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King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update

King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update Neil watches Roshni as she sleeps. He remembers when his ex, Priya, left him. He then thinks of Roshni in Sid’s arms and gets upset. He punches the wall and asks why his past won’t leave him alone! He looks at Roshni and says he hates her! He starts destroying the room.

Naina rushes in and begs him to stop. Neil storms out of the room. Roshni is oblivious to everything as she is passed out in bed. Naina says her worst fears are happening and the ghosts from Neil’s past have come back to haunt him; if people find out what happened before, then everything will be over and Roshni will be responsible for it!

Sid wakes up in the morning. Anya ignores him when he tries to talk to her. He tells her what happened wasn’t his fault. She leaves the room and he wonders why she’s so upset?

Roshni is saying her prayers. A drunk Neil walks in and says he also wants to pray. He sprinkles alcohol on her and calls her his goddess. Roshni is crying. He takes Vermillion and smears all over her forehead. He breaks a coconut at her feet and she falls down. The rest of the family members come out. Sid tells Neil to stop. Neil attacks him, forcing Sid to give him a slap.

King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update

Naina raises her hand to Sid and Roshni tells them to stop! Sid walks out of the room. Roshni takes Neil inside the room. Sid is in a restaurant thinking of what to do about the situation. Bunty joins him and asks what’s going on as Anya called Simran? Sid says Neil has bipolar and he’s ruining Roshni’s life. He remembers Mittul insisting that he had his drink before leaving and also insisting he goes home instead of going to a pharmacy. He tells Bunty to get dressed as it’s time to teach someone a lesson!

Mittul gives Ranjeet some papers to make sure Roshni signs. They are shocked to see Sid standing at the door. He stops Ranjeet when he tries to leave the room. He asks if he should tell his mother what he did? Mittul says she will call the Police! Sid says it’s a bad idea to call the Police when they have been bad. They say they haven’t done anything wrong.

Bunty enters the room and gives Sid a report. Sid says someone spiked his and Roshni’s drinks last night. Mittul asks what proof he has? Sid says their guilt is proof. He warns them that many have tried him in the past and failed and if they try it again, it would be the end of both of them!

Roshni is in the Kitchen making a meal for Neil. She decides to give her relationship with Neil another chance. Naina enters the Kitchen and ignores Roshni. Roshni says she made a special dish for Neil and she wants Naina to try it. Naina walks out without saying a word. King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update

Neil wakes up. Roshni takes the food to him but he ignores her. He takes the pot off the stove and pours the sauce down the drain. Roshni leaves the Kitchen. Sid sees everything.

Mittul wonders how they can get the papers signed? Ranjeet says the lady villain will come after them if they are unable to deliver. The lady villain’s assistant calls Mittul to remind her that she has 2 days! Mittul says she will get it done.
Sid enters the room and asks what they will get done? He says he can solve their problems if they tell him.

Roshni asks Neil if he will come with her to the Office? He asks why she’s not going with Sid, her heartthrob? Roshni says it’s not as it seems. Neil tells her that she doesn’t need to pretend anymore. He says he was fooled by her and he doesn’t want to see her face so she should get lost! She leaves. Sid sees her and asks what’s wrong? She says nothing is alright and it would be better if he leaves for good.

Neil opens the wardrobe and picks up a photo of Roshni. He asks why Roshni is treating him like this when they could have been so happy together? Sid wonders what’s going on. Sid has a meeting with Bunty and his friend. The friend says their plan is dangerous. Sid says he never backs out and he wants to know if they are with him? They say they are with him. Sid says he will make Roshni come to the parking lot.

Sid gets home and sees Neil drinking in his room. He calls Roshni and tells her to phone Neil and stop him from drinking. Roshni tries but Neil ignores her calls.
Sid calls Bunty and his friend who are waiting in the Car to be ready. Roshni calls Neil again from the Office Car park. He answers and as they are talking, two people wearing masks abduct her. Neil hears her screams on the Phone. Bunty calls Sid to tell him they can’t find Roshni anywhere. Neil leaves for the Office.

Sid meets up with Bunty and the friend. They find Roshni’s Phone on the floor. Sid sees there is a CCTV in the Car park. Neil arrives and Sid asks him if he knows where Roshni is? Neil asks what his business is? Sid says they can sort their differences later but now, they need to find Roshni. Neil says he doesn’t know where to look for her.
Sid shows him the CCTV. King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update

Roshni is taken to a warehouse and tied to a Chair. The abductors take off their masks but she is blindfolded and can’t see them. They are Mittul and Ranjeet. They tell her that she has to obey what they say!

Ranjeet asks how they will make her sign the papers when she is blindfolded and her hands are tied? Mittul suggests a thumbprint. Ranjeet says they have no ink. Mittul tells him to go and get some. Ranjeet leaves.

Sid and Neil review the CCTV footage. They see the van the abductors came in. Sid says he will get the Commissioner to find out who the Car belongs to. He has a change of mind and tells Neil to use his own contact. Neil leaves the room and Bunty asks Sid why he’s not using his contact? Sid says he wants Neil to do it so it can help his relationship with Roshni. Bunty tells Sid that he’s never met anyone like him. Sid says he just wants the person he loves the most to be happy.

Roshni unties her hand. Mittul is passing time by taking selfies, so she’s distracted. Roshni frees herself and picks up a stick. Mittul has her back to her. Roshni hits her with the stick and she faints. Roshni bends to lift the mask off her face but Ranjeet returns and hit her on the head with a stick and she passes out.

Neil and Sid are in a Car. Neil receives a call from the Police telling him the Car has been traced to a location.
Ranjeet gets Roshni’s thumbprints on the documents. Mittul phones the villain lady to tell her that they have the documents ready for her. King of Hearts 15th December 2019 Daily Update

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