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King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update – Everyone is still worried about Roshni’s disappearance. Anya asks herself if Sid is Ragini’s ex-husband and if Ragini is the Roshni he keeps talking about? She accidentally drops her ring and Mittul says it’s not a good sign. She asks if Anya has any idea where her husband Sid is?

Naina tells her to keep quiet! She asks what the connection is between Sid and Ragini? Mittul doesn’t respond.Sid is still at the hut with Roshni. He tells her that she worries about everyone else all the time except for the two of them. He asks if she wants to go in spite of knowing it would hurt him? She says yes. He unties her and tells her to go. She stares at him. He tells her it’s not a plan and she can go.

As she leaves, he punches one of the bamboo pillars holding the hut up. She turns to look at him then turns back to continue on her journey. He hits his head against the same pillar. Both his hand and head are bleeding profusely. He breaks a bottle on his head then he falls off the hut onto a bed of hay on the ground. Roshni screams. Sid tells her the tears have revealed that she cares about him. He begs her not to leave him.

King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update

Roshni thinks about all she has heard about Sid being married to Anya and Simran’s warnings that she stays away from Sid. She reaches for his hand. She hears Neel calling her name and she pulls back.

Neel and the Police are looking for her in the bush nearby. Roshni stares at Sid, undecided, then she runs off. Sid lays there with his face covered in blood. Roshni runs to Neel and begs him to take her home. The Inspector tells his Men to search the area for her Kidnapper! He asks Roshni if he saw her abductor? Roshni doesn’t answer. Neel tells them to leave her as she’s still in shock.

In the morning, Kritika answers the doorbell and sees Sid lying on the floor. Simran treats his wounds and asks him if he wants to kill himself for Roshni? The Police arrive and say they have a warrant to arrest Sid.

Roshni is at Neel’s Place. She calls the Inspector to beg him to keep the complaint she filed against her ex-husband private. He agrees to do so. Mittul overhears and decides to find out who Roshni’s ex-husband is! King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update

Sid is thrown in jail. Simran tells the Inspector that Sid is the one who needs protection since he was obviously attacked! She threatens to go over to Naina’s place. The Inspector tells her that Roshni will soon be coming to the Station.As Roshni is driving out, Anya blocks her path and asks why she is going out without telling anyone? Roshni doesn’t know what to say. Anya says she knows she was kidnapped by her ex-husband Sid and her name is Roshni.

Roshni is shocked. Anya asks if she still loves Sid? Mittul comes out to ask Anya for the magazine she gave her. Roshni runs into her Car and drives off.Neel is looking all over the house for Roshni. Anya tells him Ragini has gone back to the hotel as she wasn’t feeling well. He says he will go and see her. Anya tells him to leave her so she can rest.

Simran is still making trouble with the Officers. Their lawyer arrives. Raj begs Simran to relax. Roshni walks in and Simran marches towards her. She shakes her vigorously and asks if she’s not ashamed as Sid is in jail! Raj tells Simran to calm down. Roshni says there is nothing for them to discuss anymore and she just wants to talk to the Inspector.

Sid and Raj are hurt by Roshni’s words. Raj tells her that for the first time, he feels something has really changed. Mittul is outside the Station saying she will find out who Roshni’s ex-husband is! Some Policemen are taking some thieves to jail. They see Mittul and think she’s one of the thieves, so they take her along ignoring her protests.

Roshni tells the Inspector that she wants to add something to her statement. Sid stares at her but she refuses to look at him. Simran asks her how she can do this to Sid! Roshni tells the Inspector to tell Simran to behave herself! She says her ex-father-in-law is an honest man so she doesn’t want his son to remain in jail for a long time but she wants him punished! She goes to face Sid and tells the Inspector to do something about the punishment. Sid looks to hurt to say anything.

She says she believes he deserves the punishment! Sid tells the Inspector that he has given his wife all she has ever asked for but today, she wants to see him in pain; he won’t back out of it and they can hurt him till his life is taken, after all the love of his life wants it. He says he will give his life for her so he will see how much she can stand. Roshni tells the Inspector to let her know when Sid comes to his senses.

Simran asks Sid if he has gone mad! She tells him that Roshni has really moved on. Two Policemen beat Sid up with their batton. Roshni is in the Car, crying and asking why Sid forced her to do it? Neel arrives at the Police Station and meets the Officer that Roshni made an arrangement with. The Inspector tells him that Roshni isn’t there. Mittul tries to explain to the Police that she’s not a criminal but they don’t believe her. King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update

Roshni is all dressed up. She tells Neel on the Phone that she will soon be at the Ceremony. As she tries to open her Car door, Sid grabs the handle. He is covered in more bruises than before and his clothes are stained with blood. Roshni tries to pretend she’s not affected.

Sid tells her he can’t be swayed by a few punches and the Police did exactly what she asked them to do, they broke his bones and hit him badly but he didn’t ask them to stop. She stares at him with no emotion. He says the Police eventually let him go which means they are better than her who left him there. He says he thought he would be able to pacify her and they would have a great future but after what she has done to him today, he started realizing she’s not who he thought but she’s far away from him, manipulating him so he would do what she wants.

Roshni maintains her composure. Sid asks what she wants for him? If it’s to leave her life, she should consider it done as she was never deserving of his love so it’s game over and she wins. He says she’s now dead to him so it’s goodbye forever! He turns around and walks away.

Sid comes to see Anya. She meets him outside and sees his clothes covered in blood. He says he didn’t want to come inside in his condition but he just wants her to know he has helped her as much as he can and he’s done. She begs him. He says he has helped her find Arav and he’s leaving the City. He walks away. Naina invites a Priest to carry out some Prayer at the house.

Ragini and Neel are present. Naina aks for Mittul and Anya? Neel says he hasn’t seen them. The Priest says it’s time to start.Sid suddenly appears and sits beside Roshni. Neel and Roshni stare in shock. Naina asks Sid how he got injured? He says he was in a mild accident and it has helped him realise who he should run after. The Priest says the man and woman should hold hands.

Sid stretches his hand towards Roshni. Neel and Roshni are shocked.Anya appears and holds his hand. Sid says as the Son-in-law, he thinks he should perform the prayers. Naina says it’s a good idea. Roshni and Neel sit opposite Sid and Anya. Roshni stares at Sid.

King of Hearts 29 November 2019 Update

Mittul is in jail. Tishu comes to bail her out. He asks her what happened? She says she came to see the man Ragini was talking to but they mistook her for a thief. He says it’s a good thing nobody else found out.

The Priest tells Naina to distribute the holy offering. Sid says he will do it. Tishu and Mittul retum home and Naina asks why they didn’t come for the Prayers? Sid gives Neel and Roshni their desert. Roshni takes a spoon and screams because it’s too hot. Sid feeds Anya and tells her not to eat in a hurry so she doesn’t burn her mouth like Roshni.

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