King of Hearts

King of Hearts 30 May 2019 Updates On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 30 May 2019 Updates On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 30 May 2019 Updates On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Roshni tells Mona not to worry; they are cousins and will always make up.
Roshni begs Resham not to feel bad about the things Samaira said. Resham says elders always make fun of her, but today, her niece also made fun of her. She walks away in tears.

Bablu and Pratima are walking at night. He asks how the Men were able to come into the Office and they couldn’t detect? Pratima sees one of the Men who pretended to be tax Official and points him out to Bablu. They dock behind a car to eavesdrop on his phone conversation. The Man tells the caller that he is coming to collect the money and the Police are after them because DD is not just some ordinary woman! He says he will be there in 10 minutes.
Bablu takes a photo of him and tells Pratima that the evidence will help them catch the Men.

Sid and Rajveer are with DD in her Office. She tells Rajveer that she will pay him back his money. He tells her not to worry about it for now. Kesar brings DD a list of people who have incurred a loss due to their profit. DD squeezes the list and flings it!

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 30 May 2019

It lands by the door where Bablu and Pratima are standing and Bablu picks it up. DD asks if he is laughing at her and here to enjoy it? She tells him to please get out of her Office! Bablu shows her the photo of the Man on the phone and asks if he was the one who came to raid the Office? DD asks how does he know? Kesar says Bablu was around earlier in the day. DD says the Man is not important, but where he is standing is what is important; he’s in front of Mr. Mehta’s Office!

DD comes to Mehta’s house and surprises him, and finds him having a drink. She takes his glass of drink and shoves it in his face. She asks why he framed her in a fake income tax raid!
He asks what she is talking about?

DD says she knows what he did and she should have known not to trust him because he is Krish’s father! He asks how she could threaten him at his home, and what gives her the confidence since she came alone!
DD angrily slaps him and warns him not to take her for a weak person because she is a woman! He warns her and says he will not allow her to succeed in her usual quest to compete with Men; he knows how to bruise her ego! He advances towards her and Sid, Rajveer and Kesar enter the room. King of Hearts 30 May 2019

Sid and Rajveer warn him from going near DD or threatening her! Mr. Mehta tells someone to get the Police! DD says they already did that. The Police arrive and say they are arresting him for the raid! Mr. Mehta says he didn’t do anything! The Police say the thugs said he was the one who sent them! Sid starts to believe that Mr. Mehta is actually telling the truth, but he doesn’t say anything.

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