King of Hearts 29 October 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 29 October 2019 Zee World Update – Roshni is driving Sid who is dressed as Jyoti. She asks what he’s thinking about? He says he’s thinking of the past 3 months, he’s tired of the Jyoti outfit but Roshni has suffered more than he did and he knows Shabnam is responsible for it all, so he will make sure she ends up in jail for a long time! They see someone lying across the road.

Roshni stops the Car and they get out. They go to the Person who is covered in a blanket and Sid lifts the blanket. They are shocked to see it’s Shabnam. Shabnam points a gun at them and threatens to shoot Jyoti.
Sid’s Parents are at DD’s place. They are all worried about Sid and Roshni. They try their Phones but no response. DD suggests they go out and look for them.

Shabnam tells Jyoti to go and sit in the Car otherwise, she would kill Roshni! Sid/Jyoti moves reluctantly. Shabnam gets in the back seat and gives Roshni directions on where to drive to. Parents are driving around, looking for them.

Roshni swerves the Car forcefully and Shabnam’s gun flies out of the window. Roshni stops the Car. Jyoti gets out and picks up the gun. Shabnam struggles with him and the wig he’s wearing falls off. Shabnam is shocked to see that Jyoti is actually Sid. Sid points the gun at her and asks if she’s shocked? He says he was with his Wife the whole time and none of them suspected. King of Hearts 29 October 2019 Zee World Update

Shabnam lunges at him but Roshni slaps her and asks if she thought she could continue to drug her and make her lose her memory! She says she already called the Police and they will come for her! Shabnam falls on the ground and pretends to be crying. She picks up some sand and throws it in their faces, then she runs into the Car and drives off.
Sid and Roshni are back home. Sid tells DD that Shabnam is not one to give up easily. Shabnam walks in and says he’s right. Some Police Officers follow her.

Roshni tells them that they should take Shabnam away because she was drugging her so she could lose her memory. Shabnam says she was being made to do it by the Doctor who was treating her because he took indecent photos of her and threatened to release them. She shows the Police her Phone.

King of Hearts 29 October 2019 Zee World Update

The Officer says she’s not lying. Sid says she keeps fooling everyone! The Police Officer gives Sid a letter and says the Doctor confessed to it and has been on the run. The Police leave.

DD tells Shabnam that she can’t stay in the house! Shabnam says DD married her father which means she has a right to all of DD’s properties! DD gets angry. Sid tells DD to relax.

Shabnam goes to Roshni’s room and starts throwing her things out. Sid’s Parents arrive. They enter the room with DD, Sid and Roshni. Shabnam tells Sid’s Parents to take their Son to their home and Roshni should go and join her husband and asks if she wants to make her husband live-in So-in-law forever! DD gets angry and tries to slap her. She threatens to report to the Police if anyone touches her! She asks everyone to get out! They leave.

In the living room, DD says they won’t have peace till Shabnam takes her last breath! Sid says she has given him an idea and says wow Mom-in-law, what an idea! DD and his father ask what it is? He tells them that time will tell. Raj pulls his cheeks.

Shabnam goes to the dining to look for dinner. She sees the table hasn’t been set. She goes to the Kitchen and finds all the pots empty. The fridge is also empty. She hears Sid telling Roshni that the Pizza 🍕 is delicious. She goes into DD’s room and sees everyone having Pizza and drinks. She complains that nobody left her any! DD says she’s staying in the house but it doesn’t mean she has to feed her. The doorbell rings. Sid says it must be the ice cream he ordered.
He goes to the door to collect it and Shabnam snatches the box from him. King of Hearts 29 October 2019…

He says it’s his. She says she wants it since nobody gave her food! He says she can have it. She becomes suspicious and tells him to have a taste. Sid takes a scoop. She tells him to have more. He takes another scoop and she snatches the box back from him. Sid runs to the bathroom to spit out what he had. There is a brief flashback of him spraying some substance on the ice cream when he collected it. Fb ends.

Shabnam is in her room, having the ice cream. Sid watches her with a smirk. Shabnam goes to the bathroom to throw up. She asks herself what could be wrong with her? DD and Roshni look at her. DD feels bad for her and asks Roshni if it’s Sid’s plan? Roshni asks why DD is suspecting Sid who has gone to bed?

The Next Morning, Shabnam goes to the hospital for a checkup. The Doctor tells her he will send the result of her test to her.
At home, DD asks Sid if it was part of his plan that Shabnam threw up? He says she guessed correctly but she needs to wait for the rest of the plan.

Shabnam returns home and asks the Servant (Lakshmi) for green tea. DD says the Servant (Lakshmi) will not do anything for her anymore! Sid tells DD to allow it since it’s just green tea she wants. Roshni goes to DD and tells her she would know everything soon.

Shabnam throws up again. The Servant (Lakshmi) takes the tea to her. Shabnam asks if she has any home remedy for the vomit? The Servant (Lakshmi) says if she is throwing up for no reason, it may be something deadly.
Shabnam receives the Medical report at home and she’s happy to see it’s just food poisoning. She sees Roshni holding a similar Medical report but then she locks it up in the cupboard. Roshni sees her and acts shocked, then tells her to leave!
At night, Shabnam sneaks into the room where Sid and Roshni are sleeping. She takes the key and opens the wardrobe. She sees the report is in her name. She goes to her room and starts crying when she sees the report says she’s dying of Blood Cancer and says she’s going to die and thinks this bad people do not want her to know so that she couldn’t get her treatment done.
Next day, she returns to the hospital and meets a different Doctor. He tells her the former one is not available. She gives him the report. He exclaims. She asks what’s wrong? He says he had a Patient with the same condition. Shabnam asks if she really has blood cancer? He tells her she will lose her sight and her hair will start falling off.

Shabnam says she thought this report is fake. He says her hairs has started to fall.
Raj and DD are watching from the window. Raj calls the Doctor who is actually Sid’s friend, Pinto, in disguise. Raj tells him to stop overacting. Shabnam takes the report and runs out. Raj calls Sid and says Pinto said more than he was supposed to. Sid says it’s fine. Raj informs him that Shabnam also left the Clinic.

Roshni tells Sid that Shabnam may go to another hospital to get a second test and their plan will fail. They hear a band playing in the living room. A Woman is dancing as the band plays. Her head is covered with a Veil. Kesar goes to her to ask what’s going on? She puts a flower garland around his neck and lifts her Veil. They are shocked to see it’s a slimmed down Resham, Kesar’s Wife. Everyone is happy to see her. DD comes out to say hello and asks how Resham managed to slim down? Resham says she went on a fruit diet. She hugs DD.

Shabnam comes back home, and as Kesar and Resham are going towards their room, they bump into her. Shabnam asks Resham if she can’t watch where she’s going! Resham tells her off, calling her a white naked ghost asking her to stay far away from her and takes Kesar with her.

Sid tells Roshni that Shabnam is obviously bothered about the things Pinto told her. Shabnam goes into the bathroom and Sid quickly goes into the room to mix something in her facial cream. Shabnam comes out of the bathroom and applies the cream on her face. King of Hearts 29 October 2019 Zee World Update

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