King of Hearts

King of Hearts 17 July 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 17 July 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 17 July 2019 Update On Zee World

DD is nursing Roshni’s wound. DD says she herself self-inflicted this wound and there is nothing to worry. Sid asks why did she do it.

Rajveer meets Baweja and says before going to China he has to marry Sam. Baweja says his lawyer is preparing marriage papers and soon he will marry Sam. Rajveer says Sid is behind him and even Roshni is missing from home. Baweja asks him to relax and have a chicken lollipop. Loafer asks why did he order food from outside instead of getting it prepared by the servant. Baweja says servant went to his village and left his sister who looks like a model than a servant and does manicure, pedicure, etc. Rajveer asks him to stop his rubbish.

DD reaches home with Sid and Roshni. Yash who is already sitting there asks DD why did not she inform him about Sam missing. DD says she did not have time. Roshni gets Biji’s call who asks her to come home soon. Roshni asks if Sidharth ji came home. Biji says no. Roshni then asks Sid to hurry up as Biji is waiting. Sid jokes that he cannot digest her calling Sidharth ji and asks her to change her Shanta bai clothes, else his family will start giving her salary seeing her servant dress. Naani laughs.

King of Hearts 17 July 2019 Update On Zee World

Sid and Roshni reach home and sit for dinner. Simran yells at Roshni that Biji asked to clean the house with her, but she is missing since morning. Rajveer loafer sees servant dress popping from Roshni’s bag and tries to peep. Roshni sees him peeping and hides her dress in. Sid sees that and tells that he and Roshni will get ice cream for everyone. Roshni looks at Simran. Biji asks her to go when her husband calls and asks her not to take Simran’s permission. She leaves, while Simran angrily looks at her. Loafer thinks something is brewing between them.

Baweja tries to feed Sam khichri and soup, but she does not eat it. Sid acts as a drunkard and shouts at Baweja to come out. Baweja calls the inspector and tells Sid is threatening him. Inspector says his men are around his house and Sid cannot harm him. Security guards see sid and try to catch him. Baweja makes Sam unconscious again and hides her back in the cupboard.

While Sid continues distracting Baweja, Roshni enters Baweja’s house and tries to rescue Sam from the cupboard when Rajveer loafer comes and hits head from the back. She falls unconscious. Loafer says she came here to rescue her sister but will get killed herself. He says she told she will expose him, she does not know it is not easy to reach Rajveer Ranawat loafer. He thinks to hide Roshni’s body before the police come.

Inspector comes and asks Sid to come down. Baweja asks inspector get this Sid out, else he will lose his control. Sid asks him to relax, else he will get a heart attack. Rajveer loafer is seen dragging Roshni and Sam and taking them in an auto wearing burqa. Sid sees them going, but does not doubt. DD calls Sid and asks the status. He says Roshni did not come yet, so he will go in and bring Roshni and Sam out.

Sid goes to Baweja’s house, holds his collar and asks him to tell where Roshni is. He says he does not know who is Roshni. Sid is about hitting him when he hears DD’s voice calling Roshni.

He hears DD shouting Roshni and rushes out. He sees Roshni on floor unconscious and DD trying to wake her up. Baweja comes and says she is his madness. Roshni wakes up and asks where did he hide his sister and says she saw Sam in the cupboard, but before she could get her out, someone hit her on her head and she fell unconscious.

They all go in and see the cupboard empty. Sid holds Baweja’s collar. Baweja asks the inspector to arrest Sid. His lawyer comes with Sid’s arrest warrant. Inspector arrests him and leaves. While going out DD sees the travel agent’s envelope on the table.

King of Hearts 16 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Simran gets irked waiting for Sid and Roshni till 2 a.m. Biji asks Raj to call Sid. Raj says his phone is out of reach.

Rajveer calls Baweja and demands him to give 1 crore if he wants to marry Sam, else he will send Sam to the police station and get him arrests. Baweja gets afraid and agrees to his demands.

At the police station, Roshni asks inspector why is not helping her find Sam and helping Baweja instead. Sid says inspector is doing his job and they should do their work and takes her out. She asks if he will not find Sam. He says he will and will find some other way. DD says she saw Mukta travels envelope and should go there. Sid says they should go in the morning. Roshni says family must be waiting for them and they should rush home. They both rush home. Simran asks where had he gone instead of getting ice cream. Sid says his mobile battery got discharged and his car wheel punctured. Simran asks him not to lie. He says he is not. Biji asks him to tell if he is hiding anything. He says he is not. She asks him to go and rest.

In the room, Sid says he cannot hide things from Raj more and will have to inform. He will have to handle both families carefully. Roshni asks when will they go to Mukta travels. He says in the morning. King of Hearts 17 July 2019

Rajveer reaches home. His ugly wife Kritika vamp asks where had he been and what is he hiding. He says he went on some work and is not hiding anything. She says she is not like his ex-wife who will let him do whatever he likes and will kick him out of her house. Simran comes and asks if she saw Sid and Roshni. She says she did not see them. Loafer thinks they again are creating his problem.

Sid reaches Mukta travels office with DD and Roshni and asks the manager to tell if some old man and a young girl traveling. He says he cannot give details as per the company’s policy. Sid says policies are made by the boss and he is ordering him. Old boss calls and tells Sid is the new boss. Manager agrees. DD asks to check if a 50+-year-old man is traveling with a 25-year-old girl. Manager checks and says Mr. and Mrs. Khanna are traveling from Delhi to Malaysia after 2 days. Roshni says she is sure it is Baweja. King of Hearts 17 July 2019 Update

DD gets tensed what will they do now. Sid asks her not to worry, he will not let anything happen to Sam. He waits in the car outside lawyer’s office to follow him. DD asks if it will work. He says lawyer will go to Baweja and they will follow him. They see a lawyer walking towards the car. Sid’s car does not start. Roshni says she will get a taxi. Sid asks them to sid in the car and keeps watching what he does. He goes and sits under lawyer’s dickie. Lawyer leaves in his car. Roshni says Sid is risking his life. DD says she is sure Sid will find out Sam.

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