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King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with DD looking for Roshni but she’s not in her room. She tries to call her but her phone is switched off. She wonders where did she go? Roshni is in Sid’s Car. She tells him that if he feels Kritika is telling the truth, then she would stand by him.

Sid thanks her. They arrive at the place Kritika told Sid that she had gone on the day of the engagement to tie a cloth for Rajveer. Roshni sees a note that Kritika wrote to Rajveer and tells Sid that she wasn’t lying.
Sid reads the note and asks Roshni if she now believes him?

He says they need to be able to prove Kritika’s innocence and they can’t tell anyone yet, especially not DD.
Roshni returns home and DD asks where did she go? She says I did a mistake by asking you that. She asks if she went to see Sid and asks why she’s meeting her father’s murderers? Roshni is not able to say what she is up to.
She tells DD that she doesn’t understand. DD says she’s scared Roshni will be so involved with Sid’s family that she won’t be able to return to hers! Roshni gets emotional.

Next morning, Sam and Yash are at breakfast. The kids join them and say they don’t want to have to toast but they want pizza. Yash tells the help to make it for them.
The help tells him that Sam has told her never to change the Children meals.
Sam reminds Yash that he said she should take them as her own kids, so they can’t have pizza (junks generally) because it’s unhealthy. The kids storm off the table. Yash says they are kids. Sam asks him to calm down and let her handle the kids.

The Ceremony is being held for Shiv at DD’s place. Raj, Simran and Grandmother Khuranna arrive.
DD folds her hands and tells them to leave! Roshni tells DD to calm down.
Raj says they just came to pay their respect. Kesar gives DD the Phone saying her lawyer wants to speak with her because Sid is gathering evidence to prove Kritika’s innocence.

King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD accuses Raj and his family of pretending to pay their last respect when their Son is just trying to prove Kritika’s innocence!
Simran says they are not aware.
DD says she is going to the Station.
Her Mother tells her not to leave the Ceremony.
DD says Shiv’s soul will rest in peace when he gets justice! Simran and Raj also go there.
Sid and the Inspector watch a footage of Kritika with the housing agent fixing an appointment to meet the next day so she can pay him.
The Inspector tells Sid that he now believes Kritika is innocent. Sid says but we have to collect more concrete proofs.
DD and Roshni arrive at the Station.
DD gives Sid a slap and asks Rosnni if she remembers when Sid said Shiv was his friend but now he’s collecting evidence to free his Sister!
Roshni says he does have evidence. King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD gets angry and says she will forget that Roshni is her daughter. She tells Roshni to decide between Sid and her!
Roshni looks at Sid who has tears running down his face and takes his hand in hers, thus choosing him.
DD gets shattered and shocked and couldn’t believe that her own daughter could go against her. She now has tears running down her face.
She wipes them and tells Roshni that things between them have ended!
Sid’s Parents arrive.
Roshni begs DD and tells her that Sid is not wrong. DD says I got my answer and our relation has ended! Roshni goes after her and says please no… DD says Roshni has proven that Sid means more to her and she has betrayed her big time!
DD leaves the Station and Roshni breaks down and says she has to talk to her Mom.
Simran tells her Mother-in-law that she is paying for what she did to Sid and Roshni. She blames herself for calling Misha on Krutika’s insistence.
Her Mother-in-law tells her not to blame herself and says Sid and Roshni will be together.
DD gets home and packs up Roshni’s suitcase. Everyone is shocked.
Roshni gets home and DD throws the suitcase at her, saying anyone who would help Shiv’s killer cannot live in the house anymore!
Roshni says she is not doing anything wrong but she’s supporting the truth because she has evidence.
DD tells her to leave when she’s ready!
Grandmother tells Roshni not to go.
Roshni picks up the suitcase and looks at DD before leaving the house. Mona and Grandmother try to stop her from leaving.
DD goes to her room. Grandmother breaks down and asks what is happening in the house?
Roshni comes to Sid’s house with her luggage. Sid opens the door and sees her. Sid and his Parents receive her. They asks her what happened?
Roshni says DD is not ready to listen to her. Roshni asks if she can stay here?
Simran says she made a mistake before and won’t repeat it again.
She tells Roshni she may come and go as she pleases, as it is her house.
Misha is watching them. She looks on angrily.
Sid says it is strange that Mother and daughter’s relationship is at stake because of him. He promises Roshni that he will make everything right.
He hugs her.

Zee World: King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update

Misha gets jealous and thinks how dare she come to her home, and touches her Sid. She vows to treat Roshni so bad, she will regret coming and will want to leave the house!
Roshni is in the room remembering her Mother’s harsh words and gets sad.
Sid brings her food and tells her to smile. He says it is enough of sadness in their life. She tries to smile and he says it always works like magic. He makes her sit so he can feed her.

Misha enters the room and knocks over the plate of food from Sid’s hand.
She tells Sid that he can’t feed her helper not with his hand! Sid asks her to stop it and says he was about to bring her own food for her also. He asks her to learn behaviour first!
Sid gets more stern with her and says Roshni is not her helper and she should go to her room!
He practically throws her out.

Roshni tells Sid that he shouldn’t have done that. She tells him to take it easy.
Sid says he can’t bear her insult and says Misha always ill treats her!
Sid says they have made too many sacrifices and he’s tired of it; each time he tries to get close to Roshni, Misha comes in to separate them and he won’t allow it anymore!
He goes to get another food for her.
DD’s lawyer informs her that Kritika will be able to make bail unless they get more evidence against her.
DD says they will need to find evidence.

In court, the Judge is about to grant Kritika bail but DD walks in and says she has new evidence against Kritika.
Her lawyer gives the Judge the second earring and says it matches the one found on Shiv’e body.
Kritika says she has never seen it before.
The Judge checks the other earring and cancels the bail plea. He says her bail is denied!
Sid and his family are disappointed.

Kritika tells Sid that the earring is not hers. She asks Sid to believe her and says this proof is false!
DD tells Sid that it looks like his Sister will rot in jail. She says she won’t let Krutika go free so easily, as She’s determined to get her husband’s murderer punished! Sid looks on.
Sid and his family go to see Kritika at the Station.

Kritika says she didn’t do it and if she did, she would have destroyed the evidence. She apologizes to Roshni for all she has done to her. They take her away. Sid says Krutika is right, as the killer will never keep the proofs with them.
He tells Roshni that if Kritika really did it, she wouldn’t have kept the evidence.
He asks, how DD got the evidence? Roshni says she knows who can tell them. Roshni is at Yash’s place.

Yash tells Roshni that DD got an anonymous letter with the earring inside.
Roshni says they need to find who sent it and tried to frame Kritika.
Yash hugs her and asks her not to worry. He assures her that they will soon find the murderer, as he will try to find proofs. Sam enters the room clapping.

She says Yash was supporting DD and now supporting DD’s enemy, Roshni.
She says he is always there for Roshni and doesn’t hesitate to help her.
Roshni tells Sam she came to see Yash because he’s her friend.
Sam says she knows Yash has a soft spot for Roshni and now that Sid is with Misha, she wants to get back with Yash.
Yash raises his hand to slap her but Roshni stops him, saying Sam is her Sister. Yash says she should understand that you are her Sister! King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sam says she knows who Yash will choose between her and Roshni if given the choice, as he’ll choose Rishni over her! Yash gets angry. She walks out.
Yash apologizes to Roshni. Roshni appreciates Yash for supporting DD and leaves.
Sid’s Grandmother tells a security guard to always ensure Roshni is safe and to always keep the door and the windows closed whenever Roshni is at home.
Misha overhears them and decides she will instigate DD against Sid so that Roshni will be affected!
Kesar, DD and the lawyer are in a Car, driving home.
Someone throws a stone in front of the Car.
They stop and DD picks up the stone which is covered in paper.
She reads the note and tells Kesar that they have to go to Sid’s house!
Simran apologizes to Roshni and tells her that they haven’t welcomed her properly.
She gives her a hug.
DD enters saying Roshni already found herself a new Mother… So fast and says it is said that no one can take a Mum’s place.

She says someone sent this message.
She gives Sid the note and Sid reads it aloud.
The note says “Roshni is not safe in the Khurana’s house and DD needs to take her far away from there.”
Raj tells DD that Roshni is like a daughter to them and no harm will come to her. DD says Shiv was her father!
Sid asks DD to believe him and tells her that Roshni means the world to him and he won’t allow anything happen to her.

Misha is hiding and watching them. She thinks DD should take Roshni and leave from here!
DD calls in 2 men and tells Roshni that they are her bodyguards and they will protect her!
Sid’s Grandmother asks if they would also live in the house?
DD says she’s not ready to take Roshni back home but she’s worried about her as a Mum and tells her to take care.
She leaves with Kesar. King of Hearts 20 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Misha is upset that her plan has been ruined by DD and thinks to do something else!

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