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King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update – Kunal bursts open the bathroom door and Sid/Jyoti walks out, wearing an earphone with a towel over his head. Kunal is shocked to see him coming out. Kunal says Jyoti. Premal asks him to go.

Sid goes into a room to call his dad and reports that Roshni is now engaged to Kunal. Raj tells him to do all he can to ensure the marriage doesn’t take place.

DD tells her Mother that Shabnam set them up to believe a Witch Doctor was responsible for Roshni’s memory loss and Bansi made them believe Roshni was not her daughter, but she would prove to everyone that Roshni is!
Bansi enters the room and says DD is right.

She asks if DD thinks she’s smarter than them; Roshni got engaged to Kunal and would soon be married to him and there’s nothing DD can do about it! She goes to the wardrobe to take out the ornaments DD kept for Roshni. She says Roshni has lost her memory and will never remember her old life again. When she leaves the room, DD tells her Mother that Roshni will regain her memory because she and Sid will stop at nothing to make it happen!

King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

Shabnam is getting Roshni ready for a dinner date with Kunal. Roshni says she’s not in the mood. Shabnam tells her to close her eyes so she can apply mascara on her eyelids. Roshni closes her eyes, Shabnam applies the mascara and sneaks Roshni’s Phone away.

Kunal is also dressed to go out. Bansi tells him not to make any mistakes because it’s only when he’s married to Roshni that they can make her their slave. Sid/Jyoti trips and spills tea all over Kunal’s clothes. Kunal shouts and Jyoti apologises.
Shabnam brings Roshni out and Kunal smiles when he sees her. Roshni sneezes. Premal says it’s a bad omen for one to go out after sneezing. Bansi asks them to go. Jyoti says he would give her something to ward off any evil. He goes to Roshni and blinks slowly, giving her the assurance that all will be well.

As Roshni and Kunal leave, Sid tells himself that he would use their superstition to his advantage. He goes into a room and calls his dad to tell him that Sid and Roshni have gone to dinner.

After he hangs up, he gets a call from Roshni’s Phone and he’s about to answer it when he sees her Phone with Shabnam. She looks at him and he quickly hides his ringing Phone behind him. She asks what he’s hiding? He says he broke a nail. She tells him to go. She keeps wondering why the number she’s dialing on Roshni’s Phone is not being answered. She tells herself that she’s very sure it’s Sid’s.

Kunal drives Roshni to the venue of the dinner date. A Man in a mask appears on top of the Car. Roshni screams. Another Man in a mask enters the Car. Kunal gets out of the Car and trips over some marbles on the ground. The Man inside the Car comes out and asks for their gold. The masked Men are Raj and Bunty. Bunty ties Kunal’s hands. Roshni gives Raj her earrings and tells them to leave her husband alone. Raj asks for her engagement ring. Kunal tells her not to give it to him, but Roshni ignores him and he gets angry. Bunty uses his sword to tear up Kunal’s shirt and leaves with Raj.

King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

Sid/Jyoti enters Premal’s room and asks what he’s doing? Premal says he’s matching Roshni and Kunal’s horoscopes. Sid says his father was also an astrologer and he (Jyoti) wants to get married to one someday. Premal says he’s one. Sid looks at the chart and says Kunal will be in grave danger if he marries Roshni anytime soon. Premal says the horoscope says it’s fine for them to get married. They hear a sound and Sid tells him to go and check because he knows he’s right.
Kunal and Roshni return home. Bansi asks Kunal what happened? Kunal tells her not to ask. Bansi asks Roshni where all her ornaments are? Roshni says they were attacked by two Men.
Sid/Jyoti looks at Roshni’s finger and says her engagement ring is missing. Premal says they will have to postpone the wedding because it’s a very bad omen for the engagement ring to go missing on the day of the wedding, so they need to wait for at least, a Month. Bansi asks Premal if he has checked their horoscope? Premal says yes. Bansi agrees
Sid/Jyoti brings Roshni and Kunal to the Market. Kunal complains, but Jyoti tells him it will help him win Roshni’s heart. Some thugs start harassing Roshni. Kunal asks Jyoti what’s going on? Sid/Jyoti tells him to go and save Roshni so he looks good in front of her. Kunal goes to the thugs and Sid tells himself that Bunty sent the thugs on time. Kunal tries to defend Roshni. Sid follows and gives the thugs a sign by winking. One of them asks why he’s winking at them? Sid whispers that they only need to pretend. They ask him what he’s talking about? Sid mentions Bunty. The thugs say they don’t know who Bunty is.

Kunal fights the thugs but they soon beat him with a stick and he runs off. One of the thugs goes to Roshni and Jyoti fights them off. Some mantras are being played while Jyoti/Sid beats the goons. Roshni is highly impressed with her/him. Kunal is hiding behind a pillar and watching. One of the thugs approaches Roshni with a knife but Jyoti holds the knife and gives him several slaps. The goon fled from there.

Roshni runs to Jyoti and says there is so much blood on his hand. Kunal returns and lies that a thug was chasing him. Roshni looks highly disappointed and angry at him. The people gossip that the husband is coming now after the fight is over. Jyoti says she feels dizzy seeing blood.
A delivery Man brings a package for Shabnam. DD looks around to be sure the coast is clear then tells the delivery man to give it to her. As she is about to open the package, Shabnam snatches it away from her and warns her that acting smart will cost her dearly! DD wonders what’s in the box and if it’s related to Roshni’s memory loss.

Roshni is helping Sid/Jyoti clean the knife wound. Jyoti says as long as she’s here, no one can harm Roshni. Sid/Jyoti says he gets worried seeing blood though. Roshni asks her not to do this again and asks her to rest. Roshni says she will make food and asks her to rest.

Kunal is standing in the doorway. Roshni leaves the room and Kunal tries to talk to Jyoti, but she ignores him. Kunal begs her not to be angry with him because she’s the only one that can help him win Roshni’s heart. Jyoti asks if he would do anything she says? Kunal says he’s ready to do anything.

Sid is now with DD. She tells him about the package Shabnam received and says they need to find a way. Sid tells her to wait and see how Jyoti handles things. King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

At night, Jyoti gives Roshni a glass of milk to take to Kunal. Roshni enters Kunal’s room and he’s very happy. He drinks it and says it was sweet. He starts having hiccups and becomes hyper. He ties a shirt around his neck and says he’s a Superman! Sid is happy the drink is making Kunal act stupid in front of Roshni. Kunal tells Roshni that DD is really her Mother. Roshni is shocked. Kunal says he, Shabnam and his Grandmother are waiting for the day…
Shabnam enters just then and grabs him by the shirt, choking him. She tells Roshni to leave her to handle him.

Roshni leaves the room. Sid is disappointed that they came so close to finding out the plan but Shabnam ruined things. Shabnam looks angrily at Kunal.
In the morning, Shabnam wakes Kunal up by pouring a glass of Water on his face. He screams and asks what she’s doing? Shabnam tells him he almost revealed the truth to Roshni and they would have gone to jail if not for her. She tells him to just win Roshni’s heart quickly.

Kunal goes to meet Sid/Jyoti. Sid tells him to help dry the clothes he washed. Kunal begs him to help him win Roshni’s heart. Sid says it may be impossible after what Kunal did last night. Kunal says he doesn’t remember what he did. Sid says he has two options, the first being he should forget Roshni. Kunal says it’s not possible. Sid says the second option is difficult. Kunal says he would do it. Sid tells him to make Roshni feel very jealous by getting close to Shabnam but not to let Shabnam find out. Kunal is happy at the idea and tries to kiss Jyoti happily, but then leaves. Sid says once Roshni regains her memory, he will expose everyone!

At breakfast time, Roshni and Shabnam arrive at the table at the same time. Kunal pulls the Chair for Shabnam and tells her to sit next to him. Sid/Jyoti is standing with Roshni who looks sad. Kunal offers Shabnam a rose flower and says it is red like her cheeks. Everyone is surprised. Shabnam collects it and says she hopes there is nothing wrong? Kunal says nothing is wrong.

Sid tells Roshni to sit beside him. Kunal takes off his shoe and slightly kicks Roshni, then he touches Shabnam’s feet. Roshni sees him. Shabnam becomes uncomfortable and says she’s leaving the table as she’s no longer hungry.

Roshni gets to her bedroom and sees flowers with a note. The note reads that her husband is misbehaving with her sister Shabnam. She sees another note which tells her to go to the sofa in the living room where she will find a gift. Roshni goes to check the sofas where she finds another note. In the note, Sid tells her to go to the bushes where he has kept her things.

Roshni says she would go and get her things then she would never see him again.
Shabnam sees her going out of the house. Roshni goes to the bush and takes out a little box. She takes out the bracelet Sid gave her in the past. There is a note in the box and it says the bracelet is from their past. Sid appears and holds Roshni.

Shabnam is about to go to Roshni but a Car blocks her path and she falls on a table of tomatoes. Sid asks Roshni how she finds his gift? Roshni tells him to leave otherwise, she would scream! He tells her to go ahead. Haule Haule Zindago Ko… Sanam Re plays…

Shabnam walks up to Roshni and she’s surprised to see her with DD. DD tells Shabnam that she’s interrupting their conversation. She tells Roshni that Sid is her husband and the others are bad people who want to brainwash her. Shabnam asks Roshni if Sid came to see her?

DD says Sid wasn’t here. Shabnam takes Roshni away.
Sid comes out of the bush and tells DD not to worry because things are going according to plan and nobody would be able to separate him and Roshni because they share the same soul.

King of Hearts 22 October 2019 Zee World Update

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