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King of Hearts 30 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 30 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 30 July 2019 Update: Today’s episode starts with Roshni coming to know that her dad Shiv’s memory is intact. She shouts at him and asks him to get out of her life. Sid asks her to stop overreacting and listen to her dad first. She shouts at him and asks if even he is involved in this.

He says he is and asks her to listen to him first. She continues shouting and asks why did not think about her mom. He says he wants her mom to be happy the rest of her life. She asks how did he meet him. Sid tells he met him on the day of their divorce and reminisces Shiv being followed by goons and requesting to help him.

Sid makes him sit in his car and seeing DD and his shiv’s pic with children in his wallet. He rescues Shiv from goons and calls him Sasurji.

Sid comes back from a flashback and says Roshni that her papa is repenting his mistakes and wants one more chance. He continues that DD’s happiness is only with Shiv and she needs him. Roshni tries to walk out when Shiv stops her, gives her childhood hairband and tells she used to think of holding stars in her childhood, so he brought her this band with stars and told she is a princess. He sings Chanda hai tu….song… and cries vigorously. Roshni says Sid she may give Shiv one chance, but DD may not as she has learned to live without him. She already lied to her mom and cannot give her more pain.

Sid asks her to give him one day to prove that her mom still loves her dad. Roshni says she knows he cannot do anything and gives him 1-day chance and leaves throwing her hairband. Sid thinks 1 day is enough to reunite Roshni’s family. Shiv picks a band from the ground.

Zee World: King of Hearts 30 July 2019 Update

Sid asks DD why she does not want Shiv to work with Raj and says Dad had a vacant position, so he gave it to Shiv. Naani says let him work there, what difference it makes. Sid says even Naanima agrees. Naani says she does not want to talk to him and leaves. Sid tells Roshni he told her mom is stilling missing her dad. Roshni angrily walks out.

DD in her room looks at Shiv’s pic and asks why did he come back in her life, she has learned to live alone and does not need him back and cries. Roshni is surprised to see that.

Biji comes to DD’s office and asks her to show some necklaces to her. She selects one and asks DD to tell the price after discount. DD says 2 lakhs. Biji says she will pay, does not find her wallet, calls the driver and asks to bring her wallet. DD says she can pay later. Shiv enters wearing driver’s attire. DD and Roshni are shocked to see him as a driver.

Biji asks where is her wallet. He says he did not find it in the car. She alleges him that he steals her 2 lakhs. DD says he cannot steal and says Biji she can pay her later. Biji asks if the driver is her relative. DD days no. Sid enters with the wallet and takes Biji. DD stops Shiv. He asks how does she know his name. She says she knows him and he is a qualified doc. She gives him money and asks him to rent a house for himself. He says he does not take anyone’s help and walks out, leaving DD sad.

Roshni watches the incident with Sid. She then hugs Shiv and gets emotional. Shiv also gets emotional. Sid takes her to the garden and starts flirting with her. He says he knows her family well and continues flirting. He then gets Simran’s call and says he will leave now. She asks him to help her remove earring. he does and they both part ways.

DD sits for breakfast with Roshni. Naani comes and says nothing is working well in this house, not even gas is present. DD gets confused. Sid calls Roshni and tells he did his work as planned. The driver comes and tells DD all 3 car’s batteries are down. DD says she bought a car 1 month ago. The driver says he does not know what is happening. Naani says only bad is happening from the morning. King of Hearts 30 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD then reaches office with family and orders food. She starts eating when Biji comes with Sid and tells her bracelet is defective. DD scolds Kesar and sends him to get it repaired. Naani says only bad is happening since morning. Biji asks what happened. Naani says when she went for the pooja, oil was not there, then no gas to prepare breakfast, then no car. Biji suggests her to get a pooja done by her pandit. Naani says she is right, but DD does not agree. Sid says he is with his ex-Sasusma and says if 2-3 problems occur, that does not mean everything will be dark. Just then, the light goes. Naani insists for pooja. More Updates Coming Later…

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