King of Hearts

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD sees Roshni sad and singing Chanda mere Chanda… song for her and dancing with her. Roshni smiles emotionally. DD gives her sticks. She accepts it and starts crying vigorously. DD wipes her tears. Roshni then realizes that it is just her imagination and thinks her imagination cannot be real at all.

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD thinks she has to get Sid’s reality in front of her and get her separated from him!
Balika Vadhu’s actresses perform to the song, Aja nachle… song. Everyone claps for them. The Japanese interpretor, congratulates DD for locking the deal and tries to walk out. DD asks her to stay to watch one more performance.

Sid introduces Ashi Negi and Sargun Mehta and announces their performance. Ashi performs to nimbuda nimbuda… song, while Sargun performs to Nagade dhol baaje… song… Everyone claps 👏 after their performance. They both then perform tp Dola re dola… song.  Once again, all the guests clap for them.

Sid then praises DD for arranging this lavish party and prays for her prosperous business and asks the guests to continue enjoying. The Japanese people thank DD and leave.

King of Hearts 19 May 2019

DD thinks Roshni doesn’t know Sid’s betrayal as She’s enjoying his company, but she is with her daughter in this tougher times!

Sid in the Norning while getting ready is engrasped in thoughts. Roshni wakes him up and asks whose thoughts he is engrasped in? He starts pampering her and says he will leave for office now. Roshni says he used to be so eager to see her, but now, he can’t wait to rush off.

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Sid says he has to go. He leaves for work. Roshni tells herself that he’s behaving so strangely.

At work, Pratima is behind the counter. She admires one of the rings and Sid sees her. He approaches her and says it’s a fabulous choice and it will suit her. She says she was just looking at it. He tells her to try it on.
He wants to put it on her, but she says what if someone sees them? He tells her never to suppress her wishes.

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD watches everything from her cabin. Kesar comes to give DD feedback about the factory. DD calls everyone to a meeting. She says they all worked hard, and they will get 50% discount on the pieces they have in the shop, to celebrate the diwali festival! Everyone happily claps 👏.

Sid thinks how come she changed so suddenly? Sid tells Pratima that he has to make a phone call, and he will buy the ring for her.
DD asks Kesar to make a bill of what employees buy and promises him to give him his selected jewelry free if he does it! He gets outside and says he wonders why DD is doing this! He concludes that Sid is about to get into trouble again.

Sid buys the ring for Pratima and she asks if he won’t buy something for Roshni? He decides to get one which is still within his budget (A Cheap Band). He picks another ring and she says she doesn’t mind that type. He says she likes the other one and he will get it for her.

King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD is furious that Sid bought a cheap ring for his wife, and an expensive one for Pratima! She says he won’t have any excuses this time, and he won’t get away with it as her daughter has been married to the loser for far too long!

Resham informs Naani and Roshni that DD said all workers could get something for a discount at the store!
She shows them what Kesar got for her! Roshni asks if other employees also got stuff? Resham says she heard Sid got Roshni a diamond ring.

Roshni is shocked! Naani tells Resham that she just ruined the surprise Sid must have been planning for Roshni. Roshni says she will pretend she doesn’t know anything😊.
Naani prays to God to keep Roshni happy like this forever. King of Hearts 19 May 2019

Roshni is dressed in a red dress, waiting for Sid’s return. Sid gets home and she rushes to him. Sid says she’s been acting like a girlfriend since Morning. Roshni says she knows she’s his wife and doesn’t have to act.

She asks if anything special happened today at work? Sid says nothing happened. He says he wants to go and freshen up, so they can go to dinner. When he leaves the room, Roshni checks his bag and sees the rings. She decides the expensive one must be for her and the other for his Mother.

Sid comes back into the room and gets upset that she checked his bag!
Roshni asks him why he bought 2 rings! He says one is for her and the other is for a client. She asks why he brought it home?


Sid lies that the Client wanted it altered and so he brought it home to alter it in the morning. He thinks if Pratima had taken it home, he wouldn’t have lied, and thinks she goes in train, so she left it with him. He sees Roshni looking at Pratima’s ring and says he cannot buy her that precious ring. She says she liked her plain ring and thanks him for his gift. King of Hearts 19 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD is eavesdropping on them.
Roshni tells Sid that it’s okay, she likes the simple ring more because she knows he went out of his way to get it for her. She tells him to put it on her. He slips the ring on her finger and kisses it.
DD tells herself that Men will never change; Sid is trying to please both his Wife and his Girlfriend!


Next day, Roshni and Naani comes to visit Sid at work. Naani says it’s time for them to go. Kesar tells Naani that she needs to sign some papers.
She follows Kesar out and Roshni turns to see Sid has also disappeared.

Sid is alone with Pratima in a different room. Pratima says she’s worried that someone will find out, but Sid assures her that no one will find out about anything.
Roshni sees them and sees Sid holding Pratima’s hand.
Naani calls her and she sadly goes back into the other room.

Kesar says he wants Roshni’s opinion on a new line of jewelry. Naani says she wants to buy something too.
They go into the showroom and Kesar tells Pratima to show Roshni the newest designs! Pratima raises the earrings up and Roshni sees the expensive ring Sid lied was for a Client, on Pratima’s finger.

Kesar is happy that Roshni has seen the ring. Kesar says he likes Pratima’s ring and he hasn’t seen any receipt for it in her name, so how did she get it?
Pratima stammers and Roshni says she has something to do! She takes Sid by the arm and says he should come with her!
Kesar and DD are happy that their plan worked out.


Sid asks Roshni to tell him what’s going on? Roshni asks him to tell her nothing, but the truth! She asks where is the diamond ring he was supposed to deliver to a Client?

Sid asks what ring? Roshni says he never bought that ring for a Client, but for that girl! She says she saw him talking with her earlier, and when Kesar asked her about the ring, she couldn’t answer! She says she’s scared because she has heard about extra marital affairs and she needs to know the truth!

Sid says she has already formed an opinion of him, and what he says doesn’t matter because she thinks he’s a flirt and he really can’t say anything. Roshni says she saw her wearing the ring💍!

Sid asks if that’s the only ring in that design? He asks if same design is not available in the whole world, if she is the only Roshni, and he is the only Sid, and asks her to stop doubting him.

He gives her a number to call and tells her to ask his Client if he has delivered the ring to him or not, and if that’s not good enough, she can also go to the address and ask! Roshni hugs Siddarth and says she unncessarily doubted him and apologises. King of Hearts 19 May 2019

DD is watching and disgusted. She decides to come up with another opportunity to make Roshni see who Sid really is!

Resham sees Roshni sad and asks her about it? She says she wants to buy diwali gifts for her NGO kids. Resham shows her’s application and says she can buy gifts from it. Roshni asks what if the clothes doesn’t fit and what if she doesn’t like the gifts? Resham says they have a hassle-free return policy. Roshni happily buys gifts from

King of Hearts 19 May 2019

Roshni gives the gifts to her NGO kids who likes them and ask where did she buy them from? She says she bought them from snapdeal and will buy gift from that site from here on!

Sid gets home and there are Sarees scattered all over their room. He jokes what will she do if he drowns in the saris? She asks him to stop joking and that in 3 day’s time, it is Karvachauth (The day of Prayer that wives make for their husbands) and it will be her first time, and Simran asked her to wear a red Sari. Sid asks why she brought out so many Sarees then?

Roshni says it’s in case the one she wears tears. She complains she can’t even drape a Saree. Sid says he can drape a Saree. He slowly drapes the Saree around her, looking at her romantically. Ang lagade re… song plays in the background. She gets shy.


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