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King of Hearts 5 January 2020 -Zee World Series

King of Hearts 5 January 2020

King of Hearts 5 January 2020 – Payal comes to Basti and tells that she will give them a renovated home. Gangu Tai asks her to stop it and says she is after money and will loot our hand. She asks them to run the bulldozer and holds Payal’s hand. Payal’s employees ask her to leave Payal’s hand.

Somehow Payal manages to free her hand. Gangu Tai slips and falls down. Payal turns sees her on ground and leaves in her car. Mahi comes and helps Gangu Tai get up. Someone calls Satya and informs him that she fell down. Mahi takes her inside house. Gangu Tai says I don’t help from Payal’s daughter. Mahi says I will not leave until I give you medicine. Satya comes and sees Mahi bandaging her wounds.

He gets touched by her gesture. A song plays…………. Aahatein kaisi hain yeh……….Satya asks Gangu Tai, how is she? Gangu Tai says I am fine, don’t worry. Satya looks at Mahi. Mahi turns to go. Satya looks at her. Mahi turns and sees Satya caring for his mum, and goes. Satya looks at her as she goes.

Mahi waiting for auto on road, but she couldn’t get. Satya comes on bike, stops near her and raises his bike. Mahi gets scared. Satya holds her hand while she tries to free her hand. Satya removes his helmet and shows his face. Mahi gets relieved. He signs her to sit on his bike. Mahi shows arrogance and calls rikshaw. Satya comes near her… old song plays……………..thoda ruk jayegi toh……..Satya signs her to sit….Mahi sits on his bike finally….Satya smiles.

Satya and Mahi on the bike….Meherbaan hua song……Mahi enjoys ride with him and rests on his back. Satya is touched and grows feelings towards her. Mahi smiles…..He asks her to get up and says your home came, did you want to spend rest of your life resting on my shoulder. Mahi looks at him and smiles……..She says if you don’t know how to ride, then sell it. Satya says I brought you home in 20 mins naa, what do you mean? Mahi goes. Satya thinks he is unable to understand her.

Koel breaks the things in her room and asks who have hidden my wine bottles. Mahi comes and says I have hidden it on Mamma’s orders. Koel gets angry, and asks who the hell give you the right to touch the things in my room. Mahi asks her to stop her bad habits. Koel is about to hit Mahi with something, Satya comes and stops Koel asking if she has gone mad.

Mahi asks him to get out from Koel room, and asks don’t you have manners. Satya says I came to meet Payal, not you, and says if you would have hurt then you have known manners. Mahi asks him to get out. Koel asks Mahi to get out and says he is my hero, and can come to my room.

Mahi and Satya go. Koel comes running after Satya and apologizes for burning the dress. She says you have saved me, and I know you don’t hate me. She says you are cute…and goes on talking….She says I will go and get ready. Satya sees Mahi coming downstairs and continues to look at her. Dekha aapko song plays………Mahi comes and says hi to Dhawal. Dhawal says you are looking absolutely stunning. Mahi thanks him. Dhawal says I have a surprise for you, and shows a chain and pendant.

Mahi refuses to accept costly gift and apologizes. Dhawal says it will be beautiful when you wear it darling…..Satya says wah…Dhawal says I will make you wear it. Mahi says it is okay and tries to stop him, but in vain. Dhawal stucks Mahi’s hairs in chain. Mahi scream in pain. Satya says main khiladi tu anadi and asks Dhawal to let him free her hairs. He opens the hook and frees her hairs. Meherbaani song plays……….She feels sensuous with his touch….Naina smiles looking at them. Dhawal feels awkward….

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 5 January 2020 Update

Satya signs Mahi that it is done. Dhawal apologizes to her and tells that he has kept party at his farmhouse. Koel says we will also come and asks Satya to come. Satya asks Naina if she is fine…Naina smiles and blesses him. Mahi looks at them. They leave. Payal asks Naina why she is smiling? Naina says she is seeing God’s miracle. Payal says he is not Siddharth’s son else I would have not let him enter home. Naina says he is not Sid or his son, but he is his lookalike, who will take care of us, like Siddharth had done. She pins her hope on Satya.

Al the party. Satya couldn’t bear Dhawal touching Mahi. Dhawal introduces Mahi to his friends. Mahi feels uncomfortable. Dhawal asks what happened and touches her intentionally. Satya gets worried for Mahi and thinks to do something. Koel tells Satya that she is feeling great back with him and says she will bring drink. Satya says I will bring and goes to sit on the chair beside Mahi and Dhawal. He makes him falls down. Dhawal gets angry

Satya ask Dhawal to go to washroom and dry his pant else people will misunderstands him. Dhawal goes to washroom. Satya tells Mahi that she is looking nice in his dress and color. Mahi says you have done this intentionally naa. Satya says it was his pant. I can’t wet his pant. Mahi says dirty…She asks him to stay away from her. Satya asks her to decide who is better, he or that mad man.

Mahi says he is not mad and says my mum has chosen him. She asks him not to call him maa ka laal. Satya says every child is maa ka laal and tells your mum is not durga maa. Payal argues with him and gets angry. Koel comes back and asks them to stop fighting. Mahi and Koel have food. They say it is spicy….Satya gives water to Mahi and gets concerned. Koel gets jealous seeing his concern for him.

Someone collides with a waiter and his tray falls. Man scolds waiter. Mahi helps him pick the tray and asks him not to feel bad as there are many people in the world with different mindset. Satya gets touched by her gesture. Koel says her social service started again.

  • King of Hearts 5 January 2020 – Dhawal’s friend tells him that his girl friend is good and asks him to give a tablet to her to make her rocking. Dhawal spikes her drink and goes to her. He asks her to take it. Mahi refuses, but Dhawal makes her eat it. Satya tells Mahi that Dhawal is mad, and asks why you are not dancing with him then.

Mahi says he is not mad and asks why you are following me. She finishes the juice and says you are mad. She goes to Dhawal and asks can I dance with you. Dhawak says sure..? Satya asks someone why Mahi is behaving this way? Man says how do I know? Mahi dances madly under the influence of drug. Satya wonders what happened to her……Her dress zip opens up….Satya takes her to side and zips her dress. Dhawal says what the hell?

Mahi asks Satya not to touch her….Aye dil bata……song plays while they have an eye lock….Satya asks who gave you drink. Mahi asks him not to touch her. Satya asks her to shut up and asks her to sit down till he brings water for her. Mahi sits on chair. Satya goes to bring water. Mahi gets up and laughs….Satya hears Dhawal’s friends watching Mahi dancing in the video and say nasty comments.

Satya asks them to give that video to him else he will beat them. He breaks their phone and asks them to respect women else he will be back to beat them. He goes back taking water for Mahi and sees her gone. He wonders where is she and goes out. He sees Mahi resting outside. Dhawal comes and asks him to go. Satya says okay I will go. He asks Mahi where is Koel? Mahi says she went and got angry with me. She asks why did she get angry

Satya is driving car while Mahi is sitting with him. He thinks what is happening in his heart. Mahi asks what is happening? She says although we hate each other, but destiny brings us closer….He tells her that whenever you need me, I will come. He brings her home. He lifts her and takes her inside the house. He makes her sleep. Khamoshiyan song plays……………He turn and sees Naina there.

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