King of Hearts

King of Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Sid telling his plan to Raj and says he is confident he will succeed. Kritika and Simran discuss that they exchanged file on time, else Biji would have caught them red-handed during their ugly act. Sid brings his aunt to DD’s house and tells her aunt is from Hong Kong and wants to buy jewelry, so he brought it here. DD says she came to the right place and shows her same samples.

She sees Shiv and asks if he is DD’s husband. He says no and he is her guest. She says he is very handsome and starts praising her. DD gets jealous. She asks him to help her wear a necklace. DD asks Sid to do it, but he says he is busy. Shiv fixes necklace going very closer to aunt. DD gets more jealous. Aunt asks DD to get more designs.

DD says she will send catalog to her home via Sid. Aunt asks Shiv to help remove the necklace, which he does. DD gets more jealous and fumes over Yash. She wants her room and thinks why is she feeling jealous when Shiv is not her husband now. Shiv hears that and tells Sid that DD still loves him and called her husband. Sid says Sasuma does love him a lot.

Naani wakes up in the morning and is surprised to see Shiv praying in her room in front of the idol. She asks what is he doing. He says someone told she has the best idol in-home, so he is praying here and gives her prasad. She says she will not have prasad before bath. He keeps prasad near temple and leaves. Naani reminisces old incident where Shiv does not believe in god and tries to eat prasad without prayer and thinks he must be fine and is acting as losing memory, so she will have to find out. King of Hearts 2 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Biji starts scratching all over her body. Doc comes and tells she has an allergy, so she has to change the city. Dumb Simran smirks and ugly Kritika tells even her friend had the same problem and when she changed the city, she got well. Raj asks Biji to go back to her village for some days. She says she will not, but agrees on Sid and Simran’s insistence. Kritika tells she poured allergy powder in Biji’s towel to send her away and had to do it to send Biji out of this house.

Sam checks honeymoon destinations and shows it to Yash. Yash says they cannot go as Roshni’s life is unstable. She says how are their lives connected to it. He insists and leaves. She fumes in anger.

Naani tries to sell Shiv and DD’s marriage and younger days’ pics and tells Mona that she does not want anything related to past at home. Shiv comes and picks pics back and says he cannot sell his memories like this. Naani sees that and slaps him.

King of Hearts 1st August 2019 Update On Zee World

Naani comes to know that shiv is well and asks Shiv to get out of the house. Shiv says though he always troubled DD whole life, he loves her a lot and will leave home forever after seeing her in the evening once she comes back. Naani says she does not want to see his face again after evening.

Simran packs Biji’s bag and sees her off. Roshni enters and says Biji does not have to go anywhere as Biji got an allergic reaction. She shows allergic leaves and says she found it near tulsi plant and on Biji’s towel. Biji looks at ugly Kritika and tells she is lucky to have Roshni as her caretaker. Once they all go in, Roshni stops ugly Kritika and says she knows she did this and asks her to mend her ways before it is too late. Ugly ignores her and leaves.

Sid sees that and thinks Roshni is a perfect wife for him. Kesar comes home alone and says DD stayed at the office today. Naani calls her and hears sounds. DD tells some political leader is murdered, so his men are breaking all shops. Shiv says he will not let anything happen to his Durga until he is alive and goes alone.

Roshni on the other side gets a call from Mona. She informs Sid who says she will go there right now. She says she cannot send him alone and goes with her. Simran makes her dumb and weird faces and says this boy has gone mad.

Sid reaches riot area and asks the inspector to let him in as his mother-in-law is stuck in her shop. Inspector does not let her in. Sid calls commissioner and seeks his help, but he disconnects his call. Inspector says it is a sensitive issue and nobody wants to take the risk.

  • Zee World Update: King of Hearts 2 August 2019

Naani shouts at Mona and Kesar that their brother love brought Shiv back here and he is acting as if he is a hero and will save heroine/DD (…joke…) on his horse. Kesar taunts that Bhaiya has gone mad to risk his life. Mona asks him to shut up. Naani scolds her.

DD gets afraid of seeing stone-pelting in her office and goons all around. She hears goons talking that a light is on and they should kill the person in, so she switches off light and hides under the table. Shiv enters and walks towards her cabin. She thinks him as a goon and holds fire extinguisher to hit him.

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