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King of Hearts 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s Episode starts with Misha asking Sid to forward his hand and then shd makes him wear the ring. Roshni cries silently. Misha claps and says they are engaged now. She asks why everyone is not happy here?

Simran wipes her tears and is unhappy. Roshni claps, followed by everyone. Misha asks Sid to make her wear ring. Sid looks at Roshni, and thinks about DD’s words.

The goons are taking Shiv wrapped in the carpet. Jigna catches them and asks them to clean the carpet. She asks them to follow her. Sid takes out ring from the box and keeps on looking at Roshni tearfully.

Misha forwards her hand. Sid is about to put ring on Misha’s finger, DD couldn’t watch and goes from there. Everyone turn their faces. Roshni closes her eyes. Sid makes Misha wear the ring. Misha looks at the ring madly and hugs Sid. Sid stares Roshni emotionally.

Roshni feigns smile on her face and pretends to be happy for them. Roshni is going from there, but Sid holds her hand and tells that since he got engaged to Misha, it doesn’t mean that their love will end. You are mine always, just making it clear. Misha comes and hugs Sid again.

King of Hearts 17 August 2019 Update

DD comes to the pool side and sees someone in the swimming pool. She sees Shiv’s face and shouts Shiv. Everyone go outside near the pool side. Misha thinks stupid goons couldn’t do the work properly. Nani asks DD, what happened. DD sits in shock. Sid holds Roshni, while others bring Shiv out of pool.

Roshni asks Shiv to wake up. Beeji cries. Mona asks Shiv to open eyes. Kesar also cries. Simran asks Sid to do something. Roshni asks DD to tell Shiv to wake up. Everyone cries. Misha looks at Sid and is tensed. She starts acting and asks why everyone is crying on her engagement day. She asks him to take her home. Sid asks Misha to go inside and sit. Misha insists him to take her home. Sid shouts at her and asks to go inside.

Misha calls the goons and scolds them for dumping Shiv in the pool. She worries about the proofs against her. The goon says that chlorine in the pool will washed away the proofs. Sid is about to hold Shiv, but DD asks him not to touch Shiv, as they don’t need him. She asks him to take care of his mad fiance. She says she is with Shiv.

DD tells the Police Inspector that she is Patel and not Khurana. Sid says mother but DD reminds him that she is not his mother in law, and asks him not to make any relation with her. She asks him to go from Roshni’s life and says they didn’t need him. She tells Raj that Roshni lost two important relations in her life, one is her dad and other is her to be husband. She asks Raj to take Sid from there. Sid tells that Shiv was not only his sasur, but also his friend. DD tells him not to make relation and leave. Simran brings Misha there. She sees Sid staring at Roshni.

Misha starts acting and sees glass pieces fallen on floor. She pretends to hurt her feet and sits down. She asks Sid to hold her in his arms and says she couldn’t stand on her feet. King of Hearts 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid stares at Roshni and lifts her in his arms.Misha sees earring in Shiv’s hand and thinks how to get it. DD yells at them to get out. Kesar asks Doctor not to trouble his brother and give his body immediately for performing last rites.

DD says last rites can wait, and asks Doctor to find out proofs against the killer. She says she knows that Shiv is murdered and determines to find out the murderer. She says she will get the guilty punished. Later DD removes her jewellery and changes her dress. King of Hearts 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

She recalls Shiv and her romantic union and the moments thereafter. She recalls their marriage, honeymoon etc. Sid also recalls his casual talk with Shiv, their friendship etc and gets sad. Roshni cries in her room thinking about her moments with Shiv while the song plays………….Misha calls the goons and asks them to enquire where Shiv’s body is taken for postmortem.

She tells them that she will meet them in the hospital in the morning. Roshni mourns for her father’s dead. DD comes wearing white clothes and says Shiv didn’t want anyone to look sad. She says Shiv has kept and they have his memories. She gets a phone call from Doctor, asking her to come to hospital, as he has some doubt. DD agrees.

Beeji cries and feels bad for Sid and Roshni. Misha leaves the house to come to hospital. The goons see Roshni and DD, and push Stretcher hurting DD. Roshni shouts who did this. Misha comes wearing burqa and thinks to leave after taking the earring before anyone sees her. More Updates…

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