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King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update – Amol steps on the puddle of water and trips. Sid takes the ring from him and slips it on Roshni’s finger. Amol stands up and asks for the ring. Sid tells him he already put it on Roshni’s finger as he was falling. Amol is surprised as he doesn’t remember putting the ring on Roshni’s finger. Roshni slips Amol’s ring on his finger. She exchanges looks with Sid. Amol looks at both of them and gets suspicious.

Later on, Amol goes to meet Sid in the Kitchen. He grabs him by the collar and asks who sent him! He asks if he’s working for Sid? Sid is relieved he didn’t figure him out. He asks Amol who he’s talking about? Amol accuses him of putting something in his food. Sid says he didn’t do anything. Amol threatens to break all his bones if he doesn’t speak up. Sid tells him not to make any threats. Sid goes to the living room and grabs DD’s leg. He says Amol is threatening him. Amol tells DD to ask Sid what he put in his food to cause the rashes. Sid pretends to be very hurt, crying fake tears.

Amol tries to hit him but Sid grabs his hand and continues with the fake cry. He (Sid) asks why others didn’t get infected with the Chicken pox if he really put anything in the food. He says in his village, when people commit sin, the gods strike them with Chicken pox. He asks why they are suspicious of only him when Resham too could have had the opportunity to put something in the food. Resham says she didn’t do anything. Resham gets a text message. DD asks for the phone. Kesar panics.

King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update

It’s a text from Sid saying he would give her 10 000 when the job is done. DD accuses her of joining forces with Sid to cause the rashes! Resham says she didn’t do anything. Kesar pleads on her behalf. DD warns that if she tries such a thing next time, she would send her and Kesar out!
Later at night, Roshni asks Sid what they would do? Sid says they need to do something to force Amol to go and see the person at the Police headquarters again.
Next morning at breakfast, DD asks for the Cook. Gampat tells her that Sid has gone to see a guru.

Amol gets a call from Sid who disguises his voice and tells him to always be on his toes. Amol ends the call. Sid calls him back and asks what he thinks would happen to him if Roshni’s family get to know the truth about him! Amol excuses himself and goes outside. Sid tells him that he and his partner have made a wrong move. Amol asks what he wants? Sid says he wants 100 million. Sid ends the call and tells Pinto that Amol would want to have the call traced. Pinto says he will take care of it.

Roshni is on the Phone, talking to Sid about splitting the money with him. DD stops to eavesdrop. She gets upset that Roshni wants to con her own Mother!
Amol arrives at the place the call was traced to. It’s an old abandoned warehouse.
Bunny, Pinto and a third Man appear with their faces covered with masks. They beat him up. Bunty tells him that they know he has a partner and they know everything about him so he should pay the 100 million and tell his partner that they are tracking his every move! They throw him out.

Amol is back at DD’s place, treating his wounds. Sid watches him and silently vows to expose him! King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update

At night, Amol is on his way to see Yash. Sid follows him. Sid is able to enter the Prison this time around. Amol goes in to see Yash. Sid looks but he can only see Yash’s hands from where he’s standing. Yash tells Amol to call Sid’s bluff. Sid’s Phone starts ringing and he docks.
Yash tells Amol to lay low for some time and not come to see him. Amol leaves and Sid tries to see the person in the cell but the lights go off and a warden tells him to leave.
Resham enters the room where Sid the Cook stays. She plans to expose him as the person who caused Amol to have Chickenpox!

She goes through his bag and sees face glue. She wonders if his beard is fake? She goes outside with a pair of binoculars and looks around. She sees Roshni dressing Sid up. She wonders what Roshni is doing with the Cook? She still has no idea he’s Sid. She watches Roshni holding him closely and tells herself that what Roshni is doing is wrong.
Amol sees DD holding some of her property documents. He comes up with a plan to get them for himself. He goes to DD.

Sid brings her tea. Amol tells Sid to leave because he wants to be the one to serve DD today. He takes the tea and gives to DD but deliberately spills it on her sari and makes it look like an accident. He apologises and DD says it okay. DD goes inside to change. Sid looks at Amol with great suspicion. He asks if he should go and get another cup of tea? Amol tells him to go

As soon as Sid leaves, Amol opens the file and takes out the important documents then replaces them with fake ones. Amol goes to meet his Man and gives him the documents.
Everyone is at the table for dinner. Sid serves them. Resham stares at him for a long time. Roshni asks her if everything is okay? DD tells her to sit down. Resham continues to stare at Sid. She tells him to serve her rice. He tells her the bowl is right in front of her. She orders him to serve it to her! He serves her the rice but before she can touch his face, he walks away. She asks for more food and he serves her. She asks for more.

DD asks her to behave herself! Resham grabs his face and pulls off the beard. Sid has his back turned. Resham tells DD that the Cook has been deceiving them!
Sid takes off his turban and faces everyone. He tells DD to go ahead with the insults. DD calls him a disgusting human being! She asks Roshni why she keeps backing outsiders instead of her Mother? Kesar says he thinks they should hand him over to the Police. DD says it’s a good idea.

Sid tells her to go ahead and even ask Amol for the Phone number since he goes often to the Police Station. Amol says it’s a lie. DD tells Sid to leave! Sid says he’s the true owner of her house so she can’t throw him out. DD asks what he’s talking about? Sid tells Roshni to go and get some files from the cabinet in their room. Roshni brings the files. DD looks through them and asks how it is possible?

Sid has a flashback. He saw Amol taking the papers and replacing them with fake ones.
Sid tells DD that she shouldn’t have allowed a person like Amol into the house.

The flashback continues.
When Amol gives the papers to his Man; Bunty, Pinto and the third Man arrive in their masks and forcefully take the papers from him.

In the present, DD tears up the papers. Amol wonders what he will now tell Yash? Roshni tries to talk to DD but DD tells her to stop! Sid says he’s now the owner of the property and he even owns Roshni. DD asks Roshni if she raised her to behave like this! Roshni tries to talk to her but DD leaves for her room. King of Hearts 18 November 2019 Update

Sid is with Amol in his room. Amol says he can’t be intimidated. Sid beats him up and asks if he thought he would just sit back and let him ruin his family? He says it’s his family and will never be Amol’s; the Woman he’s planning to marry is his Wife and the Woman he wanted to cheat out of her money is his Mother-in-law! He says he swapped the papers and he hurt the Men Amol sent to do his dirty work so badly that they won’t be able to work for anyone again. He warns Amol to back off!

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