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King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update – Sid and Bunty are waiting for Ragini to return. Her PA walks up to him and asks him if he’s the business partner? Sid turns around and recognizes her as his former employee, Anya. She hugs him. He asks why she left his Company to go and work for a tyrant? Anya says her boss is not so bad.

Sid asks if Mauve Magazine is a family business? She says it’s part of the family business belonging to the Sengupta family, and the CEO is Ragini Desai. She takes them to Ragini’s Office to wait. She gets a Phone call and looks worried. Sid asks what the problem is? She says there is nothing wrong. She leaves to get them drinks.

Bunty asks Sid if Anya wasn’t the girl his Mum wanted him to marry? Sid laughs. He looks around the Office and says Ragini has great taste. He sits in her Chair.

Roshni is in the Conference room. She’s deeply troubled. She hears DD’s voice telling her to get up and act because she’s always with her. Roshni remembers her Mother’s death. She says she is scared. She hears a voice telling her that she has excelled just as DD did. She turns and sees Kesar. She runs to give him a hug. He says he still doesn’t understand why she’s moving back to Mumbai after leaving and what if she accidentally runs into’ Him’ again?

King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update Roshni tells him not to mention the name because nobody in her life bears that name; the only person who worked in her Office and bore that name, she made sure he got transferred! She says moving to Mumbai doesn’t mean she will become Roshni again because she’s Ragini Desai.

Sid sees a pack of breath mint on Ragini’s table. He holds one in his hand and remembers when he and Roshni had a little talk about breath mint. Bunty says he knows Sid misses Roshni. Sid says he has been missing her a lot more lately.

Anya walks in and tells her colleagues to start packing up their stuff. Sid asks what’s going on? Anya says they are moving their Office to Mumbai. Sid says Ragini is a hard fish to catch and she runs her business just like his Mother-in-law but takes breath mint like Roshni.

Ragini returns to the Office. She almost runs into Sid but somehow they don’t see each other. Sid goes to Anya who still looks troubled, to ask what the problem is? Anya says she’s fine. Sid says they have to leave earlier for the Airport because his flight was brought forward. He says they can have the meeting in Mumbai. She says it’s okay. He tells her to smile and know she can always tell him what’s bothering her. She manages a smile.

King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update

An Office Assistant packs up Ragini’s things and puts them in a box. Sid sees the Photograph of Roshni and her Mother but it’s face down. He picks it up but before he can look at it, Bunty tells him they have to leave for the Airport early. Sid drops the Photo without looking. Sid meets Bunty in the Car park and they get into the Car.

Roshni and Anya get to the Car park. Roshni is upset that the guys didn’t keep their appointment! Anya is lost in her own thoughts. Roshni asks her what the problem is but before she could respond, Roshni tells her not to bring her personal problems to work!
Sid checks his boarding passes and sees his seat number is 25E. Roshni checks hers and it’s on row 26.

Raj is at his new hotel. The Manager is making arrangements for a special guest. Raj asks who it is? The Manager says it’s Ragini Desai. Raj says Sid went to see her. He says when she arrives they should let him know because he wants to meet her.
On the Car ride to the Airport, Sid sees Anya walking into the bush. He tells the Driver to stop the Car. He calls after Anya but she doesn’t hear him. King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update

She climbs up a bridge and she’s about to jump off. Sid calls out to her and begs her not to do it. Anya tells him to leave her alone because her boyfriend told her he loved her but now wants to leave her. Sid tells her not to be selfish but to think of her loved ones. Anya says she came to Delhi because she wanted to elope with her boyfriend but he has left her alone and he’s not answering her calls.

She asks how she will be able to face her family? She tells Sid to leave her alone as she has nothing to live for. Sid says he will take her back to Mumbai and talk to her Parents. She says she already wrote a letter telling them she’s eloping. Sid says her family wouldn’t abandon her over that. Kritika comes to see Raj in his Office. She says she wants to start working at his hotel.

The Manager comes to inform Raj that Ragini Desai has arrived at the hotel. Raj tells Kritika to come with him. Roshni is on the Phone with a Man whose face is not revealed. He tells her that Anya ran away. Roshni says she had a feeling something was wrong. She tells him to try and reach her.

Raj and Kritika ring the doorbell. Raj gets a Phone call from Simran. He takes Kritika and they leave. Roshni opens the door and doesn’t see anyone. King of Hearts 23 November 2019 Update

Sid is at home with Anya. He assures her that everything will be fine. Raj, Simran, Bunty and Kritika are spying on them, happy that Sid has a girl. Sid sees them and they try to pretend they are not up to anything but he sees through them.

Simran begs Sid to tell her all about Anya. Sid says Anya wants to get married. Simran, Bunty and Kritika are excited. Raj asks what exactly he’s saying? Sid says there is a small problem. Simran says she can solve any problem. Sid says the problem is that there is no groom. Simran looks shocked. Sid tells them to stop hassling him and stop thinking too much about Anya being here. He walks away. Simran prays to God to bring Sid and Anya together.

The next day, Sid and Anya are going to the Office. Sid stops to buy sweets from a roadside Vendor. Roshni comes to the same shop to get water. Somehow they don’t see each other again. While waiting, Sid holds on to the stand where the Vendor’s products are displayed. He pays for his sweets and leaves one on the counter.

As Sid walks away, Roshni sees the back of his head. She turns around and sees the sweet he left on the counter then she accidentally bumps her head on the stand, the exact spot Sid was holding on to. The bump causes her to bleed on her forehead. Sid follows Anya home.

They see her Aunt who thinks Sid is the boyfriend. The Aunt screams and runs out of the room. Sid asks what’s going on? He suggests they leave. A woman yells at them to hold on! Sid freezes. The woman comes downstairs.

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