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King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update on Zee World

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni and Resham reaches the Khuranas’ house where Resham’s spiritual leader/baba is performing the Prayer. Resham gets mesmerized looking at the lavish house. Roshni unconsciously enters the house without her knowledge. They both didn’t notice Simran performing the Prayers. Rehsam shakes her and she gets conscious. She then registers her name on the log book. The Prayer starts with Raj and Simran performing the Prayer and Roshni and Resham join them with other people without noticing them. Simran prays to God to let her be with her Son and Daughter-in-law as she cannot live without them.

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update on Zee World

Roshni gives glory to God for giving her Sid as a life partner and prays to God to set him free from DD’s debt!

DD asks Naani about Resham and Roshni? Naani says they have gone for a prayar and says at least, Roshni is more religious than her! She taunts her that Sid will set her right now!

Simran shows aarti to all the guests, but before Roshni could notice her, she gives aarti to her servant and turns back, they both don’t notice each other.

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update

DD asks Kesar to send him the details of her Client, Wadhwani. He hears Water instead of Wadhwani. He says he saw their new servant, Pratima at a shop. DD jokes that even she saw Akshay kumar and shows him a magazine. She then asks him to get back to work!

Roshni sees Raj there and she’s about to call him when a servant drops a tray with vermillion on Resham and they both start cleaning it. Roshni takes her to the wash room and looks at the house carefully.

Simran and Raj sees her and gets worried that Roshni is heading towards their family photo. Resham comes out of the washroom and they both leave. Simran tels Raj that God sent Roshni on the first day of Navratri (A nine nights (and ten days) Hindu festival, celebrated in the autumn every year). Raj says it is good she didn’t see us, or Sid’s hardwork would have gone in vain!

Sid gets home and he’s on the phone with his Mother. She tells him about what happened at the prayers.

Sid is relieved that Roshni didn’t discover it was their house. Roshni sees him coming home early and asks him about it? He says just like that. Naani comes there and shows them a newspaper article about some best party spot where all the best dance and competitions are held in Sid’s (Prishant) neighborhood. King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update

She says she’s sure he would take his wife instead of an Old woman like her.
Sid teases her that she is very good looking and he would rather take her than Roshni. Naani says she wants them to enter into the competition and win.

Roshni is not looking happy. She says she will make tea. Naani tells Roshni that she should forget about the past because she has started a new life now. Roshni says she can’t, and asks Naani not to tell Sid anything and walks out.

Naani tells Sid that Roshni wanted to participate in the Garba festival/competition with DD and enrolled their names as well, but DD didn’t reach the venue, and Roshni who used to win all competitions was disqualified, leaving Roshni sad. Sid says he will change Roshni’s mood and convince her to take part in the Garba competition.

Sid and Roshni are busy checking recipes on the net. Raj and Simran reach DD’s home. Roshni gets happy seeing them. Simran says she wants a favour from her, and says she may not oblige to her demand, so she will take Naani and Mona’s help. Roshni asks what help does she need? Simran says she needs to learn Garba from her.

Roshni sadly stands still. Simran says she knew Roshni will not help her, and says she tought she will also learn Garba as her daughter-in-law is gujrati, but she’s disheartened now and asks Raj to take her back home. Roshni stops her and says she will teach her Garba and also participate in it. Simran says she does not want to force her. Roshni says she left Garba for one Mother and will start it back again for another Mother. Simran thanks her and shows thumbs up to Sid. Naani sees them and thumbs up.

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update on Zee World

Raj gives Roshni a bag and Simran says it’s the dress for the competition.
Sid says they need to practice. Roshni says they will have to go to their house to practice. Naani says they can learn in the house since DD won’t return till tomorrow. Roshni starts to teach them.
Bablu tells Naani that he’s happy to see Roshni dancing again. Naani asks if he’s sure that DD won’t return till tomorrow? Bablu says he’s sure.

As the Khuranas practice with Roshni, Simran accidentally knocks over a flower vase and it crashes on the floor. Everyone looks in horror 😲 as DD walks in at that exact moment!
Raj tells DD not to worry because it signifies good luck.

DD calls the Maid and tells her to clear the garbage and throw it out as she needs her house clean! She then asks her Mother who dared turned her house into a dance bar at her home! Naani asks why is she irked seeing her family members happy? DD says if she thinks this drama is happiness, then she should do it outside in the streets, but not in her house!

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Naani apologizes to Raj and Simran for DD’s behaviour. Roshni says only humans are capable of true love, but DD is just a machine 🤖! She says DD can deduct the cost of the vase from Sid’s salary! She tells her in-laws and Sid to follow her to their room, so they can continue to practice.
DD gets annoyed hearing her insult.

Sid feels bad about it. He gets to the room and suggests they continue the practice tomorrow. Roshni says her Mummy and Papa has come here to learn, and she cannot disappoint them, besides,they pay rent to stay in the house, so they will continue! They push the bed aside and continue to practice. She starts playing loud Gujrati music and starts dancing with Raj and Simran. DD gets irked and sends Kesar to switch off the Music!

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update on Zee World

Kesar switches off the Music and says DD does not like loud music and she has a headache. Roshni says they are paying rent and DD should have thought about that before renting the place out to them, so she doesn’t care if DD has a headache! She asks him to tell DD to close her ears instead!

As the Khuranas are about to leave, DD comes downstairs. Raj tells her that they wanted to invite her to the dancing competition. DD says they showed up unannounced, so they can keep their invite to themselves and stop pretending to be holy! She says their wish is coming true. Raj asks her what wish that is? DD says their wish to keep coming to her house and it won’t be long before they move in to live a luxurious life for free!

Sid tells her that it’s enough! Simran begs him not to say anything. Roshni tells Simran to let him talk.

King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update – Zee World
Simran says she will be the one to talk. She turns to DD and says her behaviour shows how unhappy and rude she is, and when it comes to improper behaviour, DD can beat the filthiest man! DD stares at her. Simran says the person DD was talking to, is her husband. Raj tells her to stop!
Simran says they didn’t come to see her, they came to see their children!
She says DD can visit sometime, so they will show her how to treat guests; their house is bigger than DD’s. Sid and Raj panic.
Simran says their 2 bedroom is far bigger than DD’s and DD is very poor not to even value the fact that her children are with her during the festival! King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update

As they are about to leave, Simran tells DD that her children are living with DD and if she ever tries to hurt them again after today, she will not spare DD; she should take it as a Mother’s promise! The Khuranas leave.

DD has some important Clients at work. She introduces Kesar and Bablu as her brother-in-laws to the Clients and Sid as just Sidharth! Sid asks Bablu what he needs to do, since he has to leave early for the dance and DD has Clients. Bablu says he will handle DD and says she will be busy with the Clients and won’t notice him, and says after many years, Roshni will play Garba and she will not ruin her happiness this time! Sid thanks him.

Naani and Mona wait for Roshni as they are getting late for the Garba competition. Roshni comes down wearing a beautfiul Ghagra choli (An ensemble that comprises of a long skirt, a choli that leaves the midriff bare and a dupatta), and both Naani and Mona say she is looking very beautiful! She calls Resham to come out as they are getting late for the Garba competition, and they all leave for the competition.

Roshni, Naani, Mona and Resham reach Sid’s chawl. Raj and Simran greet them in. Roshni takes Simran’s blessings. Simran tells Raj that our Roshni is looking very beautiful! Naani gives her, her childhood dandiya (sticks). Roshni gets emotional seeing it. Naani says she has all her childhood toys and asks her to play with this dandiya (sticks) and win. Roshni starts crying emotionally. Naani asks her to stop crying and win the competition.

DD tells Sid that he will give the presentation to the foreign Clients. Bablu says he has prepared the presentation and would give it instead. DD says she wants to know if Sid has learnt something! She sees Sid looking at his watch and says he is lazy and wants to run. Sid says he’s not lazy. King of Hearts 16 May 2019 Update on Zee World

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