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King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update



King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update – Naina says such a thing has never happened to Anya before. Sid says she will be fine. Neel warns Sid not to say anything because he loves his Sister! Sid says they don’t know the truth. Neel says Anya hasn’t been happy since she married Sid! Roshni looks uncomfortable.

Naina tells Neel not to talk to his brother-in-law like that. Neel says Sid has been selfish and has dumped Anya at her family home! Sid asks if he’s done? He says he will tell him the truth.The Doctor comes out of Anya’s room and says she is asking to talk to her husband. Naina tells Sid to go in. Sid tells Anya that he’s sorry for what happened. Anya asks why he saved her?

King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update

Sid says he will talk to her family members. Anya says she’s pregnant. Sid is shocked. Anya asks what she will say to her family? Sid says they will think of something. Anya says the only way is to find Arav. Sid promises to find him and bring him back. He tells her to promise him that she won’t let Neel and Ragini get married no matter what.

Naina gives Roshni a ring. Mittul says Roshni’s ring finger is covered in a plaster and it’s a bad sign. Naina says she can put it on her other hand. Mittal says Sid hasn’t even come to see Anya. She asks if Roshni has seen him? Naina asks why Roshni of all people would know anything about Sid? Sid meets up with Pintu. Pintu says Arav and his family moved to Mumbai. Sid calls his friend who works at the Airport, to find out if he has any news about a guy named Arav?

The Airport staff was a bit reluctant, then says Arav and his family moved to Mumbai because of a medical emergency and they are at the City hospital.Sid arrives at the hospital. He goes to the ICU and looks in. A Man taps him on the shoulder to ask if he knows his Son Arav? Sid nods. Arav’s father takes Sid to the corridor to meet his Wife and Mother. King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update

Sid says he’s a friend of Anya and Arav. His Mother warns Sid not to mention the name or the evil woman who left her Son when he was afflicted with a deadly disease! Mittul sees Anya vomiting then sucking on a lemon. She goes to tell Neel that Anya’s not getting any better. Neel says he will go and see her.A band enters the house.

Simran follows them, bringing presents. She suggests to Naina that Sid and Anya should get married same time as Ragini and Neel and they should make the announcement today. Naina likes the idea. She calls Ragini. Roshni and Simran are surprised to see one another. Naina introduces them to one another. Roshni calls Simran Mum. Naina says Roshni still calls her Aunt but calls Simran Mother.

Roshni apologizes. Simran tells Roshni that she suggested to Naina that Sid and Anya should get married at the same place and time as Roshni and Neel. She asks to see Anya. Mittul tells her she’s resting. Sid calls Anya to let her know Arav is in a coma. Anya is stunned. Sid says he will come home and explain to her. Anya breaks down saying she thought Arav left her while he was in a coma all the while.

Simran stands at the doorway listening. She vows to do something about Arav so that Roshni and Sid can’t get back together! Roshni meets Sid at the hospital and asks why he called her there? He says he wants to show her Arav so that she would know he’s not married to Anya. King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update

They enter the room and the bed is empty. Sid panics and tells Roshni that Arav was there. He stops Doctors and Nurses walking past to ask about Arav. They all say they have no idea what he’s talking about. Roshni is upset with him as she thinks he deceived her! Sid assures her that he’s telling the truth. Roshni yells at him to just stop it and not ruin the fond memories she has of him! He begs her to listen but she walks outside to her Car and drives away from the hospital.

Sid sees Arav’s father talking to someone in a Car. Simran tells Arav’s father to stick to the plan. He thanks her for letting them move Arav to a private ward and covering the expenses. Sid sees his Mother and says she’s unbelievable. He reminds her of how miserable he was when he thought Roshni died yet she is ruining an opportunity for him to get back with Roshni.

Simran reminds him that Roshni left him for two years without looking for him. Sid tells her not to decide how he should feel about Roshni. He says Roshni still loves him and she’s leaving him because she wants him to be happy but he will get back with her. Simran tells him to just forget Roshni because he’s a victim of a one-sided love as he’s the only one in love. King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update
She vows not to let Roshni come back into their lives! Mittul decides to get a blood sample from Anya so as to know if she’s pregnant. She sneaks into Anya’s room with a syringe but her husband sees her and asks what’s going on? Mittul accidentally pricks herself with the needle and runs out.Guests arrive for Ragini and Neel’s engagement Ceremony. Neel asks his Mum if she knows where Ragini is?

Naina goes to look for her. Roshni is in a room, dressed up and waiting. She is shocked to see a masked Man enter the room. The Man gags her mouth and ties her hands then takes her forcefully to his Car. Neel’s Uncle sees Roshni as the Car drives off.

He goes back to inform the family that Ragini has been kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. Neel asks if he saw the Kidnapper? The Uncle says it was too dark. Neel makes a Phone call to the Police. Simran tells herself that she knows who has done it. Roshni tells her abductor to stop the Car. Sid takes off his mask and reminds her that he said he wouldn’t let her leave him.

Roshni asks why he did it? She tells him she wants to go home. He says her home is where her husband leaves. He stops the Car and takes her to a hut in the forest. He ties her up again. She tells him he’s a Criminal! He tells her he’s not a Criminal but her husband. He says will now do things his own way because he has let her do things her way for too long. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She doesn’t respond. He asks if she’s hungry so he can order food? She says she’s not hungry! He leaves the hut. Neel asks who could have kidnapped Ragini? He says it might be one of his business partners or maybe an ex-husband. Mittul suddenly realizes who it could be.

Sid brings food to Roshni. She tells him to let her go. He asks what he has done for her to want to stay away from him? He says he has been waiting for her all this while and will continue waiting. He has tears of hurt in his eyes as he accuses her of easily calling him a Criminal. He tells her that their meeting again after 2 years was ordained by God.

Roshni asks why he’s not thinking about how Neel would feel? Sid says he’s thinking about their relationship for the first time. Roshni tells him that Anya is his Wife and he’s only complicating matters; if he truly loves her, he would let her go. Tears are now rolling down Sid’s face. He asks her if she really wants to go? King of Hearts 28 November 2019 Update



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