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King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update

King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update starts with Roshni talking to Sid on phone and asks him to be with Misha during her psychiatric treatment. Misha threatens the doctor and asks him to act as doing the treatment. Misha goes from there through the window. DD and Roshni enquire with the taxi drivers by showing Shiv’s pic. Driver tells him that he dropped him near a certain area.

Misha comes to her parents and tells them that she is engaged. She shows them pics. The goons inform her that DD enquired with the driver and coming there. DD and Roshni come there with the police. Misha slaps her mum and puts tape on her mouth. DD sees Shiv’s shirt button and gives to Police. They see the cellar and get inside. Sid sees a couple walking with a baby, and imagines his family life with Roshni and baby. He thinks if sasumom get proofs or not.

Sid hears Doctor screams and rushes inside. Doctor tells him that Misha has eloped. Misha asks the goons to hide her parents and switches off the lights. The goons elope from there. Misha is still hiding there. Roshni says I don’t think we will get any proofs here. DD says just 1 min. She tries to look through the torch light. DD asks Roshni to help her move the things. Just then Inspector shouts that they caught someone. Misha thinks it is her goon. The Inspector asks him to tell who is he? DD asks him to tell about Shiv’s killer.

King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Sid gets angry at the hospital staff for their careless behavior. He then calls Raj and tells him that Misha went missing because of the hospital’s carelessness. The Inspector beats the goon. DD asks him to tell about the killer and his relation with the killer. Misha warns him to stay silent. Mad Misha gets doctor’s call, and she tells that she is coming. Sid insists to see CCTV footage. The hospital staff says that they don’t have. Ward boy comes and informs him that they got Misha. Misha is seen hiding in the cupboard.

DD tells that she can’t be at peace until she catches the criminal. Roshni gets Sid’s criminal, and she informs her. Sid says they shall use sniffer dogs and should search secretly. Roshni says she will share this thought with mum. She says we will meet tomorrow. Sid says not at home, as I don’t like Misha’s behavior towards you. Roshni says Misha didn’t know what she is doing and you shall support her. Sid says I want your support. You are my life, everything and I love you. He tells good night and feels bad. Roshni gets emotional and says I love you after disconnecting the call.

Other goon calls Misha and asks her to do something else they will be caught. Misha thinks what to do to divert their attention. Misha hears Krutika talking to her friend and says she will soon leave the house with lots of money. She can’t bear her family anymore. Misha thinks Krutika wants to leave the house, and I should help her. I will send her to Jail, and thinks to play wise game so that no one will know the truth.

Sam comes to DD’s house. DD says it is your house too. Mona says she will talk to Sam as it is not good to come home after a fight at her house. DD says she can’t see her daughter’s house break and will talk to Sam. King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Krutika talks to someone and hopes she will get a good house soon. Misha hears her and says happy hunting Krutika. Roshni comes to Sid’s house to meet him. Misha sees her and pushes her intentionally making her fall on wall. She insists to shave Sid’s beard. Sid says it is not needed and asks her to trust him. She looks evilly and asks Roshni to stand with a towel in her hand. Sid says it is enough and tries to go. Misha hugs him and says she will fulfill all the duties of a wife and love him. Roshni tries to leave, but Sid holds her hand. Mere Rubaru plays…………..

Misha continues to hug him. Sid gets teary eyed. Roshni leaves from the room.
DD comes to talk to Sam. Sam says she don’t want to hear anything about Yash. DD says this house is mine and you have to hear me else you can go. She sits beside her and says you are a fighter. Today you left your home and husband, just because you couldn’t handle the kids. She says at one side is Roshni, who is sacrificing for Sid, and other side is you, who had fought with Yash, who has supported you during toughest time. Sam agrees. DD blesses her.

Krutika talks to the house dealer and thinks she will have her own house soon. DD comes to the Police station and sees the goons. Inspector says he didn’t open his mouth about the murderer. DD hurts him on the wound and asks him to name the murderer. The goon lie to her saying he didn’t know the name and she will be coming to give him money soon.

In the night, DD cries while Roshni consoles her. She says she will accompany her in her endeavor to catch the culprit. DD gets weak and cries. Roshni says she will remember the moments spent with Dad, and says she wants to sleep with her tonight. DD agrees.

Next morning DD, Roshni wait for the criminal to arrive, with the Police. Sid says he came for his friend and has phone of the killer. He says he knows how to fulfill the relations. The Inspector asks them to hide and says some girl is coming here. They see Krutika coming. Sid calls her and she says she came with the money. DD comes infront of her and slaps her hard. Krutika asks Sid to explain to DD not to mess with her. The Inspector tells that you have killed Shiv Patel and tells that she is under arrest. Krutika is shocked and looks on cluelessly.

Krutika says it is a lie and is not possible. What proof do you have? Roshni asks her to shut up and says I thought you have changed for good. I can’t think that you can murder my papa. DD says why did you come to the hospital, to steal the earrings. She says you will be punished and no one can do anything. Krutika asks do you have any proof. The Inspector brings the goon and asks him to identify the girl.

King of Hearts 19 August 2019 Update ends when the goon tells that she is the one who did kidnapped Shiv and later murdered Shiv. Krutika says he is lying and says she will never ever murder anyone. She says she hates Roshni, but can’t think of murdering her Dad. DD asks her to shut up. The Police arrest and take Krutika with her. Sid stands in shock. DD asks Roshni to come with her. Sid and Roshni look at each other helplessly.

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