King of Hearts

King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update on Zee World Series

DD is in her room, looking at the Photo album of Roshni as a child. She cries as she looks at the Photos.
Rajveer comes to see her in the room.
She wipes her tears quickly.
He brings her some jasmine tea and says it will make her feel better.

She thanks him. He says no Mother can be alright when her daughter was almost abducted. He tells her not to feel bad about the things Roshni said and from today, all her pain will be his pain.
DD thanks him and says since Sid came into Roshni’s life, things haven’t been the same! Rajveer asks if she doesn’t think she’s being too hard on Sid? DD says Sid shouldn’t have left his Parents in a poor area to come live a luxurious life with her!

Zee World: King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update

Rajveer says he is also living here?
DD says he is like a Son to her, so he can stay.
Rajveer says he will stay for a while because he hasn’t found a nice Penthouse to move to. DD says real estate is a big problem in Mumbai and he is welcome to stay for as long as he likes. He thanks her. She says he can call her Aunty from now on. He thanks her again and leaves.

Next day, Sid is with his Parents.
Simran is in tears as she sees the bruises on his body.
Raj asks him what happened?

Sid says what happened to Roshni is because of him; if he had told her he was Siddharth Khurana, she wouldn’t have had to work. He says maybe DD was right about Money, power and control.
Raj tells him to go ahead and tell Roshni the truth, but not to tell her because he wants to buy things for her, but to tell her because he loves her. Sid says he’s afraid of losing her.
Simran says he can’t lose her and if anything had happened to them, she wouldn’t have forgiven herself.
Sid leaves saying he will tell Roshni the truth.

Roshni is at the Police Station regarding the kidnapped girl’s case. Sid comes to join her. Roshni informs him that the child’s name is Priya, and the Inspector has found her Parents and they were the one who sold her to those Men! She asks how can anyone sell their own child for money, as their problem couldn’t have been that big!
Sid says the Parents may have done it because their hands were tied.

Roshni says nothing should make anyone sell their child! Sid says she’s right and the Parents probably did it for money, but everything is fine now and she can take the child to their NGO. Roshni says exactly, the Parents did it for money!
Sid tells her that money is not always a bad thing, but people’s thoughts! If someone donates money to a charity, it is a good thing and if someone steals money, it is bad. He says not everyone with Money is a bad person.
Roshni says her views won’t change! Money is what has ruined her family, and the Child, Priya, is the proof of what money can do!

She says she is very happy for the type of person Sid is; he has given her a family that doesn’t consider money to be the most important thing.
She hugs and thanks him. Sid couldn’t tell her truth even if he wants to.
Sid gets a text from his Mother, urging him to tell Roshni the truth that he is from a wealthy family.
Sid begs God to help him. King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update

DD is with Rajveer in her Cabin. Krish’s father, Mr. Mehta, comes to visit DD in the Office. He tells her that the fact that their children didn’t get married doesn’t mean they can’t do business together? DD says of course and introduces him to Rajveer as her Son-in-law and Samaira’s husband. Rajveer asks DD to continue with her meeting while he waits outside. She asks him to sit as he is her Son-in-law.

Mr Mehta tells DD that he received a big order from London and he wants to join forces with her.
Rajveer asks why he wants to do the business with them?
Mr. Mehta says that he can’t afford to pay for the order now, but DD can pay for it and he will provide the labour, then share the profit 50-50.
DD asks how much she will need to invest? Mr. Mehta says 50 million, but the profit margin is a lot.
DD asks if that’s a good idea, as she cannot risk such a big cash!
Rajveer says instead of keeping it idle, she can invest.

At home, Mona tells Samaira that she has changed since she came back from the US! Samaira says her husband is rich, so she can do what she wants, and can buy anything for her now.
She tells Mona that she has done so many favours for DD for a very long time, and not anymore!
Mona says this her new behaviour is not good!

Samaira says in childhood, Roshni was always ahead of her as her Mother was rich, so Roshni had everything and everyone loved Roshni, but she got Roshni’s old clothes instead and no one cared about her, and even DD was ruling on them, and now, she will rule them as her husband is rich!
Mona assures her that Roshni loves her.

Samaira says things have changed now because Roshni married a poor Man, while she married a rich one!
Resham who is listening to them, is put off by Samaira’s words, and thinks She is a bad girl and all the negative spirits are in DD’s house!

Sid and Roshni are home. He tells her to imagine he becomes very rich overnight and they don’t have to stress about anything? She says she will become very unhappy! He says his love won’t change because he worked hard to make the Money.

King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update
Roshni says she has seen what money can do and how it ruins relationships! She says she is happy with the way they are now. She demands to know why he is asking, if he got a lottery? Sid doesn’t respond. She asks him to stop joking then!
She leaves for work and Sid is left thinking of what to do?

Roshni goes to her NGO with the girl, Priya. She introduces her to everyone, but Priya is very quiet. She sits all by herself.
Roshni gives all the children burgers.
One of the kids tells her to help him cut his burger. Roshni helps him and asks Priya if she needs help cutting hers? Priya takes the knife and cuts the burger herself.
Munya, the guy who looks after the children, asks if he should help her?
Roshni says she’s just sad and with time, she will get used to the kids.
The children bring some School forms for Roshni to help them sign.
She remembers it’s Naani’s birthday, tomorrow.

Rajveer invites DD to lunch.
As they leave the Office, Sid stops DD and says he hopes she hasn’t agreed to the deal with Mr. Mehta because she will be in trouble. DD says it must be as he married Roshni forcefully instead of Mehta’s Son. Sid says she is losing her memory, and reminds her that it was his Marriage with Roshhi, but Krish wanted to forcefully marry her. He again says that she will bear losses if she does business with the Mehtas.

DD tells him to get lost and not to give her any business decisions! She tells Rajveer to groom Sid to become more like him! Rajveer tells DD that Sid should come with them on their lunch date, as they can discuss about Mr Mehta’s deal there. DD says she will not and leaves.

Sid gets Roshni’s call. She tells him that tomorrow is Grandmother/Naani’s birthday and they need to plan something for her.
Rajveer comes back to collect the files for the deal with Mr. Mehta from SId. He hears part of the conversation and asks whose birthday it is?
Sid says it’s Grandmother’s.

Today’s King of Hearts 27 May 2019 Update

At home, Roshni panics and tells Sid that she forgot her grandmother’s birthday and didn’t get her anything!
Sid says he has something planned.
Roshni asks Sid his ideas to celebrate Naani’s birthday? He says they can celebrate her birthday in Lonavla, as she always talk about Lonavla. She likes his idea and says what about the budget? He says it will be under budget and says we will surprise Naani!
Roshni tells him to invite his Parents along. Sid tells her that DD might be a problem though, but he says they will all go and have fun.
Roshni says she doesn’t think anyone could come up with a better plan than him!

Grandmother is praying.
She hears a noise and turns to see Roshni and Sid who run to hug her and wish her a happy birthday!
The rest of the household comes out to hug her as well.
Roshni says she and Sid has a great plan for Grandmother’s birthday!
They all move to the living room to see Rajveer standing with his back turned. He turns around and wishes her a happy birthday! Grandmother asks where the Music is coming from?

Rajveer escorts her to the Pool area. She sees the place is beautifully decorated and there is a band playing.
Rajveer says he is sure no one planned a surprise birthday for her, so he and Samaira decided to put a party together for her and he hopes she likes it.
DD says she didn’t expect such a thing from anyone else!
Roshni and Sid doesn’t look too happy.

Grandmother’s friends arrive and she is pleasantly surprised.
Resham and Kesar say it is a lovely party!

Roshni looks sad. She goes to Grandmother, but Sid pulls her away and tells her not to feel bad because it’s not a competition, so she shouldn’t mention their initial plans of a picnic to grandmother.
Grandmother cuts her cake and everyone sings her the birthday song.
She feeds the entire family a piece of cake each.

Sid thinks to himself that this is what he wants for the family. Everyone is so happy.
He says Rajveer may have beaten him to a surprise, but it’s a victory for him.

Kesar and Resham see a psychic (A tarot card reader). She tells Kesar that he is in a financial crisis; he earns money, but his income isn’t steady, and soon, he will get a lot of money, but he needs to plan it well so he doesn’t lose it all! She tells Resham that someone will come into her life and won’t talk much to her, but she should be prepared.
Resham asks how will he look? Kesar says he will look just like him! Resham gets sad and says she doesn’t want two Kesars!

DD goes around to the guests. They commend her for such a lovely party, but she tells them it was Rajveer who planned the party! She calls Samaira and Rajveer and introduces them to the guests.
Roshni is not happy. She tells Sid that there is someone at the party that she has fallen for.

He asks who it is, and she says she’s already married to him. She asks if he is sad that his plan didn’t work out?
Sid says Grandmother is happy and that’s all that matters because Rajveer didn’t do it on purpose.
She holds him as if she wants to kiss him, and he says people are watching.
She laughs at him.

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