it’s a big deal because the Client is a big one. He says if Neil had been there, he would have signed the cheque properly so Neil has to resume work!

Neil and Roshni are at the Office. An employee brings Roshni some documents to proofread. Neil asks the employee why he didn’t proofread them himself? As the employee leaves the room, he runs into Sid who asks if the documents are ready? The employee says he has to proofread them first. Sid goes off on the employee for not doing his job! Neil tells the employee to go as he will take care of it. Sid tells Neil that he can’t keep covering up for Roshni’s mistakes as that is not how the Khuranas work! He threatens to pull out of the merger.

Neil tells him that he can pull out! Roshni tries to plead with Sid but Sid says if that’s how Neil wants it, he will get the documents, and the merger will be canceled.

Sid is by himself in the office conference room. He projects the photos of he and Roshni from their wedding day on the large screen. Roshni enters and he complains about people not being professional. He walks out and Roshni asks him what’s going on as she knows he’s hiding something from her?

Neil enters the conference room and sees the photos. He starts tearing the place apart. Sid and Roshni see him. Sid takes Roshni aside and tells her that Neil has bipolar disorder. Roshni asks how he knows? Sid says they need to help him as he did the same thing when his ex-girlfriend left him. Roshni starts crying and blaming herself. Sid tells her that it’s not her fault. He says the solution is for her to make Neil believe she will never leave him or let him go and that there’s nothing between her and Sid anymore. Roshni looks really torn.

Anya goes into Naina’s room to ask for a Sari but Naina is not there, so she takes some Saris out of the wardrobe. The letter stating that Roshni and Sid are still married is hidden in between the saris she took.
Sid meets Roshni by the elevator. They get in together. Roshni looks at him longingly.
Neil is setting up for a romantic evening at home with Roshni.

He sends her a text message that there is a surprise waiting for her at home. Roshni asks Sid what happened to them and how he can still take care of her and be concerned about her after all she did? Sid says he has lost all he loved but he would always look out for her. Roshni is crying. Sid says he made a promise to someone very important and he can’t break it.

She asks whom? He says he promised his mum, DD and he misses her. She breaks down and Sid holds her. He says he understands Neil’s condition because when Roshni left him too, he almost went crazy. He says they need to help Neil and he wants Roshni to be happy in her marriage, he will ensure that she is, and well taken care of but from a distance. King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Anya dresses up in one of the saris. She sees the document on the floor but when she picks it up, she hears the doorbell ring and drops it on the table. Sid enters the room and she invites him out to dinner but he refuses. She is disappointed that he didn’t even notice her Sari. He leaves the room and she picks up his jacket. She sees a lipstick stain on it and sees it’s the same shade Roshni is wearing.

Sid calls Bunty to ask for some documents. Bunty tells him to check as he gave them to him. Sid sees the document Anya left on the dresser and picks it up.

Neil tells Roshni that they will be going on their honeymoon. He gives her the tickets. She looks scared.
Bunty tells Sid that he found the document with him. Sid drops the document in his hand without reading it.
Neil asks Roshni if she will go with him. She doesn’t respond. He assures her that he will stick to their agreement. He yells for the Servant! Sid goes to the door to listen. Neil orders the Servant to get him some suitcases as he is going on his honeymoon with Roshni. Sid looks like his world just fell apart. King of Hearts 13 December 2019 Update – Zee World

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