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King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update – Zee World – Bansi is in the Kitchen with Roshni, teaching her how to make food for Kunal. Roshni says she must have cooked for Kunal before, so how come she has forgotten? Bansi lies that Roshni used to cook for Kunal but after an accident, she lost her memory. Roshni says she can’t remember anything.

Sid/Jyoti walks in and tells Roshni not to worry. Bansi asks what he means? Sid says the way Bansi is teaching her, Roshni will learn fast. Roshni puts the food on the fire.
Shabnam enters the Kitchen in a fury. She vow to teach the Khuranas a lesson! Bansi tells Roshni to turn the stove off when she hears the whistle. She takes Shabnam away to ask what happened.

The Pressure Cooker whistles. Roshni turns the stove off and leaves the Kitchen. Sid goes back to turn it on.
Sid is with DD in her room. She tells him that the Doctor says the only way he can prescribe a drug is if Roshni is brought in. Sid says he has a plan.

Shakun is in the Kitchen, crying. She had opened the Pressure cooker and the food exploded all over the Kitchen and her body. Roshni insists she turned off the stove. Bansi grabs her hair and asks if she didn’t warn her! DD tells her to leave Roshni alone!

King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid enters and asks why Roshni is being stressed when she’s still unwell and forgets things? He suggests they get a Doctor to examine her. He says a lady in his neighbourhood was also unwell but a Priest gave her holy offering and she became well. Bansi says there will be no need for that!

Sid says what happens if Roshni forgets to turn off the hot water and someone gets burnt or she messes with the switch and the house burns down or she could even forget Kunal is her husband and stab him. Kunal panics and says he doesn’t want to die. Roshni begs to be taken to the temple so she can get her memory back. Sid asks Bansi what she thinks of the idea? Bansi is quiet. Sid says it’s as if she wants Roshni to remain like this forever. Bansi says they will go to the Priest.

They all go to the Priest who is actually Pinto, Sid’s friend, in disguise. Bansi begs him to give them a solution. He tells them to make a pig eat grass. Kunal says it’s not possible.
Raj and Bunty come in disguise and pretends to be a husband and Wife having an argument. Bunty bumps into Kunal. Raj accuses Kunal of flirting with his Wife! He attracts the attention of passersby and some Men gather to beat Kunal up. King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update

Sid still in disguise as Jyoti, takes Roshni to the Car. She asks why they don’t save Kunal? He tells her to wait while he gets Bansi and Kunal.

He comes back dressed as Sid and gets in the driver’s seat. Roshni asks who he is? He tells her he needs to catch a Cab Driver who has taken his luggage. Roshni begs him to stop the Car. He sees a Man selling candy floss and he stops to buy. He tells Roshni that he didn’t lose his luggage but saw she needed to smile. He gives her a candy floss and says his Mum always says eating something sweet keeps the bad thoughts away. Roshni has a hazy memory of her first meeting with Sid when he gave her candy floss. Sid receives a Phone call and tells Roshni that he will take her back to her family.

Roshni returns to the place where they met Pinto, to meet Bansi and her family. Kunal asks her where she has been? Roshni is too scared to talk. Jyoti appears and Bansi asks why he wasn’t looking after Roshni? Sid/Jyoti says someone hit him on the head and he passed out. Kunal asks Roshni if Sid came to see her? Roshni says he didn’t come.

At night, Sid is standing outside. DD goes to him and assures him everything would be alright. Sid says he’s not so sure. She offers him a piece of cake and says someone always said having something sweet helps one feel better. Sid takes the piece and as he eats it, he says he knows he will be able to defeat Bansi and her family because his Mother- in-law has faith in him.

  • King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update

In the morning, Shabnam goes into Roshni’s room and puts something under her pillow as she sleeps. Roshni’s Grandmother enters and asks what she’s doing! Shabnam says she’s just checking up on her. Roshni’s Grandmother tells her to leave! Shabnam leaves and Roshni’s Grandmother searches around the bed till she finds something hidden under the pillow. She takes it out and its a piece of paper with some black stuff in it. She says Shabnam is performing magic on Roshni.

Sid/Jyoti is cleaning Kunal’s room. Roshni enters and Kunal asks if she’s okay now? Sid says it’s not good to ask Roshni too many questions, so she doesn’t get exhausted. He tells Kunal to always shower Roshni with love. He sweeps a page of a newspaper towards her. He picks it up and there is a photo of Roshni with the kids from her NGO. He tells Roshni that she looks good in modern clothes and he asks who the Children are? Roshni is confused.
Kunal says the Children are from the NGO where she used to work. Sid suggests they allow her go back there to work so it can help her regain her memory. Kunal tries to hide his fury. Roshni begs Kunal to take her there. He has no choice but to agree.

Roshni and Kunal are at the NGO. The Kids stare at her strangely and talk amongst themselves. They wonder why she’s dressed in strange clothes and didn’t play with them like she used to. Kunal gives the Carer some Money and tells him to ensure the Kids don’t get close to Roshni.
Sid is hiding behind a door. He signals to one of the Kids and the boy spills juice on Kunal’s shirt. Kunal has to go to the bathroom to clean up. Sid gestures for the boy to lock Kunal in.

Roshni goes to a painting she, Sid and the Kids made in the past with their palms. She stares at it. Sid appears beside her. She asks why he’s following her? He says he always comes here to see the Kids. The Kids confirm it. The little boy Sid gestured to earlier, suggests they all go out to play. They drag Roshni outside.
Kunal tries to leave the bathroom but it’s locked. Sid joins the Kids outside to play. Roshni doesn’t quite join in.

Roshni’s Grandmother follows Shabnam as she goes out. She thinks she’s being discreet but Shabnam sees her and plans to teach her a lesson! Shabnam enters a building and the signage reads that it’s for the occult. Roshni’s Grandmother says she was right in thinking Shabnam is performing magic on Roshni.

One of the boys sprays water from a hose on Sid and Roshni. Sid and Roshni slip and fall with Sid on top of Roshni. Roshni stares at him and he wills her to remember. King of Hearts 20 October 2019…
Kunal forces the door open. He starts searching for everyone. Sid touches Roshni’s face. She has flashes of them together in the past.

They hear Kunal call for her and Sid runs off. One of the little boys points the water hose in Kunal’s face, giving Sid a chance to escape. Kunal goes to Roshni and asks if Sid was here? She doesn’t respond. He asks the Kids. They don’t answer. He threatens to make their lives difficult if they don’t answer him! He pulls the boy who spilled juice on him. Roshni tells him not to treat Kids that way! He asks who was here? Roshni says there was no one.

Sid goes to his Parents’ home. His Mother tells him that some thugs came over and beat Bunty up and also destroyed the Office and threatened Kritika. Sid says he has had enough and will make sure Bansi and her family end up in jail! Simran tells him not to do anything that will make him lose Roshni forever. Raj tells him to try and make Bansi and her family feel like he doesn’t need Roshni. Simran looks like she got an idea. Sid asks what it is?

At night, Roshni’s Grandmother comes to see a guru. She tells him about Roshni. He says they have to first check if she’s under the influence of evil powers. Roshni’s Grandmother tells him to check. He gives her a hanky to place under Roshni’s pillow on the night of the full moon and if it turns black, it means she’s under the influence of black magic. Roshni’s Grandmother says okay and goes. King of Hearts 20 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni is at home, trying to tie the sash of her blouse behind her. She feels someone helping her and she thinks it’s Kunal. She tells him to stop! She turns and sees Sid. He tells her he would lay his life for her. Roshni tells him to leave her as she’s married to Kunal. Her pleas are weak. Sid moves closer to her. Mere Rubaru plays… She accidentally hits a vase and it falls. Roshni hugs him scared. Sid asks are you fine? Kunal and his family enter the room.

Kunal immediately attacks Sid. Sid doesn’t fight back. Roshni begs Kunal to leave Sid alone. Kunal’s thugs enter the house.

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