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King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World

Simran arrive at the house with Rajveer and Krutika.  Simran says she wants to perform the ceremony to welcome the Couple into the house . Sid and his father watch them. Sid is about to leave, but Raj stops him by holding his hand. Simran tells the Couple to come in. Raj tells Rajveer that he should stay out, he’s only related to Simran and not to him! He turns to Simran and asks if she knows what she has done to Sid who loves Roshni?

Simran says she gave Roshni a choice, but she chose DD over her! She says she saw Roshni at the house when Roshni went to get the idol and she gave her a chance to come back to them, but Roshni refused. Sid asks why she didn’t tell him that she saw Roshni? Simran says she didn’t want to upset him because Roshni doesn’t love him, but he has a family who does, so he should forget about Roshni! Sid laughs even though he’s crying. He tells her that Roshni is his life and he can’t live if he forgets about her. He asks what family she’s talking about…, Rajveer? He asks if she can’t see what’s going on.

Simran looks confused. He tells her she’s changed and she’s no longer his Mum; he has been telling her that Rajveer is a cheat and a liar, but she trusted him over her Son and decided to get him married into their family. Rajveer stares at Sid. Sid says Rajveer can never be a part of his family because Roshni is his family, and he will not rest till she comes back to him! He walks away.

King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World

Grandmother tells DD that she shouldn’t have torn the document Raj gave her, she should have heard him out. DD asks why she should trust him after what his family had done! Grandmother says it was Simran who threw them out, and Raj had nothing to do with it. DD says she doesn’t want anything to do with them, especially Sid who lied to them all along! Grandmother says she knows Sid lied, but she still thinks it’s not his fault and he only lied to be with Roshni. DD asks why Sid didn’t tell her the truth, so she could find a way to convince Roshni? She says she wants nothing to do with them! King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni enters and says DD is right. She says Rajveer has been the one manipulating things and she is upset she ever loved Sid’s family! She says they didn’t even allow her take the idol. She blames Sid for lying to her! Grandmother says she can’t just write Sid off since she just admitted Rajveer has been the one manipulating things from the beginning. Roshni says Sid lied to her and and she is done with him! She warns that no one should mention his name again!

Raj is in his room. He remembers how DD tore the papers and said she didn’t want to see them again. He wipes his tears. Simran enters and serves him juice, begging him to accept Rajveer as his Son-in-law. He throws away the glass and says it’s not long since she ruined their Son’s life, and she already wants to forget about it? Simran asks what’s wrong? Raj says she’s not the Simran he knows, she’s a manipulative and cunning woman, and a woman who goes against her Son; just for her daughter’s happiness, she has ruined her Son’s life!

Simran asks why he is accusing her when she tried her best to get Roshni to come to them, but she chose her Mother’s side? Raj asks if she really expected Roshni to leave her own Mother? He asks who she was before he married her because he is ashamed to call her his wife, maybe it would have been best to leave her with her abusive ex husband! He says he married her when she was all alone, and she repays him by abandoning Sid just to please Krutika! Simran is in tears.

Raj says he will continue to accept Krutika as his daughter, but Rajveer has no place in his life, business or anything! He says his one goal now is to get Sid and Roshni back together, and he won’t rest till he does that! He walks away and Simran says Roshni has ruined her family!

Roshni is on the phone applying for a job. DD is on the phone with real estate agents. They both finish their calls and smile at each other. Roshni tells DD that she got an interview. DD says she will go and see an agent for an apartment. They hear a loud scream and a bang. They rush out to see Samaira acting out and saying they are all responsible for her situation; the man she loved left her and Roshni is the reason he left!

Pratima says Grandmother is sleeping and she won’t like to see her in such a state. Mona asks who cares about that! She says Roshni and DD are responsible for what Samaira is going through now! DD tells her to take it easy. Mona says if Roshni hadn’t married Sid, her daughter won’t be going through what she is now! Pratima asks why Mona is blaming Roshni when it’s Samaira who married Rajveer? Roshni says she was the one who married Sid who now brought Krutika who married Rajveer. She says she is promising that tomorrow will be a better day for all of them.

King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update On Zee World

Next day, Roshni is at a job interview. She tells the interview panel that the job is really important to her and she will do her best.They offer her the job and say she can start tomorrow. Roshni is almost in tears as she thanks them with a promise not to let them down.

At breakfast, Raj comes to sit at the table and Rajveer calls him father. Raj tells Rajveer to call him Mr. Khurana because they are not related! Sid walks past. Simran tells him to come and have breakfast, she made his favourite dish. Sid ignores her and tells his father that he can’t be at the Office today because he has to go and look for Roshni and bring her home. Simran is almost in tears. Krutika tells her not to bother,and someone as snobbish as Roshni won’t pay attention to an idiot like Sid!

Raj leaves the table. Rajveer tells Krutika that Sid and Roshni are her family and she can’t talk about them like that. He tells Simran not to worry, she should leave Sid and when Roshni rejects him, he will realise what his Mother has been saying all along. Simran says she wonders what has happened to him? She just wants things to go back to the way they were, when Roshni and her family have ruined their lives! Krutika goes into the other room and sees Sid staring at the idol Roshni wanted to take. She tells him that it is the same idol Roshni wanted to take and she stopped her from taking it as it belongs in the house.

Sid says so Roshni came to her house, and Krutika called her a thief, then threw her out! Krutika says when one hides something that doesn’t belong to them and wants to take it away, what would they call such a person? Sid orders her to get out!

King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update – Zee World

DD is taken to a small apartment that is being painted. She complains about the toilet and ventilation. The estate broker says he’s tired; he has shown her more than 10 houses and she’s not satisfied! DD says if he continues with his attitude, she will hire another broker! He tells her to go ahead and bear in mind that her budget is low and they won’t put up with her attitude! DD warns that his attitude will send his customers away! He says the Woman who couldn’t save her own business is trying to impart knowledge!

Sid stops Roshni on the street as she is surrounded by reporters. He drags her into an alley. She tells him to let go! He says he knows she’s hurting, but he needs one chance to explain. He shows her the idol she wanted. Roshni asks why he is acting, first his Mother humiliates her, then he turns around to help. Sid is surprised. Roshni says she was called a thief! Sid apologises and says it was Rajveer who caused it all. She tells him not to blame anyone and that he should accept responsibility; that’s why she hates rich people! Sid begs her to please tell him what he can do, he loves her so much and can do anything. Roshni says he pretended to be poor to get her, just to humiliate her; why else would a rich Man who has everything want to be with a girl like her? She walks away even as he tries to hold her and she takes the idol with her.

Sid gets to his car and the reporters ask him questions. One asks what he and Roshni went to do in the alley? Another one says he’s sure they went to reconcile. They both laugh. Sid gets out of the Car and jacks the reporter by the collar asking what he said? He says that’s his wife, the guy was talk about without respect!

The reporter mocks him and says his Mother threw his wife and her family out. Sid slaps the reporter and pushes him away. The reporter tells him he will regret it! King of Hearts 22 June 2019 Update – Zee World

DD gets to a new property and tells the Owners that she’s ready to pay 2 months in advance.
The Owner says he can’t rent it out to her because their builder is Khurana holdings, and he doesn’t want any trouble. DD says she can sue them if she’s being refused! They tell her to go ahead and sue if she likes!

Raj, Simran, Krutika and Rajveer watch the news and see Sid attacking the reporter. Sid arrives and Raj asks if he’s okay? Simran says he’s brought shame to himself and the family! She asks what’s wrong with him! Sid says he was also thinking when she would understand and realise what she is doing. She asks if he’s not ashamed? He says he’s been ashamed since she started doing this, and is she not embarrassed that she did all this to Roshni, and spoke to Roshni the way she did?

Raj asks what happened? Sid tells his Dad that Simran refused to give Roshni the idol that has been with her Grandmother for over 40 years and Krutika had the guts to call Roshni a thief! Rajveer tells Sid not to talk to his wife that way! Sid warns him to be quiet or he will beat him up like he did the last time! Krutika tells Sid not to talk to her husband that way! Sid shuts Krutika up as well!
Simran tells Sid to be quiet and not talk to Krutika and Rajveer like that! She says she gave the idol to Roshni, but Roshni gave it back to Rajveer and she’s now lying! Sid tells her what she has is now somebody else.

Simran asks how he dares talk to her like that in her house! Sid says it’s her house, and she owns everything, so he will leave her house and go back to his house! He goes inside then comes back out with a suitcase and Simran stops him. Sid says he’s going back to Roshni’s house and he will stay there till Roshni comes back to him.

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