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King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Raj berates Sid at home for speaking to Roshni that way! He says if things were discussed calmly, things can be worked out.
Sid says Roshni’s family keeps treating him horribly despite all he does for them and this time, he won’t take any chances especially with Misha’s life! Misha says she will just go back to London. Sid asks for the ticket and she gives it to him.
He tears it up and says she is not going anywhere because they’re getting married at 8am in the morning.
His Parents are shocked.
Sid tells them that they are welcome to attend the wedding but if they don’t want to come, he doesn’t care!
He takes Misha with him and they leave the room.
His Grandmother breaks down.
His Parents look miserable.
In the morning, Misha is getting ready for the wedding and she can’t believe how her luck changed; she is finally getting married to Sid with Roshni completely out of the picture!
Misha puts the veil on her head and smiles seeing her reflection.
Kritika comes to call her for the wedding.
Sid and his Parents are seated on the mat for the ceremony to begin.
Misha joins them.
The Priest tells Kritika to tie the knot for the Couple.
Kritika ties it.

King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Sid’s Phone starts ringing and it’s Roshni calling.
He ends the call as everyone watches him. Simran asks Raj who is calling? Raj says Roshni.
It rings again and he sees Misha watching him with bated breath.
He ends the call again.
The phone rings yet again and he switches it off. All are shocked.
Misha is relieved.
Roshni calls Raj’s phone.
She tells him she needs to talk urgently to Sid.
Sid says he can’t talk to her! Misha feels delighted.

Raj tells him to just do it.
Sid refuses again.
Raj tells Roshni that Sid doesn’t wanna talk to her. Roshni says he may not want to talk to her but she wants to talk to him. King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Shw tells Raj to put the phone on speaker. He does.
She asks Sid why he’s doing this and how somebody else can just come between them? How did these distance come between them? How can he think of living without his Roshni? She asks Sid how they can live without each other? She says you told me our love will always win. How can their love lose? Roshni says she wont let this distance come between their love. Whatever happened between us was anger. We can talk and sort things out. You and I are made for each other. How can you go to someone else? She asks Sid to reply. She asks Sid if he is coming to her or not? He doesn’t reply.
She vows she won’t allow it and if Sid leaves her, she will die!
She asks that they talk about the issue.
Sid still doesn’t say a word.
She begs him to come to her and to remember that if he leaves her, she will end her life!
She says she has a gun and if he doesn’t come to her in 20 minutes, he won’t see her again!
Roshni has a gun with her.
She says if he’s not in her life, her life is of no use.
She tells Sid the choice is yours, it’s either her or Misha!
Sid picks up the phone and tells her not to do it! She ends the call and Sid panics.
Sid stands up and Misha is disappointed when the knot loosens.
Sid and his family rush out of the house.
Roshni is standing in the middle of her living room with a gun pointed to her head.

Zee World: King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update

Her family members beg her not to do it. Her Grandmother even tries to stop Roshni. DD pleads to her as well but Roshni tells them to stay away or she will kill herself!
She says she will end her life if Sid doesn’t show up in 20 minutes.
Sid and his family arrive.
He begs her not to do it! He pleads with Roshni to listen to him.
Everyone begs her not to.
Roshni still holds the gun to her head.
Sid begs Roshni to put the gun down.
She says she will end her life since he left her! She is hyper. Sid and all are pleading to her.
Misha walks in and watches calmly. She wishes Roshni would just pull the trigger and give her her Sid.
Right then, Sid goes to wrestle the gun from Roshni and the gun goes off. Bullet is fired but in air.
Sid throws the gun from Roshnis grip to the floor. Roshni is hyper and breaks down. Sid tries to calm her.
All breathe a sigh of relief. Sid is in tears and asks her not to ever do anything like this again! He promises to marry her. They are all relieved.

Misha is furious and looks at the gun lying on the floor.
Roshni pleads to Sid to never leave her. Sid promises.
He tells Roshni that she’s the only one he loves and he can’t leave her, so they will get married today!
Misha picks up the gun and shoots in the air.
Everyone is shocked.
Sid tells Misha to put the gun down!
Misha says she’s doing what she should have done a long time ago and that’s to get rid of the person coming between them!
She tells him that Roshni never loved him and nobody can love him like her, as she (Misha) really loves him, and she will kill anybody who comes between them! She points the gun at Roshni. Misha says she has tried to get him since so many years.
Roshni says her Mother was right and Misha was just pretending!
She says Sid has always been in love with her and if Misha wants to shoot her, she can go ahead but Sid will never love her (Misha)!
Roshni’s family begs her to stop provoking Misha.
Roshni keeps daring Misha to shoot her!
Misha shoots her in the stomach.
Sid Panics. He holds her as she falls, bleeding from the stomach. King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Everyone rushes to Roshni’s side in tears.
They try to call an ambulance but Misha threatens to shoot anyone who tries to make a phone call as she wants Roshni to bleed to death! Sid tells Roshni that she can’t
leave him!
Misha acts madly and tells Roshni she should have listened to her Mum!
She says Roshni is just like her Dad and he didn’t listen to her even when she tried to reason with him, so she killed him in Roshni’s bedroom.
She says if she can have her own Parents locked away, she doesn’t care about anybody else!
She says she stabbed Shiv with a pair of scissors again and again!
Everyone is horrified at the things she is saying. Roshni is in extreme pain hearing her father’s murder by Misha.
Misha says Roshni will die like her father, then it will be DD’s turn and then she will kill everyone, and marry Sid forever! Sid says it will never happen! Everyone looks on.
Roshni looks at Sid and he shouts ‘Game over!’
Everyone looks confused.
Roshni sits up and shows she’s not really bleeding, it’s fake blood. She also shows the bullet in her hands.
Everyone except Sid is shocked.
Sid tells Misha it’s game over!
Misha says it can’t be! She’s shocked to see Roshni safe and fine, without any bullet injury.

Both Grandmothers and everyone are happy seeing Roshni fine.
Misha points the gun at Sid and there is a bang but Sid is not injured.
Sid tells her the bullets are fake and so is the blood.
He calls for the Inspector to arrest Misha.
The Police who has obviously been waiting outside, enter and hold Misha.
Sid tells her there’s nothing left now after she has confessed to her crime and she doesn’t deserve his friendship or mercy and she will never have him as her life partner!
She goes to grab Roshni but Sid pushes her off.

King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Misha starts acting and says they are lying! Simran slaps her and says she didn’t expect that from Misha and she really wanted to get her married to her Son!
Raj says if there are more people like her, then they would stop believing in humanity!
Roshni asks if she thinks she’s the only one who can play games?
She says she and Sid put up an act and everything was a game; they planned to make her believe Sid would marry her, then call it off at the last minute!
There is a flashback of Sid sitting by the poolside of DD’s house, studying Misha’s Medical records he found in DD’s room.
He plays Shiv’s voicemail message to DD warning her about the crazy woman that wants to separate Sid and Roshni!
Roshni says it means her Mum was right.
She asks what they would do?

Roshni is the one who comes up with the plan. He shares it with Sid which is muted. Fb ends.
In the present, Sid tells Misha that he didn’t really believe Misha was the Culprit but Roshni convinced him.
He says DD made it possible because she got her Medical files.
Misha tells him she loves him and he can’t do this to her.
He tells her to get out before he loses his temper!
The Police take her away.
Sid and Roshni stare at one another, then hug.
Everyone joins then in a big group hug, except DD.
In the morning, Roshni wakes up and picks up a photo of Sid from her bedside table.
She gets a call from him and she asks how he knows she’s missing him?
He says he knows.
Roshni says they haven’t seen each other in a while but she misses her Dad and if he was alive, he would have been happy.
Sid says her dad would have been sad to see her cry.
He says it’s time to cherish his memories.
Roshni says DD says the same thing but she breaks down and cries.
He tells her he has vacated his Wardrobe for her and she should come back soon.
Sid’s Grandmother enters the room and asks if he’s not ready to go…?

Sid covers her mouth with his hand. Roshni asks what his Grandma was talking about? Sid says nothing and tells Roshni he has to go and disconnects the call.
Roshni thinks Sid is weird to talk romantically at one point and disconnecting the call at the other moment. She wonders what he is up to?
DD is standing in front of Shiv’s photo, crying.
She says she is relieved that his killer has been caught and she wishes Sid and Roshni hadn’t met him because he would still be alive.
Her Mother enters the room and asks why She’s still blaming Sid and to remember Sid and Roshni were the one who exposed Misha?

DD says they know Misha because of Sid, so she can’t trust the people he brings into their lives.
Her Mother asks why she doesn’t want to listen and reminds her that Sid was the one who brought Shiv back into her life, yet she blames him for every bad thing that happens!
DD asks if the portrait she ordered has been delivered?
Her Mother confirms it has and asks her to tell her where to hang it?
DD leaves the room. King of Hearts 24 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Her Mother goes to the photo and begs Shiv to show DD the right path and to remember Sid was his friend and help him.
Sid and his family dance into DD’s house with a band playing. Roshni looks on surprisingly.
DD stares at him. He sees the look on DD’s face and tells them to stop dancing.
Jigna asks why he stopped them?
Sid says he has to do something very important.
Roshni’s Grandmother greet them.
Sid’s Grandmother goes to Roshni’s Grandmother to ask for Roshni’s hand in marriage for Sid. She tells Roshni’s Grandmother that they want to make Roshni the daughter-in-law of their house and want to take her home. Everyone is happy. Roshni blushes. Sid teases her.
Roshni’s Grandmother says Roshni belongs to them, so they can take her away. Raj says you said right.
DD says Roshni is my daughter and not a toy to play with, so they can’t take her and She won’t leave from here!
Sid asks why things always have to go wrong? He asks what happened now ex Mother-in-law?
DD says after all that has happened, she can’t let him marry Roshni!

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