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King of Hearts 14 December 2019 Update – The family is having breakfast. Naina sees Mittul rushing her food and asks her what’s going on? Mittul says she has to go to the temple to pray for Neil to get better because she hates seeing him in such a condition. Sid says he doesn’t believe that religion is the solution as what makes a man’s life worthwhile is when he finds a beautiful wife and if he marries the wrong woman, it can ruin his life.

He says an example is he and Anya, they have a happy life.Neil is in his room, thinking. Roshni walks in wearing a short red dress. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She tells him there was no need to do it. He asks if he can’t buy her a dress? She says he can. He takes her to the mirror and puts a necklace on her neck. He remembers his ex-wife telling him that she doesn’t love him anymore as he was helping her to wear her necklace.

He yanks the necklace and it breaks. He apologises to a shocked Roshni and leaves the room.Arav comes to see Anya at home. Neil allows him in. Anya starts to fidget. She tells everyone that Arav is her friend from School. She says she has a yoga class and needs to leave! She pulls him towards the door and they leave.

King of Hearts 14 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Ranjeet and Mittul are having a meeting with a man and a woman at a restaurant. The woman’s face is not revealed but she’s the boss. Mittul begs for more time to get them what they want. The woman signals to the man and the man tells them that they have one week left to complete the task!

Sid arrives at the same restaurant with Bunty and Raj. He tells them that Neil has bipolar disorder. Raj says he already told him not to mess with his destiny. Sid asks what he should do? He sees Mittul and Ranjeet. As they leave, he follows them.

Anya asks Arav why he came to her house? He asks when she would tell her family about them and says he gets the feeling she’s hiding something. She says she’s not hiding anything and she will tell her family at the right time. He tells her she’s carrying his child and there’s the need to get married. He pushes her into the Car and suggests they go and get married. She tries to open the door but she’s unable to.

On the way out of the restaurant, Mittul asks for more time. The woman who hasn’t said a word points her finger and indicates one week. Sid sees them but he bumps into a waiter and by the time he turns, they’ve run away.
Sid sees Anya being driven by Arav against her will. He gets into the Car and follows them. He’s surprised to see Arav. Arav stops the Car and tells Anya that they have to get married. She fights him but he drags her to a temple.

She bites his hand and runs off. She falls down and he tries to pull her up. She hits him on the head with a stone. Anya sees Sid and he asks why Arav was taking her against her will? She says she wants them to leave because Arav wanted her to terminate the pregnancy!

Sid puts her in the Car and makes a call to the Police. As they are driving home, Sid asks why she didn’t tell him that Arav had been discharged? She says he has changed and he’s been harassing her. He asks why she didn’t tell him? She says she didn’t want to stress him out and she thinks the best idea is to move to London. He tells her it is not the best idea, at least, not now.

At home, Arav calls Anya and she tells him she will put him in jail! He says he will also report what she did to him. She tells him to leave her alone and move on with his life! He reminds her that she is carrying his baby. After the call, Arav smashes his Phone in anger. Anya tells herself that she has to do something about it!

Sid is at the Police Station. The Police assure him that they would do all they can to find Arav.
At home, Sid makes a Phone call to arrange a romantic dinner for Neil and Roshni. Mittul overhears it and tells herself that if Neil and Roshni’s mariage works out, she would never be able to take over the business!

King of Hearts 14 December 2019 Update – At the Office, Ranjeet spills coffee on Roshni’s files. He apologises and the Office messenger brings her another cup of tea.
There is a flashback of him adding a powdery substance to the coffee before handing it over to the messenger.

Neil enters Roshni’s Office and she tells him what happened. Ranjeet calls Neil and disguises his voice. He lies that he’s from Khurana enterprises and he wants someone to come and pick up the documents they sent over for the cancellation of the merger as it is incomplete. Neil says he will come over to check. He tells Roshni what happened and says he will go and check. Roshni stays back and Ranjeet watches her.

Sid, Anya, Mittul and Naina are in a restaurant. They are having a good time talking and laughing. Anya asks Sid for the medicine she gave him for Naina. Sid checks his pockets and says he will have to go to the pharmacy for it, as he must have left them at home even though he remembers putting them in his jacket pocket. Mittul tells him that he has to go and get them from the house since they have a supply at home. She makes him finish his drink before leaving.

Roshni is at home feeling very dizzy. She sees a table with flowers and smiles as she set it in the middle of the living room. Sid is driving and feeling drowsy.

Naina calls and tells Neil to come and join them. He says he can’t as he has to pick up Roshni. She tells him to pick her and come with her. Mittul says Roshni is home alone and Sid has gone to join her! Naina looks worried.

Sid meets Roshni who is now heavily under the influence of the substance Ranjeet put in her drink. He is in the same situation. They laugh at themselves. Sid asks for Naina’s medicine? Roshni says she has no idea. They laugh some more. She asks if he arranged for the decorations to be put up? He says he didn’t but she kows he did it. She asks why he did all of that for her and Neil? He asks where Neil is? They start yelling for Neil! Roshni turns around them then asks where Sid is? She sees him and they slowly make their way to one another.

There is a flashback of Mittul sneaking into Sid’s room to take the medication from his pocket and at the restaurant, she slipped a pill into his drink. King of Hearts 14 December 2019

Roshni holds Sid and calls his name several times. They laugh again. They start dancing. Roshni ends up lying on the floor and Sid bends over her. Neil walks in and beholds the sight. The rest of the family also arrive. Sid and Roshni ignore them and keep talking to one another. Naina says it’s enough! Roshni and Sid stand up but laugh.

Neil takes Roshni to their room. She lays on the bed and passes out. Sid is also passed out in Anya’s bed.

Mittul brings a drink and says the lemonade would help Sid wake up. She says she doesn’t know what would have happened if they didn’t get home in time! She pretends to shed fake tears. Anya leaves the room upset. Mittul sits next to Sid on the bed and says the cracks in the family have started to show. She dares him to save his family if he can!

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