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King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 episode starts the next day, SID goes to the Courier company to ask who the person was, that delivered a package to DD’s house? The Manager says he can’t divulge such information. Sid takes out 1000 rs from his wallet and says the Courier boy dropped the 1000 rs by mistake, and he wants to return it back to him.

The Manager gets happy seeing the Money, and then checks for his name, which is Santos, and says he’s not at work yet, but the Courier boy will come in some time. Sid gives the Manager his number and the Money, and begs him to call him when Santos arrives.

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid gets home and Mona asks where he has been? He says he went to the Courier company because the delivery Man was the only outsider who came to the house that day, so he just wants to know more. Mona says it’s okay. As Sid and Mona walk away, Rajveer comes out. He hears everything and he’s not happy that Sid is getting closer to finding out the truth about the Chicken. He decides to do something about it.

Roshni takes tea to Sid, but she is not talking to him. Sid says a study says when a wife doesn’t talk to her husband, it makes him more productive at work. Roshni says the study also says a wife who serves her husband tea can also put in laxatives.
Sid spits out the tea. Roshni asks for Money for vegetables and Sid says they don’t have anymore money because Roshni spent their money on luxuries.
They hear a noise from the living room and rush there. They meet the entire family gathered. Mona is reprimanding one of the Servants and accusing him of bringing the Chicken to the house!
Sid asks what’s going on and Mona says she found eggs in the Servants bag, and believes he was also the one who brought in the Chicken.

DD tells him to pack his bags and leave! The servant says he didn’t do it and doesn’t know how the eggs got into his shopping bag. DD yells at him to leave!! The Servant says even he does not want to hear her rubbish, and work under her. He leaves. King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update

Roshni turns to DD and says there’s no power in her voice today like there was the day she was accusing Sid of bringing in the Chicken! She says DD has to apologise to Sid, but she knows ‘Sorry’ is not in DD’s vocabulary.
She turns and goes to her room.

Grandmother tells DD that she indeed owes Sid an apology. DD says she’s sorry. Everyone is shocked. Sid says he didn’t hear her very well, and asks Kesar and Bablu if they heard it? DD says she will slap him near ears, then he will hear her sorry! Sid says now he heard it! Sid tells Grandmother to note down the date because his Mother-in-law apologised to him for the first time.

Rajveer smirks and reminisces how he slipped the eggs into the shopping bag in the Kitchen.

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

At the Office, Sid tells DD that her jewelry design is not good, and suggest she tries something else other than the Sapphire in her design. DD says she said sorry, and that doesn’t mean she will accept all his nonsense! Rajveer comes and tells DD that Sid is right. She asks what he’s doing here instead of going for the Doctor’s appointment to remove his bandage, and to concentrate on his own work; he’s losing on his American business, and should think of going back soon! Rajveer is not happy that she snapped at him.

At night, Roshni is serving Sid his meal. He says she’s so smart that he didn’t give her Money, but she found a way to cook. Roshni says she made salad. Sid almost passes out. She tells him to try it. He eats it and tears starts rolling down his cheeks. Roshni says it’s a special chili salad. She gives him water and asks if it is really hot? He says she’s like her Mother who gives pain first, and then tries to sooth it.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 4th June 2019

Sid goes to the balcony to call his Parents. He tells his Mum what Roshni did to him. Simran and Raj laughs at him. He complains and Simran says a Mum always takes her daughter’s side first. He asks if he is not her Son, and asks her to tell him the remedy. She tells him and ends the call. She gets another call again and thinks it is Sid, but it’s a call from the Police Station. Raj asks who it is and Simran says he needs to take her to the Police Station right away!

In the morning, Sid knocks on the bathroom door and asks Roshni to come out soon as he has to go to the Office. Roshni opens it, and says there is no water. Sid says she probably didn’t open the tap properly.
He fiddles with the tap and it’s faulty.
Roshni tell him to get a plumber, but he says it’s unnecessary expenses, and says he will correct the mistake and instead breaks the tap. Water starts gushing out and he gets wet. She starts laughing and goes to help him, but she gets drenched and they both fall on the ground and get romantic.

Bablu and Pratima comes, and looks at them in that position. Bablu closes the tap. He and Pratima stand in the doorway and says it is a good idea to have bath together and they can use same idea even tomorrow. They (Roshni & Sid) both get conscious and got up. Roshni asks Bablu to give her the Plumber’s number. Pratima jokes there is no need to call a Plumber. Roshni says boys always try to be heroic, and break things instead, and says she will take bath in her NGO instead.

Rajveer takes the Prayer tray to the living room and touches DD’s feet. He also gives her a sweet offering. He does the same to Mona and Grandmother. DD asks him if there is something special? Rajveer says the layout of his factory is ready and he will soon be starting his business in India. He says he has an inauguration ceremony of his new business and he wants her to inaugurate it.

Mona says it is a good thinking, as DD runs her business well, and he could get some inspiration from her that way. Grandmother tells DD she must go. DD agrees to inaugurate his business. Rajveer thinks the Old lady is trapped and smirks.

Simran tells Raj that she doesn’t know how they will tell Sid the news.
Sid appears and asks them what they want to tell him?
They are shocked to see him. He tells them his tap is broken at home and he came to get some tools to fix it.
They tell him to have a bath in their own bathroom. Sid says he will have a bath in his own bathroom. He starts to go upstairs. They try to stop him, but he goes to his room. He opens the door and sees smoke everywhere with the room in complete disarray.

He sees a girl sitting on his bed chewing gum. She turns to ask him who he is, and why he came to the room! Sid says it’s his room.
The girl says next time, she will slap him for entering her room without knocking! Sid calls Raj ‘Dad’ and the girl realises he’s the Son. She tells Sid’s Parents to tell him who she is!
Sid says he’s had enough of her rudeness! He drags her out of the room and down the stairs.

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Simran and Raj runs after him and Simran yells at Sid to leave the girl alone. The girl tells Sid that the next time he puts his hands on her, she will beat him! She goes back upstairs and Sid asks his Parents who the girl is?
Raj says she’s his friend’s daughter and her Mother really helped them, so she has to stay with them. Sid says they should have just told him that when he first asked them about her. He says he has to go. He begs his Mother not to cry, then he leaves.
Simran tells Raj that they will eventually have to tell Sid the whole truth, that this lady won’t leave here now.

Rajveer comes to a godown with is goons and laughs looking at the empty cartons with his name, and says he will do export/import business now. A Goon says they can get a lot of money by fooling people. Rajveer slaps him and asks him not to reveal their plan!

Sid comes home reminiscing the lady encroaching his room. He sees Roshni angry over something and Mona trying to console her. Sid asks her to calm down, but she is still angry. He thinks he has both Mom and daughter to ruin his life.
Roshni carries a bucket and says she is going to fetch some water. Mona and Sid beg her not to. Roshni says she’s a Middle class wife and so, she will have to do it! Sid begs her not to because she could hurt herself.
Roshni doesn’t listen. She runs off with the bucket. Sid complains that he has such a stubborn wife.

King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Later at night, Roshni and Sid are on the mat. Roshni is asleep, but looks as if she’s in pain. Sid thinks to himself that he told Roshni she would hurt herself, but she didn’t listen to him. He gets out a tube of balm and starts to massage her neck and shoulders. She wakes up feeling good and acts as if she’s still sleeping. When he’s done, he says “Goodnight, my sweet stubborn wife” then he turns to his side and sleeps.
Roshni smiles and turns to him to whisper “I love you Siddharth.”

Next day, DD cuts the tape of Rajveer’s export factory. She gets impressed seeing his godown. The entire family is gathered there. They all go inside and a Priest is present there. He says they should all pray together. They all sit on the mat. King of Hearts 4th June 2019 Update

Sid gets Prashanth’s call and gets up to take it. He moves towards one end of the factory and Rajveer panics that if Sid sees the boxes are all empty, he will be in trouble. Sid accidentally knocks over a box and the others fall to the ground, opened. They are all empty.
Sid turns to lift the empty box up and Rajveer panics because Sid is about to find out the box is empty! He signals to his goon to stop Sid. Sid is about to pick up the empty box.

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