King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update Doctor Amol walks into a Police Station. A Police Officer tells him he has just few minutes. Amol meets with Yash and says the job is finally done. Yash hugs him and thanks him for what he did.

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Amol says he will do anything for Yash, and DD’s memory loss is going to work in their favour! Yash tells him to impress DD so much so that DD gets him and Roshni married. He vows to make sure he tells DD how she got her memory loss so she can die from the shock! Amol says he left everything in Delhi to come here. He suggests he stays in town for a while so that he can take all DD owns as well. Yash says it’s a good idea.

DD calls Amol on the Phone and says she wants to meet his Parents. He tells her he will set up the meeting. DD is at home, in tears. Everyone looks at her with worry. DD asks who Aisha is because she remembers singing a lullaby to her. Resham is about to tell her but Roshni warns her not to say anything. Roshni tells DD to relax. DD holds her head and faints.

The Doctor comes to see her at home. He reminds Sid that he had said DD shouldn’t get stressed. He says she can suffer from a brain haemorrhage and lose all her memory. He warns that nobody tries to remind her of anything.
Next day, DD is in the living room giving orders to the staff. Roshni tells her she should be in bed.
Amol arrives with his Parents and introduces them to DD. Roshni is surprised and confused.

King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update

Sid looks at the Parents with suspicion because they don’t have the mannerisms of rich people. The Mother asks who Sid is? DD says he’s the accountant at her store. Roshni asks to have a private word with Amol. Sid tells himself that Amol is up to something.

Amol and Roshni are outside. He tells her not to be angry with him because it was DD who called him and invited him to breakfast with his Parents. He says he wanted to refuse but felt bad for her because of her condition. Roshni apologises to him and says she has to think of something to help her get out of the situation DD is trying to create between them.
DD asks Amol’s Parents where in the US they live? They are unable to respond. Sid’s suspicion increases.
Amol walks in and says they live in New York. DD says she has been there so many times. She asks where in New York? The father says near the Brooklyn Bridge. Everyone looks confused. Amol gets a Phone call and says he has to leave as he has an emergency.

He takes his Parents out. Sid decides to find out what he’s up to. Outside, Amal berates the Couple for not acting properly and also getting him in trouble! The lady tells him to pay them. He gives them some money and tells them to take better acting lessons! He enters his Car and leaves while they get into a taxi.
Sid saw and heard everything. Roshni asks Sid why Amol will want to pay actors to pose as his Parent? Sid says he as an idea to expose them.

Roshni takes DD to a place called Film City, where a movie is being shot. She tells DD to wait while she looks for her friend. DD sees the Couple who posed as Amol’s Parents asking a producer to give them money to get tea.

DD is shocked. She walks up to them and asks how Doctors can be fighting for money for tea! The Producer laughs and says they are not Doctors but movie extras. DD is upset that she was deceived. She gets out her Phone and says she will call the Police!

Roshni meets up with them and greets the Couple. The Couple pleads with DD not to call the Police. They tell her it was Amol who paid them to lie and pose as his Parents.

DD is back home and upset. She threatens to hurt Amol for what he did! Amol comes in. DD asks where his Parents are? He says they are at home. DD plays a Video recording of the Couple saying he paid them. He’s shocked. He says he can explain. DD tells him to get out! She pushes him out of the door.

DD is at her Store. She tells Kesar to be careful of who they do business with because she could never have imagined Amol will pay People to pose as his Parents! The Office messenger brings DD a package. She opens it and sees copies of Amal’s credentials and bank statements. She also gets a note from him telling her he’s sorry for what he did. They hear a lady crying in the showroom.

The lady is buying jewelry and talking to the store attendant. She says she can’t let her son marry the girl from another caste, but she will go against her husband to please her Son because he has already left home and she can’t let him leave her life. She selects a set of jewelry and says it will look good on Amol’s new Wife.

DD tells Kesar to invite her to his Office. The lady enters and DD asks what her Son’s profession is? The lady says he’s a Doctor. DD asks for his photograph. The lady asks why? DD says it’s just so she can know what jewelry to select for his bride. The lady shows her a photograph of her and Amol on what looks like his graduation day as he’s wearing a graduation gown.

DD is back home and Amol is at her house. He apologises again and says he didn’t want his family problems to be made public. DD says it’s fine because she saw his Mum and heard everything. Roshni tells Sid that Amol is fooling her Mum. DD tells Amol that they will start making arrangements for the wedding. Amol thanks her and says he doesn’t know what to say. He had left all hope. DD blesses him. He says he will leave now. He looks at Roshni and leaves.

Sid goes outside to meet Amol and grabs him by the collar. Amol says Sid was only pretending to be injured so they are both the same. Sid says they are pretending for different reasons. Amol says he might have started liking Sid’s wife. Roshni appears out of nowhere and gives him a slap. She tells him that she loves Sid and nobody can separate them and she can never marry a person like him because she would never leave Sid! He tells her challenge accepted and they will see who becomes DD’s Son-in-law. King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update

DD shows Roshni a card. Roshni looks at it and sees it’s an invitation card to her and Amol’s wedding. Roshni crumples it up and tells DD that she can’t be falling for Amol’s tricks. DD says Roshni will get married to him and her decision is final! Sid watches in silence. Roshni tells DD that she will not marry him!
Sid is with his Parents. Raj says he will get the Police to arrest Amol and they will get him to say the truth. Sid says he doesn’t know what his motive is.

Amol is at the Police Station. He shows the Police all his credentials. One of the Officers grabs him by the hair and threatens him to say the truth otherwise he will be forced to! Amol insists he’s a Doctor and they can ask him any question.
The Inspector returns to Sid and his Parents who are also at the Station. He tells them that Amol didn’t talk and he doesn’t suspect any foul play but they can keep him in the Station over night if Raj wants. Raj says they should just try and get him to talk.

Amol and his Mother comes to DD’s house. He has bruises on his face and his Mother accuses DD of having him arrested! Amol says he was beaten up by the Police. Roshni says Amol wasn’t beaten up so he’s lying. Amol asks how she knows about it? Roshni is mute.

DD tells Roshni she didn’t expect that of her. She orders for the first aid kit to attend to his wounds and apologises to him. Amol says his father was so embarrassed that he kicked him out of the house. Sid stares at him, knowing what his plan is. DD tells Amol that he can stay at her place since he’s going to be family soon.
Roshni and Sid are on the terrace. Roshni suggests that they go away for a while. Sid says they can’t leave DD alone with Amol because they don’t know his intentions. Roshni complains that they keep going from one problem to the other.

Sid looks towards the gate and sees his Grandmother and Bunty holding weapons. He rushes to meet them. His Grandmother asks Bunty if they are in the right house? Bunty tells Sid to produce the Man who wants to marry Roshni. Sid tells them that the Man is not there and if he sees the Man himself, he will also deal with him so they shouldn’t worry about it. He begs them to trust him and leave.

Amol moves in. DD tells him to make himself at home. He complains that Roshni doesn’t like him and he won’t pressure her because he respects her a lot. DD says she understands. She calls the help to take his bags into the room. Amol tells himself that he has entered the house and he will create problems! King of Hearts 15 November 2019 Update

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