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King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series- Sid disguised as Nurse Jyoti, tells Shabnam that he doesn’t know what they have told her but when he likes a family, they can’t fire her easily. Premal is happy the Nurse will stay. Sid tells Shabnam that he will be giving her orange juice every Morning to calm her blood pressure and he was worried she would be leaving soon.

She asks where she’s going? He says she would be going to heaven and he’s looking out for her. Shabnam tells him to shut up! Premal tells him he’s awesome. He tells Shabnam that the Nurse is an experienced caretaker and shouldn’t be fired.

Bansi enters the room and asks Sid for his name. He says his name is Jyoti. She tells him she would let him stay if she likes him. She looks at his palm and says it doesn’t look like he has cooked before. She orders him to go and prepare food for everyone! Sid/Jyoti says she looks familiar, like an animal that used to play with garbage outside his house, a pig. Bansi is furious. Sid leaves for the Kitchen.

Premal tells his Mother that the caretaker is awesome. Sid enters the Kitchen and wonders what to do since he can’t cook? He looks out of the window and wonders how the food can be delivered if he orders takeout since DD lives on the 24th floor? DD is watching him as he takes out his phone.

Shabnam is with Roshni in her room, trying to brainwash her about Sid by telling her that Kunal took care of her and Sid was a very bad man to her! She suggests that Roshni goes to Kunal and tells him how much she loves him. DD and Roshni’s Grandmother is watching helplessly from the doorway. Shabnam tells Roshni that she would dress her as a bride.

King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raj arrives in DD’s compound and calls Sid on the Phone. He puts the takeaway packs in a bag and attaches the bag to a kite. He controls the kite with remote control and it flies upwards. Sid sees Kunal going outside from the window and alerts his father. Raj hides.

Kunal asks Kesar why he’s showing him Company accounts of last year? Kesar says he will show the current accounts but only if DD gives him the order. Shakun comes outside to tell Kunal that he has a Phone call to take. They all head back into the house. Sid receives the takeaway packs and thanks his Dad.

Everyone sits to eat the food Sid served. Kunal takes Roshni to the table and tells her to eat. Sid/Jyoti the Nurse says he would feed her. DD and Grandmother are standing aside and watching. He serves Roshni some food on her plate and tells her to eat. Premal says Roshni’s face lit up since the Nurse came to the house.

Sid is on the Phone complaining to his Dad that the hardest part is talking in a Woman’s voice. DD comes to him and says she recognises him so it’s likely the others would do also. Sid assures her that the others wouldn’t recognise him. She asks why he didn’t come disguised as a Man? Sid says Kunal would not allow another Man go near Roshni. She tells him how Shabnam is trying to brainwash Roshni so Kunal can get close to her. He says it’s time for him to take control and keep Kunal away. He tells her to keep his identity a secret. She agrees and leaves him.

At night, Roshni is now dressed like a bride. Shabnam tells her she looks beautiful. Sid enters and asks where Mr. Pancake is? Kunal walks into the room and says his name is Kunal. Sid tells him he’s Mr. Pancake. He ties a bracelet made of flowers on Kunal’s wrist. Bansi tells Kunal to take care of Roshni. They leave the room.

DD asks Sid why he’s leaving Roshni alone with Kunal? Sid gestures for her to calm down. Kunal smells the flowers on his wrist then goes to Roshni. He starts sneezing uncontrollably. Everyone returns to the room. Sid asks Kunal why he’s staying close to Roshni when he’s sneezing, knowing she’s not well herself? He tells him to stay away from Roshni for at least 3 days.

At night, Roshni is sleeping in bed. Sid crawls in through the Window, without the disguise. He kisses her on the forehead and she wakes up. She screams and yells for Bansi! Sid runs out the same way he came. Bansi and the entire household enter the room. Roshni tells them that a Man came and wanted to kiss her. They take her away from the room. King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

In the living room, Sid appears in Jyoti’s old woman’s disguise and says he tried to catch the Man who came to Roshni but the man pushed him and ran away. He tells Kunal to go and look for the Man. Kunal leaves.
Bansi asks Sid/Jyoti how he has so energetic at such an old age? Sid says it’s due to a lot of consumption of sweet lime. He tells Roshni to come and have some rest. He takes her to her room.

Shabnam is with Bansi and Kunal in their room. She says she can’t believe that even with all their security, Sid still manages to get into the house; they have to ensure Roshni doesn’t get her memory back and Sid doesn’t know they were the ones responsible for Roshni’s memory loss.
DD overhears them. Shabnam suspects someone is listening so she goes out to check. DD hides. She tells herself that she has to let Sid know that Roshni didn’t lose her memory just like that but Shabnam and Bansi’s family are responsible!

Roshni is lying in bed and Sid/Jyoti the Caretaker is sitting with her. He tells her to speak about what is bothering her, stroking her hair. Roshni is quiet. Sid/Jyoti says he would go. Roshni begs him not to go because she likes to be around him. He says there must be a connection between Roshni and the Man who risked his life to come and see her. He tells her to try and remember. Roshni is almost in tears as she says she doesn’t remember anything. He tells her it’s okay and urges her to go to sleep. He vows in his heart that they would all pay for what they have done to Roshni!

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DD and Roshni’s Grandmother are in a Neurologist’s Office. He tells them to bring Roshni to him so he can determine what’s wrong. DD says she’s like a Prisoner so they can’t bring her.

Sid is at his Parents’ place, looking at some items on the bed. He is dressed as Jyoti. His ad asks what the items are? Sid says they are things that are part of the memories he and Roshni shared and he intends to recreate scenes related to each item so that Roshni can regain her memory. Raj teases him about his red lips. Simran gives him the lunch to take and present to Bansi’s family as the meal he made. She says she feels like making the food spicy for Bansi’s family and Shabnam! Sid vows to make Shabnam suffer!

The doorbell rings and Simran answers. It’s Shabnam. Shabnam says she has come because Sid won’t leave Roshni alone! Simran speaks loudly so that Sid can hear her. She asks how she can still come to the house after all she has done! Shabnam enters the house and starts checking the rooms.

Raj threatens to call the Police. Shabnam says she will tell them that Sid kidnapped Roshni. Raj says Roshni is Sid’s Wife. Shabnam says she is Kunal’s Wife. She opens the door to the room Sid is hiding. Raj drags her away and her Sari tears around the shoulder in the process. Shabnam threatens to call the Police! Simran tells her to make the call and she will tell them that Shabnam is the one who barged into the house and in her process of trying to stop her, her dress tore! Shabnam leaves.

Simran and Raj enter the room to meet Sid. He says he almost had a heart attack and thanks them for helping. Simran tells him to be careful. King of Hearts 19 October 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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