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King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update – Sid tells Anya that he is no longer interested in resolving things with Roshni as he has done all he can and he deserves a break. She asks how he can give up hope when he was the one who gave her hope.

She says she’s sure Roshni will come back to him. He says if not for Anya, he would have given up a long time ago and she has been the only one supporting him.
He thanks her. Naina begs Neel to open the door. He opens the door.

Naina apologises to him for allowing the aura healer to come to the house and make Neel feel like something is wrong with him. Neel picks up a photo of him and Roshni. He says her eyes don’t reflect a love for him and he thinks they are not meant to be.

Naina tells him not to allow one bad relationship ruin another for him. Neel says he thinks Sid was right and he’s probably not meant to be with the person he loves. Roshni hears him and blames herself for the way Neel is feeling. Anya is back at the hospital to see Arav. She begs him to wake up, if not for her, for the sake of their unborn child. The door opens and she sees Arav’s mum and a nurse.

King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

They are looking at the hospital files so they don’t see her. She sneaks out of the room and as she walks along the corridor, she faints. Somebody stops her from falling. Roshni is in her hotel room crying.
Kesar walks in and she cries to him that she has hurt Sid, the man she loves the most and she’s hurting Neel too.
She asks what she should do. He tells her that she already knows. Anya opens her eyes on a hospital bed.
Simran is beside her. Anya says she just fainted. Simran says the doctor already told her everything about her condition and Arav. She asks if she thinks Arav’s family will accept her.
She says Sid’s in-laws didn’t treat him right too and he got nothing in return for all he did for them. Anya stares at her in confusion.

Simran tells her that Arav is in her past and Sid can bring her happiness.
Anya says Roshni and Sid love each hand other and they will work things out while she and Arav will also work things out. Sid is in his bedroom at home, thinking. The doorbell rings and a servant answers it. Roshni tells the servant that she wants to see Siddharth.

Simran walks in and tells the servant not to bother. She asks Roshni if she’s not ashamed of herself. Roshni says she wants to see Sid. Sid calls for his mother from the room.

Roshni is about to run to him but Simran pulls her back. Sid enters the living room and asks for the people who were talking. The servant says it was his mother and the lady who came to see him.
Sid asks for the lady’s name. The servant says he doesn’t know as he’s new in the house
Simran takes Roshni outside towards the gate and begs her to leave Sid alone.

Roshni says she has realised that she hurt the person whom she loves the most.
Simran begs Roshni to give Sid a chance to move on with his life and marry Anya. Roshni says Sid will never be happy with Anya. Simran says Sid is happy with Anya and she would make sure he is happy with Anya.
She orders Roshni out of the gate. Roshni is at home, thinking of Sid. She tells herself that Sid would only be happy with her.

Neel enters the room and asks if she knows how he feels about her.
He apologises for what happened that morning. She tells him it wasn’t his fault. He shows her a photo and says it was taken during the picnic and she was very happy. He shows her another photo of both of them at their engagement and says she doesn’t have the same spark in her eyes. He asks if she thinks their relationship is cursed.
She says no relationship is cursed when two people love each other. He hugs her and she starts crying. He suggets they leave for work so they are not late.

Roshni is at the office. She looks around for Sid and tells herself that she knows he would come.
A man watches her from afar and walks up to her. King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

He bumps into her and she apologises.
As she walks away, he grabs her hand and says once she has crossed paths with Ranjeet, she can’t get away.
He asks for a kiss and she slaps him.
He calls her a common model.
Neel gives him more slaps and says he can see he hasn’t changed.
He tells him that the woman he insulted is his fiancée.
Ranjeet apologises to Roshni.

Roshni leaves with Neel. Ranjeet vows to get back at Roshni for slapping him. Sid sees Anya in his house and asks what she came for. She says she wants to see his mother.
He asks why.

She tells him about their encounter at the hospital then says the doctor told her that someone collected her pregnancy report and she thinks it was his mum. Sid asks why his mum would collect the report knowing its Arav’s baby. Simran is at Anya’s place with the report.

Mittul calls Anya to tell her that Simran is waiting for her at home. Sid tells Anya that he would go with her. Ranjeet calls his mother, Mittul to tell her Neel slapped him at work. Mittul goes into the room to continue with the call.

Sid and Anya walk in and Simran hides the report under the pillow on the couch.
Sid takes her outside and warns that if anyone finds out about the pregnancy and it causes Anya and the baby any harm, he would not forgive her. King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

Simran realises she left the report on the couch and she panics.
Roshni and Neel are having a meeting with important clients.
Roshni starts laughing uncontrollably.
Neel begs her to behave but she’s unable to stop.
Ranjeet stands in a corner watching her with a satisfied look on his face.
He pays an office messenger some money.

Neel takes Roshni out of the room. Ranjeet tells himself that it was his payback for the slap she gave him. Neel gives Roshni some water to drink. She asks who he is and he says he’s Neel.
She sees Sid’s face instead.

She hugs him and says she missed him and begs him not to leave her again.
She calls his name, Siddharth. Neel is shocked. She begs him to stay with her. Neel pulls away from her. Sid and Anya arrive and they ask what’s wrong with Roshni.

Roshni tells Sid that she missed him. She goes to hug him but she falls and he holds her up. King of Hearts 5 December 2019…

Neel calls a doctor.
Simran returns to Naina’s house to try and find the report.
Naina invites her to the bedroom to see something.
Mittul tells the servant to clean the living room.
He finds the report as well as some magazines.
Mittul tells him to put them all in her room. King of Hearts 5 December 2019

The doctor has examined Roshni. He says someone put something in her drink. Sid looks at the messenger that Ranjeet paid. The messenger avoids Sid’s eyes. The doctor suggests they leave Roshni to sleep on the couch in the office because moving her would have adverse effects. He says someone should stay with her.

Sid and Neel say they would stay. They stare at one another. Neel thanks the doctor and the doctor leaves. Neel asks Sid why he wants to stay with his fiancée.

Anya says Sid meant she would also stay as she’s a woman and would be able to help. Neel says Roshni is his fiancée so he would be the one to stay. He takes a phone call. Sid goes to Roshni and tells her he would always be with her.
He leaves the office and sees the messenger outside.

He grabs him by the collar and asks what he did to Roshni. The messenger says he only gave her orange juice but it was Ranjeet that put something in it to teach her a lesson for slapping him. He shows Ranjeet to Sid as he’s walking out of the office.

Sid vows to make him pay. Ranjeet calls his mother from the elevator to tell her what he did to Roshni.
Mittul says he did well. Sid enters the elevator in a mask and hooded jacket.
Ranjeet panics and tries to leave the elevator but Sid pulls him back and beats him to a pulp before throwing him out. King of Hearts 5 December 2019 Zee World Update

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