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King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update



King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update – Sid dares Bansi to touch Roshni! Shabnam asks if she didn’t warn Bansi that this would happen? Bansi tells Roshni that she has been seeing Sid behind her back all this time. She drags Roshni with her and says she will make a decision about her today! As they leave, Roshni turns to look at Sid with her eyes pleading.

After they are gone, Simran tells Raj that their plan has failed. Sid says the plan didn’t fail but for now, he has to go and be with DD. At the house, Bansi pulls Roshni’s ear and scolds her. DD runs to Roshni’s aid. Bansi says she wants to teach Roshni a lesson! Kunal accuses Roshni of having fun with a stranger.

Bansi says Sid always saves her but he isn’t around now. She raises her hand to slap Roshni, but Sid/Jyoti appears and grabs her hand. Kunal tells Roshni to take off the bracelet because he’s sure Sid gave it to her! He snatches the bracelet and throws it on the ground, breaking it.

Shabnam says Roshni will get married to Kunal in 5 days but until then, she would remain locked up in the house! Bansi agrees. Sid tells DD that he doesn’t know what to do, Roshni just started remembering but now, Bansi and her family have blocked him from seeing her as Sid. He says he needs to find a way out. DD says she knows Kunal had a Sister and her family was very cruel to her, so she died and she doesn’t know if it’s of natural causes. Sid says he will use that information to create his next look.

King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update

Simran brings some saris home and tells Raj that she has to give them to Sid to wear as Jyoti. Shabnam enters the house and Simran asks what she’s doing here? Shabnam says she came to give them invitations to Roshni’s wedding. Simran throws the invitations on the floor and Shabnam hits the boxes of sari from Simran’s hand in retaliation.

She tells them not to come if they don’t want to, but they should make sure Sid shows up!
Bansi gives some bangles to Kunal to give to Roshni. Premal imagines he’s giving it to Jyoti. They hear Roshni screaming from the room. They rush into the room and see Sid/Jyoti disguised as someone possessed. She holds a knife over Roshni and tells her she must not marry her brother!

Premal says it must be Purvi, his late daughter’s spirit. Bansi asks how her spirit possessed Jyoti? Sid asks Premal if he likes Jyoti a lot? Premal stutters. Sid flings Kunal towards the wall and he hits his head. He goes to him and put a leg on his stomach, preventing him from getting up.

Kunal tells him he’s her brother. Sid says they ruined his life and he will make sure the wedding never happens! Bansi tells Premal to do something to stop the evil spirit!

Premal makes some incantations. Sid starts talking like Jyoti again. Premal says his prayer worked. He puts his hand on Jyoti’s shoulder and Sid cuts him with the knife. He goes after Bansi. Bansi hides behind Premal.

Roshni’s Grandmother goes to get holy water. She pours some on Sid and he pretends to be back to Jyoti. Premal tells Bansi that their sins are catching up with them. Shabnam tells them she’s sure it’s just a conspiracy.

DD is watching. Premal says they have to perform a prayer session to ward off the evil spirit. Shabnam goes to her room and begins to wonder how Jyoti knows about Kunal’s sister when she has never been to their village? She concludes that Sid, DD and Jyoti might be in cohorts and she will find out the truth!

  • King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update

A Priest is invited to conduct the Prayers. At the end of the session, he tells them that the wedding can’t take place till the night of the full moon otherwise the problems will continue. Bansi says it’s very far off.
Sid enters the room as Jyoti. Shabnam looks at the sari he’s wearing and remembers she saw the same Sari with Simran.

When Sid leaves the house, Shabnam follows him in a Cab. Sid goes to his family home. Shabnam follows him and concludes for sure that Jyoti is in cohorts with the Khuranas. A Maid comes out of the house and Shabnam asks if she can do her a favour? Sid is back as himself inside the house. Simran begs him to eat.

Shabnam enters the house dressed in the clothes the Maid was wearing, but covers her head completely. Simran tells Sid that’s she got two more Saris for Jyoti and she left them in his room.

Bunty enters amd asks Shabnam why she’s covering her face with a veil? Simran and Sid turn to see her. Shabnam says she has conjunctivitis and doesn’t want to infect them. She picks a broom to sweep.
Premal is singing. Shakun asks why he’s singing a love song and dressed as if he’s the groom? She tries to take the book he’s holding, but he hides it from her. King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update

DD pretends to bump into him with a basket and he falls down. Shakun picks up a photo that falls out of the book. She shows the photo to Bansi and says Premal is in love. It’s a photo of Jyoti. Bansi asks Premal how he could do such a thing! She raises her hand to slap him. He holds her hand and says he has had enough, she can’t dictate to him how he should live his life!

He admits he’s completely in love with Jyoti. He starts singing his romantic song again.
Shabnam goes to Sid’s room and peeps. She sees Sid and the next minute, she sees Jyoti. She wonders if Sid is having an affair with Jyoti?

Simran taps her and asks what she’s doing here? Shabnam says she came to clean Sid’s room. Simran tells her she already cleaned the room and she should just go home. Sid comes out of the room fully dressed as Jyoti.

Shabnam gets home and starts yelling for Jyoti! She sees her and grabs her by the neck while accusing her of biting the hands that fed her! She says she saw her going to Sid’s place. She asks if she’s in cohorts with Sid? Premal tells Shabnam to leave Jyoti alone! Kunal tells Shabnam also to leave Jyoti alone! Jyoti says she takes everyone in the family as hers.

Kunal says Jyoti came to tell him that Sid has been following her around and trying to get her to get information on them, but Jyoti refused to switch sides. He says she even recorded everything. Kunal plays the recording on his Phone. King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update 

In the recording, “Sid’s real voice tells Jyoti to switch sides and he will make her very rich. He switches his voice to Jyoti and says he can’t switch sides and Roshni belongs to Kunal.” Kunal asks Shabnam if she has any more doubts? Shabnam is quiet. Jyoti says he can’t stay any longer because the family has humiliated him. Kunal says Jyoti should stay. Shabnam says she knows what she saw! Kunal tells her that only Sid is the enemy.

At night, Sid is sleeping on a mattress in the living room. Shabnam sneaks past to Roshni’s room. Sid hears her footsteps and wakes up. Shabnam takes out a syringe and she’s about to inject Roshni, but Jyoti grabs her hand and asks what she’s doing in Roshni’s room with a syringe?

The rest of the household gathers. Roshni asks Shabnam what it is? Shabnam says it’s her own medicine as she is diabetic. Jyoti tells her to inject it into her owm arm because diabetes is a serious medical condition. Shabnam has no choice, but to inject herself. She holds her head and falls. Roshni and Bansi panic. Shabnam stands up and asks if they were expecting something bad to happen to her? She walks away and Sid tells himself that Shabnam is up to something. King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update

Shabnam goes to the bathroom and tries to draw out some of her blood with a syringe, saying she has to take the drug out of her body. She gets out of the bathroom and sees Sid/Jyoti. He tells her that he brought her juice. Shabnam says she doesn’t want.
Sid says it’s for her diabetes. He sees the little plaster on her arm and asks what it is? She says she cut herself. He insists she has to take the drink otherwise, he would doubt she really has diabetes. Shabnam drinks it. Sid sees some keys tied to Shabnam’s Sari and tells himself that he has to get his hands on them so he can see the drugs Shabnam has been injecting Roshni with.

  • King of Hearts 24 October 2019 Zee World Update



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