King of Hearts 20 November 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 20 November 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 20 November 2019 Zee World Update – Sid is driving and Roshni is with him. He tells Roshni that he is dropping her off at his Parents’ place. Roshni says she has to go to her Mum and be sure she’s okay. She asks for his Phone so she can call.

DD sees the call and wonders how Sid escaped from Prison. She ends the call without answering. Roshni tells Sid that something is not right. Yash finds DD in the house. He tells her that they have to leave as it’s not safe. DD asks why they have to leave when it’s her house? Yash says Sid escaped from Prison. DD says he tried to call her but she didn’t answer. Yash says he found out where Roshni is.

DD is relieved. Yash says they have to leave. He pulls her and as they move, she accidentally hits her leg under a table and slams her head on the same table, causing her to pass out. Yash carries her out of the house.
Resham see them outside and asks Yash where he’s taking DD? Yash pushes her out of the way. Resham yells for help! Raj and the Commandos rush out but it’s too late as Yash has put her in the Car and driven off.

#King of Hearts 20 November 2019 Zee World Update

Sid and Roshni are back home. Resham tells them what Yash did to DD. Roshni and Sid are about to rush out to look for her. Yash walks in and tells them that there’s no need to leave the house as he has come to them. He reminds Sid that he said he had 24 hours and now, there is just 10 hours left. Sid grabs him by the Collar. Yash turns on the TV. They see DD tied to a rope and dangling from the ceiling of a warehouse.

Yash tells them that it’s a live video. Roshni pleads with him to let DD go. Sid looks on helplessly. DD screams out Sid’s name. She begs him to forgive her! Roshni tells Sid that DD has regained her memory. Sid hits Yash and asks where he’s keeping DD! Yash says if he wants DD, then he should allow him get married to Roshni.
DD says she’s so sorry because she remembers everything.

She asks for Roshni’s forgiveness as well. She has no idea that they are watching her. Roshni touches the screen and says she’s also sorry she couldn’t save DD from the monster. She begs Yash to let DD go. Yash says the game has just begun. He goes to Sid and says by the time the night is over, all of their lives will be destroyed; Sid and his entire family will feel the pain of having everything fall apart, just as they did to him! Sid has tears in his eyes. Yash makes fun of him then gives him a slap. Sid begs him to let DD go.

Yash says Sid has to do exactly what he says! He calls Sid and Roshni to the dining. They sit and Yash holds Roshni’s hand. Sid pulls the hand away. Yash tells Sid to put Roshni’s shawl over her head like a wedding veil. Sid obeys. Yash tells them that it’s the last time they will see each other as husband and wife because Roshni becomes his tomorrow!

Resham who has been watching silently, sneaks her Phone out and tries to make a call. Yash throws a knife at her. He grabs her by the hair and asks for the Phone. She gives it to him. He asks Sid for his Phone as well.
Kesar is with Simran in her house. He tells her what’s happening. Simran sends some Commandoes to go and help.
It’s morning. Yash’s thugs bring a Priest to the house.

Roshni whispers to Sid to go and save her Mother. Yash orders Roshni to go and get dressed! He tells the thugs to lock Sid up in a room and watch him! The Men take Sid to a room with his hands tied behind his back. One of the Men tells his partner to leave him alone with Sid. As soon as they are alone, Sid kicks the thug and knocks him unconcious and manages to untie his hands. King of Hearts 20 November 2019

Yash orders his Men to go and bring Amol! Sid gets outside and hides underneath a vehicle. Yash’s thugs enter the Vehicle and drive off. Resham tells Roshni that she needs to get ready for the Ceremony as Yash instructed. Roshni begs Resham to take her place and hide her head under a veil because she wants to go and look for DD.

Resham says she doesn’t want to marry Yash. Roshni tells her she wouldn’t really be marrying him because she would try and be back before then but if she’s not, Resham can reveal her face so that Yash will stop the wedding. She says she just needs time to go and rescue DD. Resham agrees to do it for DD.

Sid is at the Warehouse. Amol is with the thugs. Sid kicks something on the floor by accident. Amol and the thugs hear the noise. They go to check but they see a cat.

#King of Hearts 20 November 2019 Zee World Update

Roshni is about to escape through the window. The thugs knock on the door and she sits back down. Resham opens the door and tells them that Roshni is not ready yet.
Amol arrives at DD’s place. The Priest already lit the holy fire. Yash takes DD’s photos and burns them in the holy fire.

He tells Amol to bring Roshni. Roshni is climbing out through the window. Amol knocks on the door. Resham tells Roshni to hurry off. Resham is dressed in Roshni’s clothes and covers her head with a veil. Amol asks where her Aunt is? Resham doesn’t respond.

The thugs at the Warehouse are laughing at DD as she hangs from the ceiling with a drum of acid placed on the floor below her. Sid sees her.The rope starts to lower. DD cries out and the Men laugh harder. The rope suddenly pulls back up. The Men start choking from smoke. They wonder where it’s coming from? They decide to escape and leave DD to die! Sid was the one who lit a fire. As the smoke gets thicker, the remaining thugs can no longer see their way. Sid runs to DD and gets her down.
The Priest has begun the Ceremony.

Resham is happy she fooled Yash. The Priest asks them to hold hands. Yash recognises Resham’s nail polish. He takes off her veil and goes ballistic when he sees her. He asks where Sid is! The  thug who was with Sid says Sid knocked him unconscious. Amol gets a call from the Warehouse. He tells Yash that Sid escaped with DD.
Roshni is running on the streets, wondering where to find DD. Yash orders his Men to go and find her!

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