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King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s Update starts with Shiv and DD in Latter’s office. DD asks Shiv to sit and brings ice cubes to apply on his wounds. She says I thought a goon entered here, didn’t know that you came. Shiv says there is a curfew outside. DD asks why did you come here? Shiv says you kept me at your home, took care of me and I could do this. He says Roshni and Sid came with her, but get caught by Police.

He says don’t know until when we have to sit here. DD brings her dupatta and ties around his hand. Shiv stares her smilingly and a background song plays. He thanks her. He says I accepted you as my best friend. DD hears police jeep siren. Shiv says he will go and see. DD says she will accompany him.

Nani, Mona, Yash, and others watch the news on TV and come to know about the riots. Nani panics and gets worried for DD. King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update On Zee World

DD and Shiv start walking on the road and ask someone about the riots on the way. He says the way is clear. Shiv says there is one way. He picks someone’s cycle and says this is the only way to go from here. DD refuses. Shiv says let’s go back to shop then. DD thinks for a while and holds the cycle.

She asks him to ride and sits in front of him. Shiv asks her to wear a seat belt. DD warns him not to make her fall. They argue. Shiv says you don’t have time. Shiv rides the cycle while the song Aye Mere Dil Ke Chain plays. He stops the cycle and says he is not fit as he looks like. Sid asks Nani not to worry. DD reaches home and tells about Shiv saving her. Shiv goes to the room.

Nani says she will tell the truth to DD. Sid stops her and says you can’t do this. You are doing the same thing which Sasumaa did. She says we can talk and solve the matter, why you are complicating things. He brings her to the room. Nani sees DD’s concern towards Shiv.

He says with this one truth, everything will be finished. He asks her to think about his Sasumom’s happiness. Nani says some wounds get poisonous and it should be thrown out. DD asks Shiv to drink turmeric milk. Shiv refuses. DD insists him to drink it. Roshni says she doesn’t like it. DD makes him drink it fully. She turns and looks at Nani, asks if she needs anything.

Zee World: King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update

Nani says she doesn’t need anything and leaves. DD says she will get more ice frozen as they need it. Roshni thanks Shiv for saving her mum. Shiv laughs and says she is my wife first. He says I went to save my Durga. I accept that I ran away from my responsibility. I will always protect you. Roshni asks why you didn’t bring you money that day when you were separated after a fight. She asks whether you were bad. Sid looks on. Shiv blinks his eyes to think about the answer.

Shiv tells Roshni how he struggled to collect money and get back to his family, but by the time he reached, DD had already left with family and he did have the courage to stay with her thinking people will taunt him that he is enjoying wife’s money. Roshni starts crying. Sid tells they have to keep their parents happy and should work on it.

Simran dumb tells her ugly daughter Kritika that she will not let Sid ruin his life and says they will execute their plan as they wish.

Naani is still irked over Shiv and tells Roshni that she is angry on them for telling lie. Roshni says she wants mom to be happy and asks if she did not see her happy since dad came.

Naani goes to DD’s room and sees her singing happily. She says she wants to talk to her. DD says even she wants to talk and says she was thinking Shiv does not have any place in her life and was thinking she will not forgive him if he comes back, but when he came back after losing his memory, she felt she can be happy again by forgiving Shiv and start afresh. King of Hearts 3 August 2019 Update

She says she knows she does not like Shiv, but will she forgive him for her sake. Naani says he happiness matters to her and hugs her. Sid and Roshni get happy seeing that and think their mission is completing. Simran dumb takes ladies’ interview with ugly Kritika for Sid’s remarriage. She does not like any lady…

Shiv tells Naani that he will go forever as he promised. She says she does not like him, but Durga loves him a lot and if he troubles Durga again, she will not spare him. He holds her hand happily and says he prayed for whole life for this day and says he will keep the family reunited. Naani says she still hates him, but she cannot see DD unhappy, so if he wants to start afresh, he should not break DD’s heart. He promises that he will not and will not let DD and Roshni complain. More Update Coming Soon…

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