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King of Hearts 31 July 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 31 July 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 31 July 2019 Zee World Update: Today’s Update starts with the pandit kicking starting pooja at DD’s house. Sid silently drops lamp on seating and sets it on fire. Everyone panic seeing the fire. He brings water and sets it off with help or Roshni. Pandit says it is a big Abshagun. Biji asks the reason behind it. He says someone came seeking help, but they kicked him out from there. Sid says he is telling truth.

DD comes and asks pandit to leave as she does not believe in all this. He leaves yelling she insulted him. Biji asks DD to listen to her as she is her mom’s age. DD says it is her family issue and asks Sid and Biji to leave. Naani tells DD that she has to believe in pooja, etc., and bring back Shiv home. DD says she will not. Naani asks what if Roshni’s life is harmed. DD agrees. Roshni hears that and smiles.

She informs Sid who says he will reunite her family for sure. Raj hears that and smiles. Sid says he will reunite Sasurji and Satsuma. Raj happily hugs him and says he has become an expert in reuniting people.
Shiv comes back to DD’s home and touches Naani’s feet calling her Maaji. Naani signals Kesar. Kesar asks Shiv to call her madamji. Kesar jokes if she teaches in school.

#King of Hearts 31 July 2019 Zee World Update

Kesar says no. He says she is elder of this house and should be called a Maaji. Naani asks Kesar to show his room. Mona asks if Shiv brother can stay in Kesar’s room as his still mentally unstable. Naani says no. Roshni and Sid sit in a park. She asks how to reunite the family. He reminisces Mona’s concern for her brother and says they should use it in their favor. He says they have to make fight first to reunite them.

During breakfast, Naani sees kheer angrily and asks who prepared it. Mona says she prepared it. Nani asks the servant to take it away. Simran and Krithika meet some lady and give her money for their evil plan.

Roshni gets into Sid’s car and thanks to him. He tries to get romantic. He gets out of the car and asks why is he so concerned about her and her family, but divorced her. He should stop meeting her completely now. She continuously if any relationship is left between them. He says yes there is. Roshni asks Sid what relationship they have now.

He says there is a relationship of friendship and forwards his hand and introduces himself as Siddharth Khurana. She shakes hands and says she is Roshni Patel and says it will be very difficult for him to continue their friendship. They continue their chat and get into the car.

Yash and Sam come to DD’s house and meet Sid and Roshni happily. Sam asks Mona why did not they inform him about mama/uncle coming back. Shiv comes and says she was feeling bored in the room, so he came out to have food with them. Mona says Sam he is your… Naani comes and says he is our guest and asks everyone to sit for dinner. DD gets irked seeing them. Shiv asks where is Mrs. Patel. King of Hearts 31 July 2019

Naani says she is busy and does not want to be disturbed and goes to check DD.
Yash insists Mona to come and stay with him and Sam for some days. Sam also insists. Mona thinks her brother is ill and she cannot leave him alone here. She goes to her room. Sid and everyone follow her and Shiv calls her sister. She jumps in happiness and shouts.

Sid shuts her mouth and says he is doing this drama to reunite them all. Mona asks Shiv why did he lie for so many days. He says he is her culprit and came in to correct himself. He continues that he has a loving daughter, sister, niece and 2 Jamais, then says only 1 Jamai. Sid feels sad. Naani searches everyone and enters room asking what is happening.

Sid to divert attention starts acting and stumbles on the floor. Naani panics seeing that and runs to bring water. Sid wakes up and then falls back unconscious seeing Naani. Naani sprinkles water and takes him to Mona’s room, says she loves him a lot but acts as getting angry and orders him to stay tonight. Sid thanks and sends her out. Everyone relax. Sid says he handled the situation and says soon they all will not have to lie.

Raj sees Simran holding the file and asks what file is it. She says it is Kritika’s file. He gives her a file and asks her to read papers before signing. Kritika insists her to sign them without reading. She signs thinking Raj always scolds her, but she is doing it for her daughter. She gives him even Kritika’s file and worries that Raj will know their plan.

Sid enters Roshni’s room and runs out seeing her changing dress. She comes out and asks if he is not ashamed of entering stranger girl’s room. He asks who is stranger and says he came to borrow brush from him. She gives a brush and asks if he also needs a towel.

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He enters her bathroom and starts brushing staring at her. She asks why is he staring her. He says she is looking like a cartoon. She sees cream on her nose, enters the bathroom, cleans it with a towel. Their Nok Jhok continues and she leaves. He murmurs that she is killing him with her beauty, but his mom does not understand his feeling at all.

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