King of Hearts 13 November 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 13 November 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 13 November 2019 -Sid is at his family home, reading a Magazine. Simran asks what he’s doing? He says he’s trying to gain some knowledge in order to help DD regain her memory. She offers him some holy offering to eat and take some to Roshni.

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He tells her that Roshni is out of town. Raj tells him to go and join Roshni. Sid asks how they are so kind hearted and understanding? Raj says they try their best. They all get into a group hug.

Roshni is sitting by the window, thinking of Sid. She decides to call him on the Phone. He shows up behind her just then. She’s shocked and excited to see him. He says he thought she was missing him and that’s why he came to meet her. He gives her the holy offering his Mother sent. Roshni complains that DD is now so mean. Sid tells her not to worry as he will win her over again like he did before. They hear DD’s voice and Sid covers his head with a blanket.

As he leaves the room, he sees Resham approaching and he gets down on all fours. Resham sits on his back thinking it’s a table. Sid coughs and Resham sees it’s a Man but she doesn’t see his face. She starts screaming. Sid covers her with the blanket and runs back into Roshni’s room.

Kesar and DD run up to Resham. She tells them a Man is in the house. Sid hides in Roshni’s wardrobe. Resham starts searching the room. As she approaches the wardrobe, Roshni tells her to leave because she wants to go back to sleep. DD tells Resham to leave the room! Sid sees a lizard hanging from the wardrobe ceiling. He screams and runs out, grabbing DD and hiding behind her. DD tells Kesar to call the Police! She says Sid must have stolen his suit from a hotel room! She asks why he followed them?

King of Hearts 13 November 2019 Zee World Series

Sid starts acting silly. He sits on the Couch and says it’s so bouncy. DD tells him to take his feet off the Couch! Sid says he loves Roshni more than anything and he met her in the hospital when DD was in a coma. DD goes close to him and Sid runs to the dining. He says he has given his heart to Roshni and fell head over heels the first time he saw her. He says DD is very unfriendly and unapproachable but her daughter is just like butter. Resham and Kesar watch in amusement. Sid tells DD that he will marry Roshni and DD will become his Mother-in-law.

DD has a vague flashback of Sid calling her his Mother-in-law. She feels dizzy. She regains her strength and slaps him then calls the guards! They take Sid out and Roshni tries to follow him but DD pulls her back and says she hopes Roshni is not really married to Sid!

Sid is back at his family home. He packs his suitcase. His Mother asks him what he’s doing? Sid says he has to go and get Roshni and for this, he has to impress her Mother.
DD is standing outside the country home, giving instructions to Kesar to shut the windows properly! Sid enters with a crowd of people talking about poverty not being a disease. The Crowd cheers after him as he talks about DD not wanting him for Roshni because he’s Poor. He tells DD to just allow him to come into the house.

DD gets the flashback again and gets dizzy. She goes inside and Sid dismisses the crowd. Roshni says she’s worried because of how DD is. Sid says she was dizzy because she remembered something and he will help her remember gradually.

At night, Sid is back home. Simran asks how he expects that DD won’t find out that they are the Khuranas. Sid says he gave instructions to Kesar and Resham. Raj says he trusts Sid will help DD get her memory back.

DD collects Roshni’s Phone and says she doesn’t want her talking to that Man and she also cannot leave the house. Roshni asks why she can’t go and see her hus…? DD asks what she was going to say? Roshni says she has an NGO and wants to go and see the Children. She starts walking towards the door. DD says if Roshni wants her to recover, then she shouldn’t leave the house! Roshni turns around.

Sid tries to call Roshni but her Phone is switched off, so he tries Kesar. DD is having a meeting with Kesar and some of her Office staff at the Country home. She complains about Kesar’s Phone ringing and takes it from him. She sees S and R on the Office file and complains about the name. She asks why Kesar chose such a name! Kesar says it was Roshni. King of Hearts 13 November 2019 Zee World Series

Roshni is on the terrace. Sid comes to see her. DD enters the garden and beats Sid with a stick. She chases him around the garden and the guards come to take him but DD tells them to leave him as she wants to talk him. DD is back in the house. She tells herself that Roshni must be fooling her. Roshni enters the room and apologises to DD. DD says she was right in thinking Roshni had fallen for that guy! She asks what she sees in him? They hear Sid addressing a Crowd again.

DD goes outside and sees Sid high up by the Water tank with a bottle of beer, acting drunk. Everyone except DD begs him to come down. Sid threatens to jump and kill himself if DD doesn’t allow him to be with Roshni! DD has another flashback and gets dizzy again. Sid continues being a nuisance and accuses DD of locking her daughter who is an adult in the house! DD goes inside and comes back out with a shotgun.

Roshni begs but DD warns her to stay out of the way! Sid apologises and jumps down. DD fires a shot and Sid runs out of the house.
Sid is at home with his family. Raj and Bunty laugh at him. He tells them he almost got shot and they are laughing. Simran says she might have to do something; they will have a party at the house.
Next day, DD receives an invitation card from the Khuranas inviting her to a party. She tells herself that she always wanted to meet them and she will take Roshni along, maybe she can meet someone better than that Middle-Class Man.
Roshni is talking to Sid on the landline. DD calls for Roshni. Roshni tells Sid that the crazy Woman is coming. She hangs up and DD enters the room. She tells Roshni to get ready because they are going to a high profile party.

King of Hearts 13 November 2019 Zee World Series

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