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King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kritika finds Roshni crying in the room. She says Roshni wants Misha to marry Sid but whenever she sees Roshni, she’s always sad. She asks Roshni if she knows that all that is in Sid’s room belongs to her and Sid marrying Misha wouldn’t change anything. Roshni asks what she should do? Kritika tells Roshni not to give up.
Roshni asks how she can thank her? Kritika says Roshni doesn’t have to thank her as she has helped her, so she wants to do only good henceforth.
DD gets a call from her friend, Dr. Arora. He tells her to meet him up urgently at the Coffee shop.
Sid’s Grandmother suggests a plan to help Roshni and Sid. Kritika says the family won’t agree with it. Grandmother says they won’t tell anyone.

Misha is dressing up and singing. She takes a container of Vermillion and thinks her long dream will be fulfilled soon. She tells that she will get ready daily for Sid and will wake him up by shaking her wet hairs on him. She says in just a few moments, she will be dressed as Sid’s bride. She applies her makeup happily and calls herself Mrs Siddharth Khurana. She hears the doorbell ring and thinks everyone has come back from the temple and excitedly rushes to answer the door.
Sid’s Grandmother and Kritika enter with ropes and tie her to a Chair. Grandmother says they want to cure her.
A Witch doctor comes in and Grandmother tells him that Misha is the person. Misha gets shocked seeing him and asks what is this nonsense!
He starts to perform a ritual on her. He tells that Misha’s brain is affected
by a ghost and he will take out the ghost. Misha threatens to kill him! He beats her with Peacock feathers.

Zee World: King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update

Misha tells that she is perfectly fine and starts acting seeing Sid and his Parents coming in. Sid unties Misha. Sid scolds the Witch Doctor and asks him to get out! Sid’s Grandmother and Krutika looks on.
Misha hugs Sid
Sid berates his Grandmother for tying Misha up knowing she has a condition Grandmother and Kritika say they just wanted to help. Misha tells Sid that they wanted to kill her and she wants to get married today! Everyone gets shocked hearing her.
DD meets up with her friend, Dr. Arora. He tells her that Misha’s Parents were worried about her because she’s schizophrenic and suffers from a mental illness and they’ve been trying to get her treated. DD says nobody knows about it. She gets shocked and tells about Misha getting molested. She opines that Misha has been faking to be ill, all the while.
DD is back home. She tells her Mother that something isn’t right. Grandmother says if Misha has always been mentally ill, then she is lying to them and who knows what else she is lying about?
DD says she thinks she has to stop the wedding, as Misha started feigning the madness after her so claimed molestation!
The house is decorated for the wedding. Roshni knocks on Sid’s door. He sits on his Chair and doesn’t respond.
She begs him to open the door so she can spend the few moments they have left with him. He opens the door. They look at each other emotionally. Tu Hi Tu song plays… and Sid goes back in. He tells Roshni that her decision has led them to where they are today.

Roshni says she doesn’t want him out of her life but this is the right thing to do and he should always remember that she will always love him. She touches his face and he has tears in his eyes. Mere Rubara Tu Hi Tu song plays…
She picks up his turban from the bed and places it on his head, while the song Manzilein… Plays, then she hugs him.
DD and Arora are in a moving Car. He shows her a copy of Misha’s Medical report on his laptop and says we have to take the print out. Sid and Roshni are walking to the living room where Marriage will take place.

DD reads the report and learns that Misha is suffering from the condition because she is obsessed with a boy.
She concludes that it’s Siddharth and she has been faking her behaviour so as to get what she wants. She tells the driver to drive faster to Sid’s house! Sid sits in front of the Priest and Misha joins him. She says they will finally get married.

Sid has tears in his eyes. The family members look miserable. DD drops her Doctor friend (Arora) off and continues the journey to Sid’s house. The Priest starts the Ceremony.
DD’s car develops a flat tyre. The driver says it will take a while to fix. DD complains her Phone isn’t working, so she gets down and runs on foot.
The Priest carries on. DD runs faster. The Priest asks Simran to come for the next ritual. Misha tells Roshni to do it instead! Sid is upset but doesn’t say anything. DD gets tired and stops to catch her breath, then continues running.
Roshni ties the nuptial knot joining the Couple. King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The Priest tells them to stand for the next ritual.
Sid and Misha start going around the fire. Roshni looks on sadly. First round is completed. Roshni and Simran sadly throw flowers at them so are the other guests. Second round is completed…
Sid is in tears.
Just then, DD rushes in and tells them to stop!
She snatched the cloth around Sid’s neck that is tied to Misha and throw it into the fire. Misha reacted without thoughts and calls her by her name, DD Patel and asks what’s wrong with her! She shouted at DD, “What the hell? I could have got burnt from the fire! And what would have happened then?”
DD and Sid stare at her in shock.
Sid calls Misha and she turns her face away in shame, knowing she has been caught.
She decided to stop her mental drama. She turns back around and starts to act like she doesn’t know what is happening.

She asks why they are all dressed in a wedding attire, then she asks where Neil is?
Sid says Misha is normal again and remembers everything. Misha pretends to faint. They fuss over her and Raj calls her Doctor.
The Doctor comes to attend to her. He gave her medicine to calm her down and said that her condition has improved and that her memory has returned. Everyone said “Thankfully, everything is slowly getting better”. Everyone thinks that it is a gift from God. He tells them that she should be allowed to rest.
Everyone is relieved.

DD gets suspicious asks the Doctor if he doesn’t find it unusual that she regained her memory all of a sudden?
The Doctor says he already told them that an incident could trigger it.
Roshni turns and looked at DD, She says “Mom, everything happened thanks to you. I know you are angry with me”. DD sats it’s okay. DD saw that Misha opened her eyes and peeked at the family speaking to each other.
Sid said “thank you Mother-in-law. Whatever you did, I don’t know if Roshni and I can pay you back for it and before a big mistake could happen, you managed to stop it.”

Simran said that it’s really a big deal because both Roshni’s and Sid’s lives are saved by the incident.
DD looks at Misha suspiciously and saw that Misha is signalling to the Doctor to go and the Doctor then took his leave.

Today: King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update

Sid’s Grandmother begs DD to stay so they can talk things over.
DD says some other time and leaves. She quickly goes out to follow the Doctor.
Sid’s family was upset by her sudden leave and Raj says it’s okay because after all that has happened, DD needs time.
Simran says she wants them to mend their relationship with DD and discuss the wedding plans for Roshni and Sid.
She hugs Roshni.
Misha is furious that DD ruined everything!
It occurs to her that DD must have found out something about her, enough to have made DD lash out at her instead of focusing on Kritika.

DD sneaks into Misha’s Doctor Office at the hospital and goes through his files. A Nurse enters and asks what she is doing! DD asks for the Doctor and the Nurse says he has resigned from the hospital.
DD is shocked and asked “How’s that possible? Are you sure? How could he resign? Do you know what you are saying? The Nurse replied that she doesn’t care about all that and told DD to leave the room!
DD slowly leaves the room, thinking about the Doctor.

Misha is on the Phone telling someone to do something so DD doesn’t cause her any more problems! She says she doesn’t know how he’s going to do it but she doesn’t want the Woman standing in her way… She asks if he’s listening!
She heard sounds in the background of people coming towards her room and quickly ends the call.
She turns around to see Sid’s Grandmother, Roshni and Kritika entering the room.
Misha says she doesn’t know all that has happened and doesn’t know the state of mind she was in.
Roshni told her not to worry and said the most important thing is that she’s back and healthy. Misha pretends to act guilty and started to pretend to be embarrassed by the whole situation.
Sid enters the room and says she troubled him a lot. He jokes that imagine if he had married Misha, he would have gone mad. Misha apologizes to Sid and Roshni tells her to look forward and smile.
She begs for his forgiveness.
He tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize.
She says she thinks she should go back to London since Neil has left her.

Simran tells her to stay so they can find her a husband after Sid and Roshni are married. Simran tells that Roshni is blushing. Sid and Roshni then hugged each other. Simran says that with this few days, Misha would get better.
Simran tells Sid to watch since his own friend, Misha, would prepare the entire wedding herself. Simran asks Misha, “Is that right, dear?”, Misha replied Yes Aunty, of course.

Misha hides her tears. DD is standing outside the hospital and looking at the Medical report Arora gave her on Misha.
The report falls off her hand and as she bends to pick it up, a motorcycle moves past and the passenger behind slices her upper arm with a knife, he misses his target so the cut is not deep.
DD is shocked.

She concludes that someone is trying to kill her because someone had been following her since she left Sid’s place and all of a sudden Misha is well and her Doctor has resigned. She remembers Shiv’s voicemail telling her a girl was trying to break up Sid and Roshni. She remembers when they tried to view the pictures and the drink from Kritika spilled all over the laptop.

DD concludes that Misha is the mastermind of everything, so she needs to get solid evidence against her! She goes to see the Photographer. He tells her that after his laptop got damaged, his flash drive was stolen. She asks if he doesn’t have any backup? He says he’s sorry. King of Hearts 22 August 2019 Update

Sid sees Roshni moving around the house and pulls her to him. She says someone might see them. He says it doesn’t matter. She blushes and runs away from him and he calls her. He calls her name again like a scream.
She turns around in a panic and doesn’t see him.

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