King of Hearts

King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update On Zee World

The episode starts with DD doing online shopping with Kesar. Sid shouts at Kesar to get them also some appliances. DD ignores him. Roshni asks not to stop his James bond acting as DD is not paying attention. Kritika and Simran are busy taking girl’s interviews for Sid’s remarriage and shouts at them. Kritika hears Biji increasing TV’s volume and goes to her room. Biji increases more volume, and Kritika walks out angrily.

Sid purposefully boils milk and it spills over DD’s side of the house. She shouts at the servant to keep the house clean. Roshni tries to pick utensil, burns her hand and writhes in pain to garner DD’s attention, but DD leaves without paying any attention. Shiv and Mona come from shopping and get worried about seeing Roshni crying.

Simran tells Kritika that Sid had a childhood friend Nisha in London and they used to taunt Sid that they will get them married, but sid used to tell they are just friends. They came to India after that. Kritika says that girl can be Sid’s next wife and asks her to call her here. Simran says she does not have her contact number. Kritika suggests to check on net, finds Nisha and calls her.

King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update On Zee World

The reporter comes to DD’s office for her interview. She sees Roshni’s pic and says she met her before and she must be mamma’s daughter. DD feels irked hearing that.

Roshni goes to Simran’s house and she says she can continue as Biji’s caretaker as Biji likes only her. Sid smiles hearing that..

Simran tells she cannot go against Sid. Kritika says if they want to succeed in their plan, Sid should not know that they are against him. She then says they are doing it for Sid’s goodness and asks her not to tell they called Nisha here. Nisha SMSes her hotel address.

The reporter continues interviewing DD and says she has really worked hard to establish her business. Sid comes with Shiv. The reporter tells DD her Jamai is also here with her dance partner. DD goes out and asks Sid to go from there. Sid jokes. Mona also comes there. Reporter joins them. Sid identifies her as some newspaper reporter and asks if she knows shiv. She says, of course, he is DD’s dance partner but does not know his. Shiv says he is Shiv Patel. The reporter asks if he is DD’s younger brother.

Sid blurts in laughter. DD says he is my husband. Reporter says it is an important element for her news report and says from today, the whole business community will know her husband and says she needs exclusive interview from both of them and will come to her house. Sid says now DD will be a superwoman and Shiv superman, the whole world will know about them. DD says interview at home is a bad idea. Sid says it is a wonderful idea and asks the reporter to come home in the evening. King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update On Zee World

Once the reporter leaves, DD asks Sid why is he interfering in her life. He says he is her Jamai and she should be thankful to him that he stopped Shiv from becoming her brother. She shouts. he gives his coconut water and says she needs it more. She throws it on him and he runs. Shiv also runs.

Shiv tells Sid that his game is not good. Sid who is playing the mobile game says it is very good. Shiv says he is talking about him calling reporter and embarrassing DD, etc. Roshni says even she does not like it. Sid says he likes troubling DD and it is his favorite past time. He says he has another option also. Shiv asks what is it. Sid says he can leave home and make DD happy. Mona and Yash/Sam smile hearing it.

Mona gifts ring and necklace to Yash and Sam and says it is her love for them. Sam thanks her and hopes DD Miami clears all the differences with mama/Shiv once she returns from her vacation. Yash gets immigration call and gets tensed hearing that there is some problem with the visa. He asks Sam to reach the airport directly if he gets late. Mona gets tensed.

Sid asks her not to worry as Yash will handle it. DD and family wait for a reporter. Sid taunts her with his usual witty dialogues. They hear reporter coming and hurriedly remove partition rope. Reporter enters and praises DD that her whole family is present before her coming. She asks Shiv to sit next to DD and asks other family members also. She asks even Sid to join and clicks family picks. She then asks DD to start the interview and asks when did she meet her husband Shiv for the first time. DD says in the college library, she was searching book and Shiv had it. She asks Shiv how is he feeling being with DD. He starts praising DD that she took care of his family better than him and he is very miniscule in front of her and continues. Naani and Roshni get emotional hearing his speech. The reporter then asks DD how is she feeling seeing success in the jewelry business and continues questioning.

Once reporter leaves, DD tells Sid that knows about her plan of calling the reporter and all the drama to remove partition rope. Roshni tries to interfere, but DD asks her to stay away as she is talking to Sidharth Khurana. She asks Sid why is he so interested in her family and asks Roshni she is reunited with a man who ditched her. She continues that her daughter trusts her father who left them long ago and forgot the mother who took care of her whole life. Sid says she is very good at these cheesy dialogues and says she accepted that she loved Shiv long go. She says yes. He says she loves him even now.

He continues that all these while, she acts as being happy, but she is not. She says he is very concerned about her happiness and says how can she be happy when he ditches her daughter often and lures her with his stupid plans and asks will he marry her daughter again. He nods no. She says then how can she be. She asks Kesar to tie the rope back and not remove it until Shiv gets out of the house.

Zee World: King of Hearts 5 August 2019 Update

Shiv tells Sid that he does not think DD will accept him back. Sid starts his dialogues. Roshni says DD will not deter with these dialogues. He asks her to calm down and gifts her bracelet. She asks when did he get it. He says he bought it when Mona bought gifts for Yash and Sam and wanted to gift it to her friend. He says this bracelet will never break forever and is a sign of their long-lasting friendship. Roshni tries to throw it, but looks at the mirror and keeps it back. More Update Coming…

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