King of Hearts

King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Zee World Series

The episode starts when DD’s Lawyer pays her a visit. She tells him she wants to disinherit her daughter and Son-in-law from her properties and wants the Media to be notified! Sid and Roshni are sitting in the garden of the Khurana’s residence. She begs him not to lose hope because he’s her hero.

Sid says he won’t lose faith because it means he will fail her love and her trust. He says he will prove his innocence and show them as much evidence as they require of him and he won’t give up; it’s possible he would lose everything but he will fight to prove his innocence for Roshni’s sake. He says this fight is going to be longer and says her Sid might die, but he will return to make her win. He says Shabnam will not win.

Roshni says nothing will happen to you Sid and says God will protect you and will solve your problems, you will win surely. Sid hugs her. He gets strength from her love and faith. Shabnam is in a room throwing darts at photos of Sid, Roshni, and DD. She vows to destroy them!

King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Zee World Series

DD thinks Sid has broken her trust. Simran comes to meet DD at her home and calls her a foolish Woman for insulting Sid in front of the Media! DD says Simran can go and honor him for what he did, being his Mother. She says she should have given him a medal for molestation and rape charges! Simran says she’s his Mother and understands him but DD is his Mother-in-law and still doesn’t understand him.

She says Sid would never disrespect Roshni like that; when Roshni went to Bangkok, he went after her even though he could have had any other Woman and he has done so much for DD’s family. She says Sid didn’t care about them and stayed at her house as live-in Son-in-law. She tells that a Mum curses another Mum. She promises DD that the same way she made Sid cry in front of the Media, DD will also badly cry in front of Sid one day! DD is throwing her books in a fit of rage. Her Aunt begs her to calm down.

DD says she has been so unfortunate and didn’t expect Sid to do such a thing! DD says all the proofs are right infront of Roshni, and asks why she is unable to see it! King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Zee World Series
Her Aunt says there is always another side to the story; could the Video be real or Roshni and Sid are saying the truth. She says she saw trust in Roshni’s eyes for Sid and says they can’t ignore that. DD says her mind is not working. She begs DD to think about it.

DD says she doesn’t know what to do next! Her Aunt tells her to call Roshni and says they have to always take care of her. She says a daughter can fight with her Mum with confidence as she knows that her Mum won’t feel bad, and asks her not to deprive her daughter of her rights.

Sid enters the Police Station and overhears some Policemen gossiping about him and the Video and laughing.
He asks to see the Officer he sent the Video to. They tell him he’s on leave and doesn’t know when he will be coming back. Sid realizes it was Shabnam’s plan and tells himself that he has to find another way to get the proof.

Roshni is driving. Sid calls to tell her the Policeman is on leave. She reminds him that there was a female constable with the Policeman that day and she mentioned where she lives so they have to look for her. She says she wishes they never forgave Shabnam. She gets to the Neighbourhood to look for the female Constable. She meets her house locked.

Someone informs her that the lady Constable left in the night. Some Men see Roshni and start talking about her being the lady whose husband is cheating on her with another woman. They approach her and leer at her. Roshni slaps one of them and tells them not to mention her husband’s name again! She asks if they don’t have a Mother or Sister at their house to be behaving rudely!

Some other Women join her and chase the Men away. They offer Roshni words of encouragement telling her not to lose hope concerning the situation with her husband and to see it as a new start. Roshni is at a Media house. She meets the Manager and he tells her not to have blind fate in her husband and to consider the feelings of the Other Woman, Shabnam.

Roshni tells him that her husband is innocent and she will prove it. As she is leaving, some more Reporters stop to ask if she’s not divorcing her husband? Roshni asks if they are witnesses to be passing judgement on her husband! She tells them to just replace the Judges and let the Judges become Reporters! She asks why they believe Shabnam that is not even around and says there are Women like Shabnam who would go to any length to get what they want and she is a Woman too but won’t accuse an innocent Man and if they all talk about equal rights for Men and Women, they need to practice that!

The Reporters are taking notes. She says her husband would be proven innocent! All the Media persons clap for Roshni. Roshni leaves from there. DD comes to see Simran at home. She tells Simran to stop worrying for her Son. She admits she made a mistake and should have trusted Sid from the start. Simran says she doesn’t know if to believe her.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 21 September 2019

DD reminds Simran she also made a mistake and tried to separate him from Roshni. She says she now wants to offer Sid her support and will prove his innocence. Simran asks, if it’s not too late? DD says there is always a way out. Simran hugs her in gratitude. DD laughs and tells her that her Saree and Mascara will be ruined. They laugh.

After DD leaves, the Maid in the Khurana’s house calls Shabnam on the Phone to tell her that DD and Simran made peace. Shabnam says she will pay her for the information and wants her to delete her number. She tells herself that it’s time to play her final card and today, Roshni and Sid will be separated forever! She says 4th November will be written in golden words as Sid and Roshni will be separated today!

Roshni tries to call Sid but she can’t get through to him and gets worried. She gets a call from a man telling her that they have Sid in their custody, and if she wants to see him again, she should come over to meet them, but if she informs anyone else, they would kill him! Roshni drives to the place near the cliff and doesn’t see anyone. She shouts for Sid asking where is he?

Shabnam sneaks up behind her and hits her on the head with a gun. She passes out. The goons make Roshni sit in the Car while she is still unconscious. A Van drives up the hill and Sid is thrown out of it. He is badly bruised and bleeding from the face. Shabnam kicks him as he regains consciousness and asks if he remembers Gafoor? Sids remembers how Gafoor warned him about Shabnam. Shabnam tells him his problem is that he’s too much of a good person and shouldn’t have forgiven her at the hospital! She says he did a mistake and she has taken advantage of that being Shabnam.

Shabnam’s goons beat him some more. Shabnam says coming to the point, she has fulfilled all the promises and she has snatched everything from Roshni! She says everything will be finished in some time! She tells him she made Roshni’s Grandmother paralyzed and says his Mother-in-law doesn’t trust him and he has no respect from anyone and now, he and Roshni would be separated!

Sid gets enraged at hearing that. He stands up and fights the Men. Shabnam shoots him in the shoulder and says she told him to agree with her. Sid writhes in pain. Shabnam says one shouldn’t love a Wife and tells him she is left with no option than to end Roshni’s life! Sid says she’s making a mistake. Shabnam asks can she touch him? And says she is showing her love, and she’s about to fire the bullet again when Sid gets up and throws some sand in her face. King of Hearts 21 September 2019 Zee World Series

As she turns away, he stands up and takes the gun from her. He asks her how she’s feeling in his embrace and says he is not Sid, but her death! He asks how did she think that she will win at the end? He says the truth always wins. He threatens to kill her and says as long as he’s alive, she won’t be able to separate him from Roshni!
He says it was a big mistake to let her go and he won’t make the mistake again; now she will tell everyone the truth! Shabnam says the only truth is that they were intimate together in bed. He suffocates her neck and asks if she will confess to making the MMS?

Shabnam says he has touched her and she’s more attractive than his Wife. Sid says she’s evil! Shabnam tells him to turn around. He turns and sees Roshni, unconscious in her Car. Men are pushing the car up the hill. Shabnam tells him the goons can do anything for money and says she asked them to push the Car from the hill. Sid gets shocked.

Shabnam takes the gun from him and says it won’t take much for them to push the Car off the Cliff! Shabnam asks why he doesn’t love her? She says she will tell him the rules now; if he manage to save his Wife, then he has to be killed by her bullet, else he can come to her anytime to remember his Wife and cry. She asks what he has decided?

Sid runs to the front of the car and tries to push back as the Men push forward. The Car keeps moving forward till it gets to the edge of the Cliff. Sid musters all his strength from Roshni’s love and manages to stop the car at the last moment. Shabnam says Sid knows that he will be killed, but then, he also saved Roshni. She tells herself that Sid is definitely not going to stop even if she tries to kill him.

Sid gets into the Car and holds Roshni who is still unconscious. She tries to wake Roshni up and says he loves her. He says no one can separate them, and whenever she needs him, he will come to her. He cries hugging her.

Shabnam comes and tells him it’s time to say goodbye! She says their love story will be written in books and says he will go to heaven directly, but she can’t meet him as she will stay in hell. She asks him to stand up and go near the cliff! Some drops of Sid’s blood fall on Roshni’s head. He kisses her and leaves the Car. Shabnam tells him to go to the edge of the Cliff. Sid starts walking towards the Cliff.

He tells her to remember the game only just begun. Shabnam asks him to continue walking! Roshni is still unconscious. Shabnam tells him goodbye and fires the gun twice on Sid’s Chest. Sid falls off the Cliff end into the Valley.

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