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King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Security guards are following Roshni as she moves about the house. She tells them to stay in the Corridor and not follow her. She enters Sid’s room and helps him fix his pocket square. Misha comes to the door and sees them.

Roshni tells Sid they will be late for Court. Misha locks the door with the key and says they are not going anywhere.
Sid tells her to open the door. She says he will have to give her a kiss first. He tells her to keep the key; he will ask his Dad for a spare. She tells him there is nobody else at home.

Roshni tells Sid that Misha won’t budge so he should just kiss her. Sid reluctantly gives in and pecks her on the cheek. Roshni turns her face away in pain. Misha says it wasn’t a real kiss and she wants it on the lips. Sid says it will never happen! He goes to stand by the door and yells for the key!

Misha says she wants her kiss first. She goes to him. He stares at her and holds her by the shoulders.
Roshni looks like she is about to throw up. Sid is about to kiss Misha, but stops… He tells Misha that he doesn’t have time for this nonsense as he needs to get his Sister out of Prison! Misha goes to write a note then gives him to sign if he wants the key.

King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid is shocked to read it and asks what is this nonsense? He gets upset and says he won’t sign it! She says she won’t give him the key then. Roshni reads it and tells him to sign.
Sid asks if she’s mad!
Roshni says the paper means nothing and won’t make a difference. Misha smirks as Sid signs. Misha gives him the key and he leaves with Roshni. Misha tells herself that by signing, he has made their relationship even stronger.
It’s another day in Court.

The Judge finds Kritika guilty and says that’s why the Court has decided to…
Sid enters and tells the Judge to hold on. He says they just found concrete evidence. DD asks the Judge how Sid can challenge his judgment?

The Judge asks her to sit down and tells Sid that it’s his last chance! He asks Sid to show the proof.
Sid shows the Judge the footage of Kritika and the housing agent. The Inspector takes the stand and says a Doctor certified Kritika’s earlobes too weak to wear big earrings and according to the footage, Kritika was near the temple at the time of the Murder. The Judge acquits her. Kritika is relieved. She hugs Sid and Simran thanks him.

DD gives them all evils looks and leaves the Court with Kesar. The doorbell rings at the Khurana house. The Servant wants to answer it but Misha answers and a crowd of her friends enter. The Servant decides to phone Sid and inform him but Misha takes the Phone from him and asks him to make snacks and locks him up there. She asks her guests to start their work and smirks. King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Outside the Court, Kritika apologizes to Roshni and gives her a hug. She also apologizes to Sid and Simran. Sid’s Grandmother hugs her and says her family is completed now.

DD comes out to meet them and sarcastically says ‘Congratulations’. She asks her Mother if she’s not happy since her favourite Son-in-law is there? She says Sid bribed a few people and saved his Sister!
She tells them all to spend time together and decide on their next target. Everyone is staring at her.

She says Roshni is back with Sid, she was crying when her Dad died and she’s now standing next to the killer and says Shiv must be very happy! Roshni tells her it’s not like that. DD says she keeps hearing the same thing from her about Sid being right.
Sid tells her that Roshni always stands by the truth and today also, she supported the truth, but you find it difficult to identify the truth. DD says you made her a fool and she has become a fool!
DD says Sid might have never seen her as an enemy but now, they share a new type of relationship called, “PURE HATRED!”
Roshni looks like she wants to cry. DD says she hates all of them! Sid and Roshni look on shockingly. DD leaves with her Mother and Kesar. Sid and his family return home to find a party taking place at the house. Raj asks Simran if she made arrangements to welcome Kritika back? Simran says she didn’t. They enter the house and see the crowd and the decorations. Sid asks what’s going on?

Misha hugs him and tells him to look at a poster on the wall. It reads ‘Sid weds Misha’ and has their photos.
She says they will get married in 3 days as he signed the papers. The family is shocked.
She shows him the papers.

He takes it to Roshni and says that was why he didn’t want to sign it! He asks if she is happy? Roshni looks on shockingly. Do his Parents ask why he signed it? Sid is too upset to respond. Misha tells them to continue the music.

As the music is playing, Sid becomes livid. He tears the poster and orders the musicians and Misha’s friends to get out!! Misha asks if he won’t marry her after promising her? He says he didn’t promise her and she made him sign under duress! He tells everyone that he won’t marry Misha, then storms out of the living room. Misha pretends to faint and Raj calls the Doctor. DD is with her lawyer, saying they have to find a way to get fresh evidence on Kritika as she can’t see her husband’s killer freely roaming around! The lawyer says he can’t do anything.

A man enters and says everything should happen as Durga says. DD identifies him as Arora, a long time friend and hugs him. King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Misha’s Doctor comes to see her. He tells everyone that Misha’s condition deteriorated because of them. He hooks her on to a machine and she acts like it’s shocking her. The family members are gathered at the door and watching.

Roshni tells Sid to agree to marry her so she can feel better. She tells the Doctor to stop and tells Misha that Sid will marry her. Sid looks on disgusted. Misha calms down instantly. The Doctor tells Sid to see how calm Misha is at hearing those words.

Everyone turns to look at Sid. He backs out of the room. Roshni goes to meet Sid at the Corridor.
He asks why she said he would marry Misha? He says he got engaged to Misha because of Roshni but won’t marry her! Roshni says he taught her to care but he’s being selfish today.

Sid says he has done so much for everyone and now he’s being accused of being selfish just because he wants to hold on to their love? He says he cares about Misha and the best he can do is to get her a better doctor but not to sacrifice his life for her! He holds Roshni and says he loves only her. He says he will only ever belong to her and she will belong to him.

They hold each other for a while and Sid gets closer to her. Sid tells her that there is no existence of his without her. Ishq Sachcha Wahi Jisko Milti Nahi Manzilein… plays…

Roshni turns her face. Sid holds her closer and says I have right on your soul and you have right on mine. Hamari Adhuri song plays… Roshni closes her eyes and hugs him. They get emotional, then Roshni runs off.
DD and her friend are in a restaurant. He says he’s sorry she has been through so much. She says she hasn’t seen him in 30 years and he is now a big Doctor in Singapore. He shows her a photo of his Children.

DD shows him a photo of Roshni but Misha and Sid are also in the photo.
Arora says he has seen Misha somewhere before but can’t quite remember where exactly. DD looks on.
Roshni enters Sid’s room and sees his shirt on the bed. King of Hearts 21 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

She holds it close to her chest. Mere Rubaro Tu Hi… song plays… as she cries.
She picks up his clothes strewn all over the bed and opens his closet to put them in.
She is shocked to see her photos lined up in his closet.
She breaks down in tears.

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