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King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World: At home, Naani says her saree is so beautiful; no matter how DD is, She’s always concerned about her and gets her nice things. Mona says her own gifts are gold coins.
DD enters and says she hopes they all like their gifts? They all thank her in excitement. Naani says she always knew her daughter was very generous. She asks for Sid and Roshni’s gifts? DD tells Kesar to go and call them.

They enter the living room and DD says everyone has a gift they deserved! She gives Sid an envelope.
Roshni asks what it is? DD tells them to find out. Sid opens the envelope and he’s shocked to see it’s bills.
DD says they still owe her a total of 27 thousand rupees (388.45 usd). Roshni is about to argue, but Sid tells her to bring all their savings and give it to DD. Roshni says they’ve only saved about 2000. Sid is shocked.
DD says they don’t look like people who save? Roshni says DD should have told them beforehand. Naani tells DD that it’s not fair! She says she and Mona will pay their bills!

King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD says she didn’t know her mother had that much money, but she doesn’t want her to pay, Sid and Roshni will pay her! Sid tells her not to worry, they won’t take money from anyone, but DD will get her money. DD says that’s what she wants; he doesn’t have money, but he says sweet things to fool everyone! She says she has a solution. She calls the domestic staff and tells them to take a holiday (diwali) today, and whilst they are on vacation, Sid will work as the help, he won’t come to the office, he will do the job of the domestic helps and it will be the rent for this month!

Roshni asks DD how dare she insult her husband like that! DD says it’s a suggestion. If Sid can pay by today, no problem, otherwise, he will be a help! She asks Roshni about her plans to be a Middle class wife?
Sid tells DD that he’s ready. He says there’s no shame in doing household chores. DD says she’s tired! He should take her sandals to her room and get her slippers! Everyone is shocked.

Sid smiles, he starts to walk towards her, but Roshni says he won’t do it!
He smiles at Roshni, but continues to where DD is sitting. He gets on one knee in front of her. DD is smiling.
He takes off the sandals and touches her feet , then he touches his chest. He has finally taken the blessings he has been trying to take since the day he arrived the house.

King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Roshni tells him to stop! She goes to him and asks if he has any self respect! Sid says there’s no harm in taking her sandals off, she’s her mother and also like a mother to him and it gave him an opportunity to touch her feet and get her blessings. DD gets irked hearing that. She gets up and leaves the room. Sid calls out to her, but she ignores him.

Roshni goes to her room to pack up their things. She says they won’t stay in this house anymore! Sid tells her not to get upset over something so trivial. He asks if she would get upset if his mother tells her to take off her shoes?

Roshni says that case is different because she is like a mother to her. He says that is the same for him, DD is like his own Mother. He says they should focus on the benefits of DD’s decisions. It has benefitted them because they now know how to run their own household on a low budget and second is.

Roshni was upset with him, but now, he can thank DD for helping them reconcile and the 3rd benefit is, he doesn’t have to go to work so he will stay at home with her and enjoy the Diwali. She asks how he keeps seeing the bright side of things? He says it’s because he has her. He says when she’s angry at him, she completely cuts him off, but when she’s praising him, she does it all the way to the sky.
They hug each other as he says he loves her.

King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

Mona tells Naani that she feels very sorry for Sid and they don’t know what to do?
Roshni enters and says she knows what to do!

It’s dinner time. Sid serves DD a meal (Dal) and tells her about its health benefits. DD asks him to shut up, and complains that she only eats vegetables and soups! Roshni comes with soup and says she got her soup! Roshni places the tray of vegetables and soup for DD. DD is shocked.
Roshni says she just made the dinner.

DD says she said no member of the family should help Sid! Roshni says DD seems to be forgetting that she is not a member of the family, but of Sid’s family! She is the wife of the servant. She says this year, on Diwali, she will work with her husband as a servant and DD will not need to pay her, so she can consider it a gift from both of them! DD angrily walks out from there. Naani claps for Roshni.

Sid tells himself that he has worked as a Cook, Servant and Slave, but Mother and daughter are not getting closer. He says he has to try something else, to make his plans succeed. King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update

Roshni and Sid argue about who to mop the living room. They both want to do it.
Sid’s Parent enter and they are horrified to see them mopping.
Simran asks about the helps? Resham says the helps are on holiday and it’s DD’s way of purnishing Sid and Roshni for not paying their bills, so they have to celebrate Diwali like Servants.

Simran takes the rags from them and pulls them towards the door. Naani comes out of her room and Sid tells her to beg his Mum to understand.
Naani says she is on Simran’s side because the purnishment is too much!
Sid says he’s not going anywhere.

Simran is shocked. Sid says she taught him to face his fears as a child and that is what he is doing; she gave him the strength, and if she still wants to take him home after all he has said, he will go with her. Simran and Raj shed tears. Simran looks at Sid’s palm and cries into it saying he’s been made to work too hard. He consoles her and Roshni begs her to smile.

Simran brings out a pair or earrings from her bag and blesses it, then gives it to Roshni. She says she can’t wait for them to come home after paying their bills. Roshni promises her that they will spend the Diwali together.
Resham looks around, obviously looking for DD to pass on the information.

Pratima is decorating DD’s jewelry store with Marigold flowers in preparation for Diwali.
A Male colleague informs her that Bablu always decorate it with Carnation. Pratima says on Diwali, Marigold is thought as auspicious. He hopes she doesn’t get into trouble for using the type of flower she is using now. King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update

DD enters the Office and pulls down the flowers. She scolds Pratima that it is her premium jewelry shop and not a Cheap market! She warns Pratima not to think she can act anyhow thinking they are related because that doesn’t mean anything to her, while they are at work. She asks her to clean her office soon!

At home, Resham is in Mona’s room. She tells Mona that Sid should apologise to DD because the purnishment is too much! Mona says she thought Resham was having fun watching the whole thing? Mona calls her travel agent and asks him to book her a US flight ticket, and says she will reach the airport right now! After the call, she tells Resham that she has to travel to America. She begs Resham to take care of Sid and Roshni.

Resham asks why she is leaving so soon, and asks if her daughter, Samara is alright? She does not say anything; She takes her bag and hurriedly leaves. Resham prays that Samara, Mona’s daughter, is okay.

Simran, during the prayer gets worried about Sid and tells Raj that she cannot see DD purnishing her Son like that, and says she will inform DD the truth, then, she will accept Sid! She walks out of the prayer.

At the Office, Kesar tells DD that something is wrong; the diamond consignment that was coming is stuck and may be delayed for a week and because of that, they will lose 2 and half million.
DD says she won’t pay for it! She asks why he can’t do anything right!
She asks if he can handle it because when Bablu was around, he handled everything just fine! Kesar assures her that he will handle it.

DD sees Pratima from her window and silently blames her for everything, and thinks if not for Pratima, Bablu would still be working for her.

Simran walks towards the elevator. Raj follows and begs her not to go. He tells her to calm down so she doesn’t ruin everything. She says she can’t handle it anymore; this year, her children will celebrate Diwali with her.
Raj says Sid has worked hard and it will all be for nothing if she goes to ruin it. Simran ignores him and enters the lift.

DD gets home and sees the house clean. She asks Naani if Sid and Roshni cleaned it? Naani says Sid and Roshni have worked hard and if she doesn’t believe her, she can ask her puppet, Resham who has been watching them.
Sid brings a bowl of sweets and offers them to DD.

Simran comes out of the elevator sadly, and Raj is standing there, waiting for her. He gives her a hug and says hasty actions can ruin everything. He says if DD does anything to embarrass her again, he will go with her to tell her the truth! King of Hearts 23 May 2019 Update On Zee World

DD tastes Sid’s sweets and gives one to Kesar. Naani asks how it was, but DD doesn’t respond. Sid says it is very tasty.
Naani says it is time to perform the ceremony (aarti), and she wants DD ,Roshni and Sid to perform it together. DD says she won’t perform with a help! Roshni tells her to perform it on her own, while the rest of them stand behind her.
DD alone performs the aarti by closing her eyes. Sid adds Camphor in the aarti and stands silently with shank. He prays to God to help him.

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