King of Hearts

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update - Zee World Series

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The Khuranas prepare Prishant’s house because Roshni is coming to pay them a visit. Simran says she’s tired of coming here often in traffic. and they should consider buying a 3 bedroom house in the area (Borivali). Raj says she has a good point.
Roshni arrives and tries to touch their feet but they tell her not to bother herself. Simran asks for a hug instead.

DD comes behind Roshni, looking like she wants to be somewhere else. She greets them and apologises for her behaviour the other day. Roshni tells her that she forgot something and should do it like they discussed. Raj asks Roshni why she’s doing this? He tells DD that she doesn’t have to.

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Roshni says she’s doing what she’s supposed to. She tells DD to carry on!
DD puts her hands together in prayer form and apologises. She is about to leave when Roshni reminds her to invite them to the party! DD reminisces Raj’s invitation for the Garba party and she insulting him.

She stammers and says she has organised a fancy party and she will be glad if they’ll attend, being Roshni’s in laws?

Raj says they appreciate the visit and invite and asks if she will stay for some tea? DD thanks them but says she will take a rain cheque. She tells Roshni that she will be waiting in the Car. King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update

Roshni apologises as well, but Simran says she didn’t do anything wrong and she shouldn’t have brought her Mother to apologise. Roshni says what DD did was not right, and she would have done this long back to get DD on track.

DD is by the car, crying because Roshni humiliated her in front of her in laws. She vows not to spare them and get Roshni out of their trap! King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update

Naani scolds the Servant to work properly as DD will get angry if she sees dirts on the floor of her room! Resham enters the room in traditional Japanese attire with sticks and asks how is she looking? Naani asks her not to go out as children will get afraid seeing her and their Parents will trash all of them, and asks her to wear proper clothes and come! Resham says the party has a Japanese theme.

Naani says if DD sees her, she will send her to go and live in Japan! Resham leaves the room and Naani phones Raj to invite him to the party.

He days DD and Roshni already invited them and he will come for sure. Naani apologises to him on DD’s behalf. He says there is no need to apologize. She says Roshni is lucky to have in-laws like them, and so on. They joke a little and he says he will see her at the party.

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

DD’s party starts. Her guest praises its lavishness. Raj and Simran enter the party venue. DD gets irked seeing them. Roshni greets them and takes their blessings. Sid asks her to hug him, but she does not. Simran asks Sid not to trouble her daughter. Sid says Roshni is stubborn; he has apologised a thousand times, but she won’t listen to him. Simran tells him to keep apologising.

The Clients arrive and DD walks past her in laws, and ignores their greetings and goes to receive the Clients. Roshni sees it all and she’s not happy. Simran tells Roshni not to worry about it.

The interpreter tells DD that her boss said the place is beautifully decorated and he wants to meet DD’s daughter.
DD calls Roshni and Roshni calls her in laws to come with her. Raj tells her to go alone, but Roshni insists.
Roshni walks up to them and Sid introduces her as his wife. The interpreter tells Roshni that Sid is a nice guy and they make a beautiful Couple. King of Hearts 18 May 2019

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update - Zee World Series

Roshni introduces her in laws and DD’s smile fades. Sid is not very happy that Roshni is still ignoring her Mother.
DD sees the employees that work in her store arriving and gets upset.
She asks Bablu who invited them!
Sid says DD should be happy that the staff are there because the clients think she is a progressive woman who believes in inclusiveness. He says he can send them away if she likes?
DD walks away in annoyance.

Sid addresses everyone at the party, and thanks DD for believing him. He says today, is about respect just like his relationship with his wife, Parents and Mother-in-law, and that relationships are important!
He welcomes his friend and Special Guest (Celebrity), Gurmeet Chaudhry to dance. He puts on a great performance with his backup dancers, and Gurmeet starts his performance on Mere naa to salab ja… song… while everyone enjoys his performance. King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Sid sees Bablu smiling. He tells Bablu that there are so many beautiful women to choose from at the party, so why doesn’t he find a partner for himself?
Bablu looks uncomfortable and tells Sid he will be right back.

Naani tells DD that the theme of the party is to mend relationships, so why doesn’t she put aside her differences with Roshni? DD says when Sid is out if their lives, they can all celebrate!
Naani says Sid is the best son-in-law, DD will find and the best Man for Roshni!

Sid tries to speak to Roshni, but she is still angry and ignores him. Simran suggests he lures her with his dialogues and dance. King of Hearts 18 May 2019

Sid says his life is incomplete without Roshni and thanks her for coming into his life. DD sees Roshni’s angry face and thinks she would have been happy if she had married Krish.
Sid and Roshni’s dance performance starts with the song 🎵 Badalon ko…

Roshni dances angrily. Sid climbs up and tries to jump. Roshni stops him and smiles, singing Hai Qubool Dawat-e-Ishq hai… Sid smiles and kisses her hand.

Naani thinks whenever DD tries to separate them, Sid gets even closer to Roshni and prays for their longer relationship. Sid and Roshni then dance to Tere liye hi to Signal tod taad ke… song.
Sid apologizes to her again during the song and they both hug each other happily. Roshni also apologizes to him. He jokes with her and she also jokes. She then thanks him for completing her.

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

DD sees Pratima signalling to Sid to speak to her and he going behind her and follows them. Sid gives Pratima her mangalsutra (Wedding Necklace), and wipes her tears and consoles her by hugging her.

DD is shocked to see that and senses the opportunity to separate Sid from Roshni, and thinks to inform Roshni, but the Servant comes and informs her that the Japanese guests are about to leave and they’re asking of you. She vows to reveal Sid’s true colours to Roshni soon, and leaves to meet her guests.

Naani announces to the crowd that it’s time for new relationships, and she’s always had the wish that her daughter and granddaughter will share this relationship.

King of Hearts 18 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Sid thinks to himself that Roshni and DD has to make up because this whole plan was for them.
Roshni thinks to herself that she doesn’t want to get her hopes up by dreaming because she doesn’t think the dream will come true. Follow Our FB For More Update

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