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King of Hearts 14 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 14 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The episode starts with Misha asking her parents to see roti. Her father asks her not to do it as Sid don’t love her. Her mum asks her to change her ways. Misha slaps him and says she will plan her race step by step. She says her planning is perfect. She says Sid loves me very much. I did his test and he will come to me leaving Sid. Shiv hears everything. Her father says you are betraying yourself, Sid doesn’t love you.

Misha gets angry and tries to shoot at them. Her mum asks have you gone mad. Misha says I respect you both, but that doesn’t mean I will hear your nonsense. She says Sid loves me a lot and asks them to shut up. Shiv records everything on his mobile. Her dad and mum agree to get her married to Sid. Misha laughs and asks them not to act with her.

She says Sid loves me really and is not fake like you both. She says Misha is very strong and Sid is my strength, just Roshni have to move from my way. Shiv is leaving and something falls. Misha goes to check, while Shiv tries to hide.

King of Hearts 14 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series
Raj tells Sid that they are in tension because of Misha. He says DD might have done the arrangements, and asks to cancel the engagement. Sid says engagement will happen today itself. He says I have promised to Roshni that we will get engage today only. Raj says okay, we will wait for half an hour. Shiv continues to run and tries to come out of the godown. He halts and tries to send video to Sid, but couldn’t because of bad network. Misha catches him and hits on his head. Roshni calls DD. DD picks the call thinking Shiv is on another side. Nani asks her not to inform anything to Roshni. DD gets worried thinking what will happen as the jewelry is with Shiv, and he didn’t come till now. Nani asks her not to worry.

Misha tells Shiv, you came to know about my secret that I am not mad. She tells she is going to torture Roshni and Sid can help her. Shiv says no one can separate them. Misha says you feel like that. It is easy to break their relation. Shiv says you are totally mad and needs medical attention. You need a doctor. Misha asks what did you say? Shiv says you need a good psychiatrist. She hits him and asks him not to tell again, and says she is mad about Sid. She says I haven’t decide whether to kill you or not. She decides to get engage to Sid first and then will show him how she tortures his daughter. She asks him to congratulate her, as he might not get the opportunity to congratulate her later. She gets his phone and asks goons to bind the threesome. Shiv tells your plan is going to fail and not going to work.

Misha’s dad tells Shiv that they are confined since a month. Shiv asks how did it happen? Misha’s dad tells him that Misha was jovial and fun loving. She was in love with Sid and wanted to marry him. When he asked Sid about thr proposal, Sid refused to agree. She gets hyper when Sid refused. We came to Mumbai and put her in asylum. She used our resources against us, and confined us here since a month. Shiv says we have to help ourselves now.

Raj tells we have to pospone the engagement, just then they hear the door bell. Sid opens the door and Misha falls on him. Sid asks her to open the eyes. Misha hugs him, asking not to leave her. Roshni and Sid look at each other helplessly. Sid says I will not leave you anywhere.

Zee World: King of Hearts 14 August 2019 Update

Sid informs Misha that he has to get engaged to Roshni. Misha hugs him and shows the ring which she brought for him. Sid thanks him and says everything will be fine. Roshni is standing far and looks at Sid. Sid also looks at her. Misha thinks Sid will be hers and no one can stop her. Shiv manages to free his hands, while being in Misha’s den. DD gets Shiv’s message that he is not meant for family life and apologizes to her. Nani also reads it and is shocked. The message is sent by Misha from Shiv’s phone. DD asks how can he do this? Why did he come back if he wanted to do this. She says how can he ruined Roshni’s happiness. Nani says he has left. I won’t let Roshni’s happiness fade away. She asks DD to calm down and tells we will think what to say to Roshni about Shiv once she gets engaged. DD is in a state of shock and can’t believe. She wonders what she will reply to Roshni.

Roshni comes and asks what you want to asnwer? Nani says nothing, DD was worried thinking whether you will like Sid’s engagement ring or not. Roshni says whatever you have selected shall be best, we can’t match our taste. She asks about Shiv. Nani says he went out. Roshni says she will call him. Nani says he want to do something. DD tells Nani that Shiv has taken all her happiness in one go. She says she will not leave him and will find it anyhow. Misha’s father asks Shiv to go. Shiv says okay, and promises to come back to take them home. The goons are talking and laughing. Shiv thinks how to divert their attention. Misha’s parents start arguing taking Misha’s name. The goons rush towards them.

Misha gets ready as a bride and looks at herself in the mirror. She burns Neil’s pic and says Swaha…..She eyes Sid’s pic and says Sid and me………smiles. She says finally we will become one, and no one can come between us. I kept all the hurdles away from us. Sid comes and calls Misha. Misha is still his pic, and looks shocked hearing his voice. Sid comes. Misha hides the photo and asks how am I looking? Sid says good. Misha says she wants to get engaged and no one is coming to take her. Sid says I am here……She hugs him passionately. Sid feels uncomfortable and takes her from there. King of Hearts 14 August 2019 Update – Zee World Series

DD gets Roshni ready and says no hurdle will come your way to happiness. Roshni gets emotional and says her papa is lucky charm for her. Roshni says we shall go, as Khurana will come. Roshni wears the ghunghat and goes. Shiv calls on DD’s number and asks her to hear carefully. He tells that mad Misha will snatch Sid from our daughter. The goons throw something on his head. Shiv runs from there, takes someone bike and escapes while the goons follow him.

Roshni is brought down for the engagement. She looks at Sid. Raj and Beeji praise Roshni. Nani asks about Krutika. Beeji says she wished to stay at home. Misha tells Sid that she wants to engage soon. Sid asks her to calm down. Roshni and others look on.

Neil’s mum asks her not to insult them in front of guests. Misha pushes her. Neil is taken aback. Roshni wonders where is Shiv and tells DD that they will get Misha engagement done first. DD agrees. Sid asks, what happened? DD makes excuses and says he might become. She thinks why did you do this Shiv.

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