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King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series



Today’s episode starts when Roshni cries hugging him and asks where did you go, Sid…? She hugs him again and cries. Raghu reciprocates her hug surprisingly. She says she missed him so much and she calls him Siddharth. She shows him her wedding necklace and vermillion and says she’s still wearing it. She hugs him again. She begs him to promise he would never leave her. He looks confused. She asks why he’s not saying anything? He says he doesn’t understand what she’s saying and doesn’t know who she is. He says his name is Raghu and not Siddharth! He begs her not to touch him. He says he is a Mechanic and she came to his garage to get her Car fixed. He says he is going.

Roshni shouts Siddharth and faints. Raghu turns and sees her falling down. He comes to her rescue and holds her. He lifts her in his arms and take her to his house. Roshni’s wedding necklace got stuck to his chain. He lays her on the bed and looks at her lovingly as she is still unconscious. He pushes her hair from her face then asks himself if this is really happening to him? He wakes her up and thinks he is feeling strange and pours water droplets on her face.

Roshni gains consciousness. He says the day she came to his garage, he was checking her out but he is not Siddharth and she still owes him some money from having her Car fixed. Roshni holds his face and tells him not to lie because she knows him too well!

King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update

Raghu says she needs to stop as she’s making him feel uncomfortable! Roshni asks, why he brought her to his place? He says she broke down just like a car breaks down and he brought her to take care of her out of humanity. Roshni says her Mother has been in jail for 6 months, charged with his murder, her Grandmother is paralyzed and Shabnam is still making life hell for her!

Raghu says he doesn’t know any of those people and there is nothing he can do. Raghu feels bad and says you don’t want to give me 360 Rs and that’s why you’re acting. Roshni says he is right, he can’t be Siddharth because Siddharth wouldn’t be like this, he feels the pain of others! She leaves and Raghu’s Mother enters. She asks Raghu who the lady was?

Raghu says he fixed her car and she left without still paying him. She tells him to find where she lives and gets his money back.

Sam complains to Mona that she hasn’t been able to contact Yash for 6 months and she feels Shabnam is lying to them about speaking to him all the time. Mona agrees Shabnam may be deceiving them just to keep them in her corner.
Shabnam enters and asks Mona if she doubts her after she has been taking care of them? Mona and Sam are quiet. Shabnam says she told them that if they can’t trust her, then they can leave the house! Sam says Shabnam is lying and says Sid might unite her and Yash. She says she missed Sid. Shabnam sets fire to Sid’s pictures. Roshni’s

GrandAunt tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen. Roshni enters the house and breaks down when she sees the photos. She tries to put out the fire with her hand but the pictures are already burnt. Shabnam throws Sid and Roshni’s marriage pic in the fire and says somethings should have been burnt!

King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update

Roshni says Sid’s memories are in the photos. She turns to Shabnam and asks if she wants to deprive her of Sid’s memories! She gets a cup or water and pours the ashes from the photos in the water and drinks it. She then applies the ashes on her clothes, and asks Shabnam to beat her. She says Sid is in her and she can’t kill him! Everyone is shocked. She tells Shabnam that she can never get rid of Sid’s memories no matter how hard she tries!

Roshni makes her Grandmother sit in the Car. Her GrandAunt tells her she’s very proud of how Roshni has been taking care of them all since DD got arrested and says her love gave her strength. She asks her to take care. Roshni thanks her and drives off.

Roshni is taking her Grandmother to the hospital. Just then, Raghu comes there and sees Roshni’s Car going. He chases after her and stops her at a traffic light. He says he wants his Money! Roshni asks are you mad! Roshni’s Grandmother looks at him and she’s able to move her hand slowly to touch Roshni. Roshni sees her moving hand and holds her hand. Raghi looks at them. Roshni’s Grandmother points at Raghu and gets emotional. Raghu looks on.
Raghu says he wants his money so he can go! Roshni breaks down in tears. The traffic eases and Roshni drives off. She parks the car and tells her Grandmother that she’s so happy she was able to move her hand.

Raghu knocks on her Car window again. Roshni tells him in the excitement that her Grandmother moved her hand. Raghu says he just needs his Money. She gives him his Money. He complains that she gave him 500 instead of 360 Rs. She says she can always collect her change later. He says he just wants his 360 Rs only. Roshni asks him to go to hell! She ignores him and enters the Car. She tells her Grandmother that the person she’s seeing is not Siddarth. Her Grandmother gets teary eyes. Roshni drives off and Raghu follows. At the hospital, the Doctor examines Roshni’s Grandmother and says there has been an improvement in her hand and something must have excited her. He arranges for physiotherapy session for her.

Roshni tells her Grandmother not to let anyone know about the improvement, else Shabnam will do something. She says she will pick her up after 2 hours. Roshni comes to the hospital parking lot and sees Raghu sitting on her Car. She accuses him of stalking her! He says he needs his Money! Roshni says she already paid him! He says he only wants what he is owed and he can buy her a cup of coffee to pay her back the balance.

Roshni asks if he’s asking her out? He says he’s just trying to pay her back. She gives him the 500 Rs again and tells him to keep the change. Raghu refuses to keep the change. Roshni says Sid, she doesn’t want to drink Coffee. Raghu says he will not leave until he gives her her 140 Rs change. He becomes a nuisance, asking passersby to break the 500 Rs. Roshni agrees to go for the Coffee if only he would keep his mouth shut!

Raghu says she’s very lucky to drink Coffee with him and asks her to sit on his bike. Roshni refuses. Raghu asks if she is having a change… and asks her to sit. Roshni gets on it reluctantly and they leave. Kritika goes to the neighborhood where Bunty saw Raghu. She has a photo of Sid and asks passersby if they have seen him? She thinks she shouldn’t have trusted Bunty!

Raghu’s mother is on her way home from the market. She bumps into Kritika and the photo falls to the ground. She complains that Kritika should watch where she’s going! She sees the photograph and tries to hide her panic. Kritika asks if she has seen her brother around here? She says she has never seen him and she tears the photo and says she’s getting even with Kritika for throwing her bag down!

  • King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update

Roshni and Raghu arrive at the Coffee shop. Raghu asks the Waiter to switch on the fan. The Waiter says the AC is on. He irritates her as he places his order. When the Coffee ☕️ is delivered, he takes a photo happily with the Coffee and says he will send it to his Mum. The Waiter smiles looking at him. Roshni is dying of embarrassment. He sips his Coffee from his saucer and makes noises with it.

Roshni feels awkward and almost faints. Roshni asks, for the bill? Raghu says he already said that he would pay for it! He looks at the bill and he’s almost in tears when he sees it’s 500 Rs for the Coffee. Roshni tells him to consider it her treat. He says he doesn’t accept charity and he pays the Money.

Roshni says she doesn’t want to see him ever again! He insists he will keep coming till the 360 Rs is settled. Roshni goes to see DD in Prison and tells her about Grandmother’s progress. DD asks how it happened? Roshni says Siddharth came back. DD is shocked.

DD asks if he is alive, then why didn’t she tell her? Roshni says it wasn’t Siddharth but a look-alike and he’s just a Mechanic, and his name is Raghu, but she’s very disturbed as she thought it was Sid. DD says he could be Siddharth because he was very upset with all of them for doubting him and maybe he wants to teach them a lesson, plus he’s a Prankster.

Roshni says she wishes, but it’s not true; He is not Sid. DD says she accepts and says Roshni has to keep in touch with him because she has a gut feeling he’s Sid and says their independence is related to him. Roshni says he’s not Sid, but Raghu… DD says there is no guarantee that he is not Sid and asks her to get her a Photograph of him, and even if he’s not Sid, they would still present him to the world as Sid.

Roshni is with Raghu at his garage. She tells him of the plan and says she will pay him 500,000 Rs. He seems to be blown away. He says he has to think about it and doesn’t think he would do it for that amount. Roshni tells herself that he’s not Sid because Sid has never been impressed by Money.

Roshni asks him what his price would be? He says 500,000 and 360 Rs. He says she still has to pay him what she owes him and she will also buy him Coffee of 500 Rs. Roshni says it’s a deal! She tells him not to let anyone know about the plan. Raghu says he doesn’t hide anything from his Mother. Roshni says he can’t tell anyone and that includes his Mother!

After Roshni leaves, Raghu sits in his garage thinking about how he would hide such a thing from his Mother. His Mother enters the garage and asks if he is not hungry? Raghu says he is very much hungry. His Mother asks how he could hide such a thing from her because of Money and asks him to go after her death! Raghu is shocked. His mother forbids him from helping the girl (Roshni). King of Hearts 24 September 2019 Update

Next day, Roshni is driving in traffic. Raghu knocks on her Window and says he has only a few seconds to talk to her before the light turns green. He says he doesn’t know how his mother got to know of their plans but she has forbidden him from doing it, so the only way he can do it is if Roshni manages to convince his Mother somehow. He gives her candyfloss and says it’s to help her feel better. Roshni is shocked. He says time up, as the signal (traffic green light) is opened… He leaves.



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