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King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update – A priest is invited to conduct a prayer ceremony in the office before the launch. Neel lights the holy fire. Sid joins them and says he thinks they would have a fabulous launch party. The photographer brings Roshni the photos for the launch.

She says she likes them.Sid gives a signal to Anya.Anya tells Roshni that they have to leave.The priest rounds up the prayers and they leave. Anya and Roshni enter the elevator. Sid goes to mess with the switch.
The elevator jams. Roshni and Anya cry for help. Neel forces the elevator open.
As soon as they step out, the fire alarm sprinklers come on and soak all the photos Roshni was supposed to use for her presentation. Sid rushes to them and asks what’s going on. Neel is using a hand dryer to dry the photos. Sid suggests they postpone the event. Neel says the event will go on as planned.

At night, there are guests and members of the press at Sid’s House ready to cover the event. Roshni is overcome with emotions as she is about to enter the house. She calls Neel to come and join her as she doesn’t want to enter alone. He tells her to go in and he will join her later.

King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni sees Simran showing Anya off to everyone. She sneaks off into a dark room and tells herself that she wishes she had a sign or she could talk to someone. Simran enters the room and says Roshni is acting like a gambler who is in the same place where he lost a fortune from one small mistake.
She turns on the lights and says they don’t have any photos on the wall because they want to hang up brand new ones and Sid wouldn’t be painting her again but his brand new wife, Anya.

Sid sees Roshni walk out of the room, looking troubled. He sees his mother also come out and he knows what must have transpired. As he tries to go after Roshni, he’s surrounded by reporters asking about the launch.
He is unable to answer. Neel walks in and says the launch is happening. Sid is surprised.

Neel climbs the podium and apologizes for the lateness. He says the face of Mauve is a working woman and she’s a mother, daughter, sister and wife. King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update – He unveils the photo of the face of Mauve and it’s Roshni. Roshni is surprised. Neel walks over to her and offers his hand.

Roshni hesitates and looks at Sid. Sid has tears in his eyes. Roshni takes Neel’s hand and he escorts her to the podium. Simran is happy.
Neel gives Roshni a peck on the cheek and she doesn’t like it. Raj looks on, not happy with what’s going on.

Anya tells Sid that Neel ruined their plans. Sid meets Roshni and says is very deceiving. Neel walks up to them and asks Roshni if she likes the photo he chose. She says she does and only he can see her like that.
He says he meant the things he said about her. Sid listens sadly.

Roshni tells Neel that he saved Mauve magazine and she feels when he’s around, nothing is impossible. Sid tells Neel that Roshni feels he’s invincible and he’s very lucky indeed. He tells Roshni congratulations and walks away.

Mittul and her husband are eating at the party. Her husband suggests they get some takeaway.
She tells him to keep quiet. She overhears two reporters arguing. One says he has seen Ragini before but her name was different and her style too. His colleague tells him she has never been seen in public before today.

Sid tells Anya they need to come up with a better plan.

Next day, he takes her to the kitchen house and gives her a screw driver, telling her she knows what to do.

Anya sits with her mother and says she doesn’t feel like going to work, she needs cake.
Neel says it’s time to leave for the office.
Anya says she wants cake.

Sid says he can bake her a cake. Roshni says Sid can’t bake. Mittul asks how she knows Sid can’t bake. Roshni says it’s obvious from his expression. Neel says as Anya’s brother, he would bake the cake.
Sid tells himself that that was what he wanted. Neel goes into the kitchen to bake. Sid waits anxiously. The oven explodes and everyone rushes into the kitchen. Mittul says everything Neel touches goes wrong.

Anya asks why she’s talking that way. Mittul reminds her that the geezer went bad the day before after Neel used it.

Sid and Anya are the ones who tampered with the geezer and oven. Naina tells them to forget it. Neel uses another oven and bakes a beautiful cake. Sid gives Anya a piece of the cake. Anya says it’s delicious.
Sid discreetly sprinkles a powder on the cake. He offers Anya another piece and whispers to her to refuse.
She declines. He tells Naina that she can’t have any because of her diabetes. He gives everyone else a piece and they all say it’s delicious. King of Hearts 4 December 2019

Everyone starts to feel woozy. Anya pretends to feel the same way. Naina fusses over all of them.
The feeling suddenly clears. Mittul says it was the cake and she can prove it.

She gets the holy water they were given by the fake aura healer.
She says there is something wrong with Neel because the water in his room changed colour. They invite Bunty back.
Mittul tells him all that has been going wrong. Anya agrees with her. Neel is hurt by Anya’s words. Anya apologises.

Bunty says Neel is contaminated. Roshni tells him to leave. Bunty acts offended and leaves.

Sid tells Neel that the priest wasn’t exactly wrong because things really started going wrong when Neel got engaged.
Neel says he can’t believe Sid too is talking like this. King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update – Zee World
Sid says maybe Neel has a bad omen because even his previous relationships haven’t turned out right.
Roshni asks Sid who gave him the right to speak that way.
Neel doesn’t say anything, he goes into a room and locks himself up.

Sid says he would leave. Roshni follows him outside and tries to slap him. He holds her hand and warns her never to try it again as she has lost the right to do so. She asks why he brought up Neel’s past and keep playing games.

Sid chuckles. Roshni asks if he’s laughing. Sid says it’s funny because things are going wrong but she has refused to see them, she told him their relationship was cursed because things were always going wrong but now things are going on with Neel and she has refused to accept. He says they have no control over things going wrong but she got him arrested and beaten up and she even faked her death, those were choices she made.
He says he loved her with all his heart and can never consider her a bad omen but she was able to consider him one.
He says all he has done is love her and he’s giving his all to help her over and over again yet she is not grateful but she never sees anything wrong with Neel, she considers him a superman. King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update

Roshni is in tears.
He says he never got any thanks for all he has done and she even said he was the reason for DD’s death even though she knew the truth. He asks if she has ever considered his own feelings. He says she has to make the decision now.
She walks away.

She walks towards the road and looks at the sky telling DD that she doesn’t know what to do. Anya asks Sid if he and Roshni have resolved their issues. Sid says Roshni still hasn’t accepted what she has done wrong and she’s free to go. King of Hearts 4 December 2019 Update

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