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King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series


King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni is with DD at the Police Station. DD tells her to go and speak to Raghu’s Mother and try to convince her by taking advantage of her weakness. She says they have to do it to give justice to Sid. She asks her to track their weakness and says she will guide her.

Roshni says she will convince her. A lady saves Roshni from getting her foot injured by nail. Roshni and DD thank her. At the house, Roshni’s GrandAunt makes soup for her Sister. Mona asks if she made some for her too! Roshni’s GrandAunt says she did, as she and Roshni are now Servants to Mona, Kesar, Sam, and Shabnam. Mona sees a fly in the soup but doesn’t say anything. Roshni’s Grandaunt places the soup in front of Grandmother and goes to get a napkin.

Roshni’s Grandmother sees the fly and sees Mona looking at her. As soon as Mona turns away, Roshni’s Grandmother throws the bowl down. Mona is shocked, wondering how the bowl fell? Raghu is working on a Car in the garage. He calls for tools and Roshni hands them to him. He is surprised to see her. She asks for his Mother’s weakness so she can use it to convince her to let him pose as Siddharth. Raghu says her only wish is for him to have a Car of his own, a big and luxurious car with AC. He turns and doesn’t see Roshni.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update

Raghu Mother’s friend calls her to come and see the car Raghu bought. Raghu is sitting on the car bonnet. His Mother gets happy and asks where he got the money for the Car? Roshni appears and says she gave it to him. Raghu Mum’s smile vanishes. Raghu tries to convince her. She gets angry and picks up a stone and smashes the headlight. She tells Roshni not to ask her Raghu to do the wrong work for Money and to leave Raghu alone! She tells Raghu that Roshni is a witch! She orders him to get into the house! Raghu obeys.

Next day, Raghu gets to work and his boss fires him for leaving the garage early the day before. Raghu gets upset and says he will open his own garage! As he walks away, he sees Roshni and complains that she is the cause of all his problems! She asks him to look there. It shows a new garage. Roshni says it’s his own garage and says he has seen this dream. He is shocked. She says she is Siddharth Khurana’s Wife and asks him to agree. Raghu says she must really need his help. He reminds her that she is yet to pay him his 360 Rs.

Roshni gets upset and says she’s tired of hearing about that! Roshni asks if he’s mad, can’t he see her helplessness? Raghu refuses to help her and says nobody talked to him like this. He says he’s tired of her attitude and so he won’t help her! He asks her to find another lookalike of Sid!

Roshni apologizes to him. He says they require trust to work together. Roshni remembers that Siddharth also talked about trust. Raghu says he won’t do it! He says they can’t do partnership and tells her bye. As he walks away, Roshni yells after him to go to hell saying he would never be like Siddharth so he can go and says he’s more black than coal. She asks him not to show his face again!

At night, Roshni is looking at Sid’s photos and crying to him to come back. She reminds him of his promise that he will come back for her and says she is breaking down, and cries. She asks him to return as she can’t go on without him. King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series The Maid informs her that Raghu wants to see her. Roshni panics as she thinks of what would happen if Shabnam sees him.

Shabnam gets off the elevator and sees Raghu but he has his back turned to her. As she approaches him to ask him who he is, Roshni pushes him into the elevator and the door shuts before Shabnam can go in. Shabnam thinks who is that Man and what is Roshni doing with him?

Inside the elevator, Raghu asks Roshni why she’s harassing him when he came to help her? Roshni is surprised he came to help. Roshni gets happy. He says he wants the garage so his Mother can lead a good life. Suddenly, the lift stops moving and the electricity goes off. The jolt of the stop pushes Roshni and Raghu together. As Roshni tries to move away, her nuptial necklace gets hooked on Raghu’s Neckchain.

Shabnam gets the engineers to fix the lift. They assure her it would be done soon. Shabnam waits for the lift to come down. She tells herself that Roshni’s secret will soon be exposed! The Technician says that the lift is repaired.
Raghu holds Roshni and comes closer.

Roshni asks him not to come near her! He tells that there is a Cockroach behind her. Roshni shouts and clings to him. The elevator opens just then and Shabnam is standing there. Roshni throws the Cockroach on her. Shabnam turns away screaming and trying to shake it off. Roshni takes Raghu and them runoff. Shabnam doesn’t see his face.

Raghu returns to his neighborhood and he tells himself that if Roshni wants to see him, she has to come to him because he won’t go to her place anymore and says they didn’t even do pest control!

Bunty stops him and asks him to identify himself and asks if he’s really a filmstar like he claimed the other night or he’s Siddarth Khurana? Raghu slaps him and says everyone keeps calling him that! Bunty calls him Sid Khurana. Raghu gets angry. Bunty takes a sip of his beer and tells Raghu that he is Sid, and his Wife (Kritika) is not accepting that fact and made him leave the house. He says his wife doesn’t like him, and that’s why he drinks. He starts crying.

Raghu tells him to be a Man and confess his feelings to his Wife if he loves her and he should take care of her and stop drinking! He says there is so much power in love and asks him to never lose hope. Bunty tells himself that it is true. Roshni is at home. She’s thinking of Raghu and the similarities with Sid. She recalls her intimacy with Raghu and thinks what is she thinking of… She tells herself that he can’t be like Sid!

  • King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shabnam comes to her and asks what is the matter; today, Madam is looking happy? She asks Roshni who she was hiding earlier on and if she has a new lover or it’s the old one? Roshni asks if she’s scared of it being Sid and if she’s scared of losing everything? She says this house is Shabnams, she sent her Mom to jail, made her Grandmother paralyzed and ruined her life! Shabnam is angry. Raghu and his friend Pintu are playing a game (Carom Board).

He turns and sees Roshni. He says she didn’t even offer him tea nor let him sit in her house and now she has come to bother him! Roshni says he has to stop speaking to her like that in such a cheap language; He needs to learn proper gentleman behavior and says she will make him meet a man who is classy and simple. She takes him to a place and plays a video of Sid on the projector screen. He is shocked to see Sid. He tells her that he and Sid are twins.

Roshni says there is a difference and says Sid was having a good heart. He says he doesn’t understand why Sid lives with his Mother-in-law especially one as difficult as that. She asks, how he knows what her Mother is like? He says she’s stubborn so he assumes her Mother would be like her. He asks what she saw in Sid because she’s very beautiful, yet Sid had an affair with her Sister right under her nose.

King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update: Roshni gives him a slap and warns him never to say anything bad about Sid and she doesn’t need his help anymore, so he should get lost! She breaks down asking Sid to come back to her because she can’t live without him. Raghu walks away.

Roshni takes a photo of Raghu to DD in Prison. DD says it’s Siddharth and Roshni needs to check him out. Roshni says she thought so at first but now, she knows better as he doesn’t have any qualities of Sid. DD says they have some similarities. Roshni says she will free her under any circumstances. DD says what is important is to punish Sid’s guilty and she knows Raghu will help them.

Bunty goes back to see Raghu and he’s sad. He says the plan didn’t work with his Wife. Raghu asks the tea seller to give him tea. Bunty says his Wife is always angry. Raghu suggests he takes her out to dinner as she would love it. Bunty asks how he knows she would love it? Raghu tells him to show him one girl that doesn’t like to dine out.
Bunty asks what happens if it fails? Raghu says he has to do something to make her follow him to dinner. Bunty says he’s going to win his Wife.

Pinto asks Raghu where he found such a fool? Raghu says he can’t reveal his plans yet. He says if he unveils all the cards now, then there will be no enjoyment left for the future.

Roshni gets to Raghu’s neighborhood and realizes Shabnam is following her. She finds a way to run off. Shabnam wonders where did she go?
Roshni gets to Raghu’s house and finds him sleeping. She tries to wake him up and he pulls her down on him and covers them with the duvet. She asks what’s going on? He says his mother might see her and she shouldn’t have come. He takes her outside to talk. She tells him she came to apologize. He overdramatizes his surprise by saying he needs to clear his ears and says he is hearing it wrong.

Roshni says she’s sorry Raghu. He says he will accept her apology on one condition, that she gives him a kiss, else he will go and sleep. Roshni asks if he’s mad! He says he will leave if she doesn’t. Roshni starts to think about it. He says he will kiss her instead. She closes her eyes in fear. He leans in and rubs black paint on her top lip, giving her a mustache. He shows her a mirror and laughs at her shock. King of Hearts 25 September 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni sees the black mustache on her face and says Raghu…! He says he respects women and wouldn’t kiss her, besides there are only 3 women he’s devoted to; his Mum, the goddess and the last one, he won’t tell her yet. She asks if they have a deal now? He says it’s a deal. Raghu shakes hand with her and says Man to Man promise.

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