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King of Hearts 30 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 30 November 2019 Update – A wedding planner comes to show Simran some wedding designs. Raj asks her if she thinks Sid can move on so quickly? Simran says Sid is at Anya’s place and he performed prayer with her just like a husband and wife would. Raj says it’s a bad sign.

Simran continues checking out the designs.Sid is in the hallway of Anya’s house, making a Phone call. Roshni comes to ask what he’s up to and if he suddenly likes Anya out of the blue? She asks why he’s using cheap tricks to win her back.

Sid holds her and says if she wants to hear him say he’s putting on an act, it’s not going to happen. He tells her to go ahead and forget the past because he is doing that and Anya is his fresh start. He takes her shawl and rolls it around her, asking her what will happen if her new relatives find out she’s not Ragini and that he’s her husband. He unrolls the shawl so quickly that she almost falls. He tells her to be careful as he’s no longer there to look after her. He walks away and tears stream down her face.

King of Hearts 30 November 2019 Update

Mittul meets Naina in the Kitchen and says she wonders what happened to Sid the day before as he has bruises on his face and wasn’t seen for some time. Naina gets upset and leaves the Kitchen. Anya tells Mittul to stop spying on Sid as she doesn’t like people interfering in her personal life! Roshni watches sadly from the doorway.

Anya meets Sid outside. He thanks her for stopping him from giving up on his love for Roshni. There is a flashback of her telling him to make Roshni chase him instead of the other way round and she would help him since he saved her life and she also doesn’t want her brother Neel to marry a woman who cannot give him her heart.

Next day, Roshni gets dizzy at work. Neel asks what’s wrong? She says she has a slight headache but she can finish the job.Sid comes to the Office asking for Anya. He hugs her and calls her his love and sweetheart. He offers to take her to lunch. Neel tells them it’s Office hours and Anya cannot go! Sid tells him not to come between their love.

Roshni tries not to show how upset she is. Sid tells Neel that he’s one of his most important Clients and wants to give him a tip, he needs to learn to take his wife out sometimes so she doesn’t get bored. Neel gets upset and walks away. King of Hearts 30 November 2019 Update

Sid tells Anya that her brother is boring. He says he thinks he and Anya were meant to be together. Roshni gets upset and leaves the Office.Sid is back home. Simran asks if he’s serious about Anya? Sid says she’s his wife. Simran says she thought he still wanted to be with Roshni.

Sid says Roshni is dead and has become Ragini and her name should no longer be mentioned in the house.Raj meets up with Bunty and Pintu at an ice cream shop. He tells them not to believe all Sid said about Roshni. He suggests they find a way to make him admit the truth.Mittul is in the same restaurant.

Raj sees her and tells Bunty and Pintu that she is someone who can help find out if Sid is truly in love with Anya. He goes to join her at the table and starts small talk that leads to talk about Anya.

Sid is having dinner with the family at Anya’s House. He tells Neel that he wants to move into the house for a few days to be close to Anya. Neel says he doesn’t like the way Sid married Anya and he needs to do it properly. Sid says he and Anya are a match made in heaven.

Neel leaves the table and returns with a pain reliever for Roshni’s headache. Roshni says it’s a good thing for people to know what to do without being told. Sid is offended but tries not to show it.Sid is in the garden with Anya.

He carries her and tells her to follow his acting. Mittul is watching with binoculars from a window upstairs. Anya moans as Sid carries her into the house. Everyone asks what happened? Sid says she fell on the road as she wasn’t watching where she was going. He asks if he can stay in the house to look after Anya? Roshni and Neel are not happy about it. King of Hearts 30 November 2019 Update

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