King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update – Sid is in DD’s garden, on the Phone with his father. He tells Raj that Amol lied that the Police beat him up. He assures him that he will take care of the situation.

Amol rides up to him on a bicycle and gives him a copy of the wedding invitation. He reminds Sid that he said be would enter the house and teach him a lesson! Sid stares at him. Amol says DD would become his Mother-in-law but Sid hasn’t taken him seriously. He rides away. Sid tells himself that he will be the one to teach Amol a lesson!
Inside the house, DD suggests to Amol that he takes Roshni out to lunch. Amol says Roshni may not want to go.

DD tells him not to bother himself; she will send him the details. Amol calls Yash to tell him. Yash says it’s great news and proceeds to give him some instructions.
Roshni tells DD that she won’t go! DD tells her to stop pretending to care for her then! Roshni tells her that emotional blackmail won’t work! Sid hides behind DD and signals for Roshni to agree to go. Roshni says she’s not going. DD turns around and Sid docks. Sid appears again and begs Roshni to agree. Roshni reluctantly agrees.

Later, Roshni meets Sid up and asks why he wants her to go? Sid assures her that he has a plan and he won’t let anything bad happen to her.

King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update

Roshni and Amol are on their date at a garden restaurant. Amol tells Roshni that they both know her Mum will not regain her memory and she wants them to get married. He tries to hold her hand and she pulls her hand away. She warns him not to get things twisted!
Sid is on the road, trying to get a taxi. Amol gets very dizzy from his drink and passes out. Roshni pulls him up and drags him away.

DD is home. She gets a distress call from Roshni begging her to help. DD rushes to the restaurant and asks a Waiter if he has seen her daughter and a guy? The Waiter shows her the table they were sitting at. There are a dozen empty wine bottles on the table. He tells her that the husband drank it all and he has taken his Wife to the hotel nearby. DD begs him to take her there. They get to the hotel room and the door is locked.

Roshni is begging them to help her. She’s lying on the bed, underneath Amol who is half-conscious. She makes it seem like he has her trapped under him. DD begs the Waiter to break down the door and he obeys.
They enter the room and see them. She quickly helps Roshni up. She hits Amol with a belt and leaves with Roshni.
At home, Roshni cries fake tears. DD consoles her and assures her that she will never allow the Man come near her again.

The next day, Sid’s parents are having a party. Sid and Roshni attend. Roshni says it’s a beautiful day. Sid’s Grandmother says it would have been better if DD could attend. Sid says he hates to have to lie to DD. His Grandmother tells him to apply Vermillion to Roshni’s forehead. Sid takes a pinch of Vermillion but as he gets close to Roshni’s forehead, DD slaps his hand away. Amol is with her. DD accuses Sid of crossing the line! She asks Roshni how she could reject a respectable Man like Amol for Sid? Sid doesn’t utter a word.

DD says the Waiter confessed after he was beaten up that he was paid to spike Amol’s drink. Amol starts to leave in fake anger. DD tells him to stay so they can all leave together. She tells Sid that he has healed so there is no need for him to come to her house anymore! She pulls Roshni. Sid holds on to Roshni but slowly let go. Amol stops to give him a look of gloat before leaving.

DD throws Sid’s things out. Roshni begs her to stop, saying she loves Sid very much and the issue with Amol’s drink was her idea. DD tells her to get over Sid before it’s too late.
Amol comes to see Yash again. He tells Yash that’s it’s a dangerous plan and doesn’t know if it will work. Yash forcefully grabs him by the neck and says he knows what will and won’t work! He warns Amol not to doubt him again and to remember all he has done for his family! Amol looks terrified.

Roshni is with Sid’s family. She tells them that she wants to be with Sid. Simran tells her to come and stay with her husband. Raj tells them not to forget DD is not supposed to get stressed. Sid begs his dad to take his Grandmother and Mother away so he can talk to Roshni. The three elders leave.

Zee World: King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update

Sid asks Roshni if she doesn’t want to win? Roshni says they keep hoping but nothing ever works. She says she wants to be with him because she can’t sleep without him and if DD never gets her memory back, then what happens? She says she won’t ever agree to be with Amol! Sid says he also will never let Roshni be with anyone else. He says he is speaking to the best Doctors around the world concerning DD’s health and he’s currently looking for one based in India.

Kesar goes to DD and begs her to give Sid a chance. She gets upset and says who marries her daughter is her problem and no one else’s!
Roshni and Sid are with the Doctor. He tells them he can perform an experiment but it’s not guaranteed to work. He says he has carried it out on other Patients and recorded a huge success rate but Roshni and Sid have to sign a bond. He gives them a file and they leave.

Amol comes out from behind the curtain and the Doctor cowers in fear. Amol tells him not to fear because he did a good job and his daughter is safe. The Doctor says he will increase the dosage so DD doesn’t regain her memory. Amol gives him a document and tells him to get Roshni and Sid to sign it.

Sid calls Roshni on the Phone and says it’s a new type of treatment DD will be getting and he has done a lot of research online, it’s risky but a lot of Patients go on to live normal lives. Roshni agrees to let DD have it.

Sid and Roshni are back with the Doctor. He asks if hey agree? They say yes. He gives them a ‘No Objection’ agreement to sign. As Sid is about to sign, he hears something fall. He asks if anyone else is there? The Doctor says no. Sid hears the noise again and goes behind the curtains to check. There is nobody there. The Doctor tells him to sign. As Roshni reaches for the pen, she hurts her finger. Sid turns to her and the Doctor switches the documents. Roshni tells Sid to hold her hand and aid her as she signs.

Amol peeps at them from the doorway and smiles to himself as he watches them sign.
When Roshni gets home, as she walks past Amol in the garden, he grabs her hand. She struggles with him. He tells her to get used to him because they will be married in a few days. She calls him a fool and as she walks away, he shoves a card in her face. It’s their wedding invitation card. She tears it up and tells him that her Mum is ill and he should know she and Siddharth are married and can’t be separated! She walks into the house.

Amol is back to see Yash once again. Yash is holding a copy of the invitation card and laughing like a psycho. He gets a pen and crosses out Amol’s name then changes it to his own. He says Roshni thinks she’s marrying Amol but she’s actually marrying him because Amol is just a pawn. He says Roshni doesn’t even know the kind of documents she signed for him. He holds a document up and it’s a divorce paper that has Sid and Roshni’s signatures. He says he and Roshni were meant to be together, now no one can stop him from marrying her!

Roshni is venting her anger at Sid. Sid tells her to calm down. He gives her a carrot. She says she’s not in the mood for a joke. He tells her to see the carrot as Amol and bite its head off. Roshni takes the carrot and bites on it. At the same time, both of them say Sid needs to look for a way to come back home. Sid says he will figure out something.
DD calls for Roshni and Sid leaves.

Amol goes to meet Kesar. Kesar tells him to get lost and let him work! DD enters and tells Kesar to apologize! Kesar apologizes. DD warns him not to talk to Amol that way again! She tells him to make sure everything is ready for the Clients. Kesar wills Sid to come back. King of Hearts 16 November 2019 Update

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