King of Hearts

King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update - Zee World

King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Everyone is gathered on the mat for Prayers. Sid/Jyoti and DD are the only ones standing. Sid/Jyoti gives DD a signal and DD drops a pouch behind Shabnam. Ants crawl out of the pouch and on to Shabnam’s back. She starts scratching her body. Bansi asks what happened? DD says Ants has gotten into her saree.

Bansi tells Shabnam to leave instead of disturbing them! DD helps her scratch and tries to take the keys tied to her Sari, but Shabnam leaves before she’s able to. Sid/Jyoti signals for DD not to worry about it.

Kunal is with Roshni. They are waiting for the band for the Sangeet (Intended Couple’s dance ceremony) to arrive. The band members soon arrive, beating their drums. Sid is part of the drummers, in disguise.

Shabnam invites Roshni to come and dance. The entire household joins in the dance. They danced to the song Dhol Baaje Dhol. Sid pulls the strings tying Roshni’s top from behind. She runs off to the room to retie it. Sid follows her. She sees him and panics that they would get caught!

King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Sid says he didn’t come just to leave her. He’s about to kiss her, but Shabnam comes just then, and taps on Sid’s shoulder. He turns to her and puts a toothpick in his mouth. He starts acting like Raghu. He holds her closely and says he came to see her beautiful face and says Roshni is just an excuse, and nobody can stand in front of her beauty. Shabnam smiles.

Roshni is upset and jealous. Sid sneakily takes the key from Shabnam and hides it behind his back. He pushes her away from him and says not today. She screams for Kunal to come and get Sid! Sid runs off and throws the keys to DD. He manages to take the lift and leave. Kunal asks his Men to take the stairs and get down. Kunal and his Men run after Sid.

DD goes to Shabnam’s room and opens the wardrobe. She takes out the drugs.

Shabnam realises the keys are missing. She enters her room and sees the keys on her bed. She is relieved. She checks the wardrobe for the drugs and heaves another sigh of relief that everything is there. She locks the cupboard. When she leaves, DD comes out of hiding with one of the drugs in her hand.

Kunal is still searching for Sid. Sid is back in Jyoti’s disguise. Kunal sees him and asks if he has seen Sid because they are chasing him? Sid/Jyoti points in a direction. Kunal sends his thugs in the direction…King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Bansi asks Roshni why she saw Sid? She takes a cane and makes to hit Roshni with it. Roshni takes the cane from her and flings it away. She orders Bansi out of her room! Bansi is too stunned to react, she leaves. Sid peeps in.
DD and Sid have come to the hospital to get the drug tested. The result says it’s insulin. DD says she can’t believe it. Shabnam appears behind them, clapping. She asks them if everything is alright? She asks DD what she expected to find in the bottle of medicine?

DD asks what exactly they are doing with Roshni! Shabnam says she’s not so naive to let them find the evidence they need so easily. She tells Sid to come close to her because Roshni will soon be Kunal’s forever. Sid pushes her off. She tells them to just accept the fact that Roshni’s memory will not come back to her again.

At home, Sid/Jyoti is in the Kitchen slicing onions. He tells himself that he needs to act fast. He accidentally cuts himself with the Knife…King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni enters the Mitchen and quickly applies first aid. Sid/Jyoti stares at her and tears well up his eyes. She asks why he’s crying? He says it’s the Onions. Roshni tells him that she wants to see Sid, but he shouldn’t tell anyone. She says she wants to ask him some questions, she knows her family is hiding something from her. She asks if Jyoti would support her? He says always. She hugs him.

Shabnam sees them and thinks to herself that this is what they are up to now. She goes to Kunal to tell him. He tells her that Jyoti is on his side and would never do that. He says when he was flirting with her, it was Jyoti’s plan to make Roshni jealous and fall in love with him. Shabnam calls him a fool and says Jyoti did that to make Roshni get closer to Sid because she would think her husband is unfaithful and Sid is decent. She tells him to go and see how Jyoti is planning to help Roshni see Sid.

Sid/Jyoti and DD are together. He makes a call to Pinto and tells him to set up everything. He tells DD that soon, Roshni would regain her memory. DD tells him the Lord will help him and he will get the love of his life.
Premal arrives and hears DD. He is overjoyed as he thinks DD is talking to Jyoti about him. He decides to fix his wedding for the same day as Kunal and Roshni’s. King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

Jyoti is carrying a rolled-up rug out of Roshni’s room. Bansi stops him and asks where he’s taking it? Jyoti says it’s full of dust and he wants to get it cleaned. Bansi tells Shabnam to check it. Sid/ Jyoti looks uncomfortable. Shabnam reaches for the rug and Premal tells her to stop because he was the one who told Jyoti to have it cleaned! He tells them that Jyoti is free to do what she likes and nobody should trouble her in the house! He tells Jyoti he has made special arrangements in his room for her, so she needs to come. Jyoti says he will come. He carries the rug out of the house.

Shabnam signals for Kunal to follow her. Jyoti gets outside the flat and unrolls the rug. Roshni is hiding in it. They leave the rug and run away. Shabnam and Kunal get outside the flat and see the rug. Shabnam says she was right and Roshni is with Jyoti. They run outside and see Roshni and Jyoti leaving in a taxi.

DD realises that Shabnam and Kunal are not home. She asks Kesar if he has seen Kunal? Kesar says he saw him with Shabnam going somewhere. DD decides she has to warn Sid. She tries to call him but he doesn’t answer.
At night, when Jyoti returns to the house, Kunal tells him his game is up and he’s never to enter Roshni’s room again! Shabnam drags him and pushes him towards the front door.

Roshni is screaming for Jyoti. Some Neighbours are by the elevator, watching. Sid/Jyoti pleads saying he only did what Roshni asked him to do. The Neighbours start complaining that they should settle their family disputes inside and not disturb them, otherwise they would be forced to report them to the authorities!

Bansi tells Jyoti to come inside. Shabnam tries to protest but Bansi signals for her to keep quiet. Premal helps him stand up.

Inside the house, Bansi tells Jyoti that if he ever allows Sid to see Roshni again, she won’t spare him! Everyone else goes to bed but Premal waits behind and tells Jyoti that he will always protect her. Sid/Jyoti decides he has to do something tonight!
In the middle of the night, Shabnam enters Roshni’s room and tells herself that she will give her twice the dosage of the drug! She steps on a large piece of broken glass and starts bleeding. She leaves to go and clean the wound.

Jyoti comes out of Roshni’s bathroom. He picks up the drug and leaves a harmless one behind. He goes to Shabnam’s wardrobe and replaces all the drugs with harmless ones. Shabnam comes out of the bathroom and Sid hides.

She sees her wardrobe opened and checks for the drugs. She sees they are complete and heaves a sigh of relief. She returns to Roshni’s room to inject her. After she leaves, Sid tells himself that it was only glucose and it won’t harm Roshni. King of Hearts 25 October 2019 Update – Zee World

In the morning, Roshni yells for Jyoti, crying. They all rush into her room. Roshni complains that her body itches all over. Jyoti accuses Shabnam of doing something to Roshni. Shabnam denies it. Bansi tells Jyoti to apply some ointment/turmeric on Roshni after she has had a bath.

Kunal drags Shabnam to another room and warns her not to give any drugs to Roshni because if anything happens to her, he would hold Shabnam responsible! Jyoti takes the scene in and says his plan was successful. There’s a flashback of him pouring itching powder on Roshni’s bed.

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